thirteen families effectively control the central banks


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thirteen families effectively control the central banks
by slave Monday, Apr. 10, 2006 at 8:52 PM


     thirteen families effectively control the central banks of all 
the hard-currency countries. These "control banks" all practice 
FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING, which is perfectly legal in the US. 
Fractional reserve banking means that the bank is only required to 
hold on hand the small fraction of money (5%) that is needed to cover 
the fraction of deposits likely to be drawn upon and cashed. Moneys 
deposited in accounts go into a reserve upon which credit can be 
issued. In the US credit can be issued to seven times the reserve, in 
international banks (off shore establishments) twenty times the 
reserve can be issued as credit. It is imp[ortant to understand this 
concept in order to understand the larger picture.

     In the mid 1970s, the final phase of System 2000, a "global 
creditors' unilateral totalitarian plan" was put into effect. A 
Pentagon official and three other US officials went to the Prime 
Minister of Nigeria and offered him fifty million dollars in cash to 
double the price of light crude oil. Nigeria is one of only two 
countries in the world that produce light crude, which is an 
extremely pure form of oil whose price sets the standard for all 
other forms of crude oil.

     Armed with the knowledge that, because of their deal with 
Nigeria, the price of Mid-east oil was about the skyrocket, the 
international bankers went to the Arabs and said, "We will send the 
price of crude oil as high as you want if you will promise to invest 
some of the money you make in the United States."

     Nigeria doubled the price of light crude, the price of oil from 
the Mid-east went up and the price of a gallon of gasoline in the 
United States jumped to $1.20. (My note: In Italy, where I was living 
at the time, it was costing $1 a LITRE after the oil price was sent 
through the roof.) Unwittingly, Americans began to finance System 
2000 with every tank of gas they bought.

     As the money began to pour into the Arabian countries, the sheiks 
fulfilled their promise to invest in the U.S. and began buying 
stocks, bonds, and real estate. More importantly, they put their 
money into thirty-year timed certificates (drawn up by the 
international bankers). Remember that Arabs went from camel-riding 
nomads to wealthy international investors in a very short period of 
time and they had no grasp of how the banking system worked; in 
particular, they did not know about the concept of fractional reserve 

     The international bankers now had millions of dollars locked into 
timed deposits, and they took that money and loaned out TWENTY TIMES 
AS MUCH. In 1983, the international bankers created two groups of 
holding companies to handle all this Arab money. One of the groups 
took the funds coming in from the Arabs and loaned it out to Third 
World countries. The purpose of the holding companies, as you will 
see later, was to remove the responsibility for the money from the 
banks to a less accountable entity.

     The international bankers were aware of the fact that most of the 
Third World countries knew nothing about running a country or 
allocating funds. Most had been colonies of some other nation and had 
only recently begun to govern themselves. The bankers were counting 
on the Third World countries to squander their money in a short time. 
They fully intended for these countries to go bankrupt and to be 
unable to pay back their loans.

     The Phillipines is one example of what happened to Third World 
countries in the next stage of the plan. The international bankers 
went to President Marcos and presented him with a way out of the 
enormous debt his country faced. They said, "We will forgive your 
loans - you'll have to pay none of the principal, none of the 
interest - if you will just sign this agreement: 1) do away with its 
national currency, 2) go to a debit-card system where each person is 
assigned a number and his purchases are debited from his account on a 
computerised system and 3) sign over perpetual rights to all natural 
resources in the country.

     The offer was tempting since it would put much of the labor force 
back to work and solve many of the country's economic problems. But 
Marcos realised that becasue of the word "perpetual", he was 
virtually giving away the sovereignty of his country. He refused to 
sign the agreement. Weeks later he wass deposed and his country was 
torn apart by riots which Jonathon May says were incited by the 
internal bankers.

     Other countries decided to accept the agreement when it was 
offered to them. Recently Brasil, Argentina and other nations have 
announced that they do not plan to pay back their loans. They failed 
to mention that the loans had been excused in exchange for the rights 
to their natural resources.

     At this point all the dominoes are in place and the international 
bankers are ready and waiting for their opportunity to topple them.

     HERE IS THE PLAN. When enough of the Third World nations sign the 
agreement, saying they are not going to repay the loans they received 
from the holding company, the international bankers can declare the 
holding company insolvent. (This is where it becomes apparent why the 
money was put in holding companies instead of in banks. The holding 
companies were designed to go bankrupt.! Chase Manhattan or Chemical 
Bank would not have to be sacrified since there were not responsible 
for the loans.)

     Once the holding companie is declared bankrupt, they can legally 
avoid payment to the Arab nations. The international bankers will 
say, "Sorry, Arabs. We lost your money. You are broke!" When the Arab 
nations realise that all their money is gone, they will immediately 
liquidate all of their other assets. They will dump billions and 
billions of stocks and Wall Street will collapse. They will put all 
of their farmland and real estate on the market and land values will 
plummet. Farmers will have no collateral to borrow against to plant 
next year's crops and food will become scarce in the grocery stores.

     The effect this will have on the American economy will be 
chaotic. This catastrophic collapse has been purposely designed to 
throw the American people into a state of confusion. Then the 
benevolent bankers will step forward saying, "Look what these dirty 
Arabs have done to you!" and offer a solution to our problems.

     Their solution will be to abolish our currency and institute a 
new form of money. Each person then would be issued a government ID 
number and would need a debit card to do any business transactions.

     Perhaps the biggest shock in May's story is that the "Star Wars" 
system is only 40% concerned with defense and 60% concerned with 
banking! These "Star Wars" satellites would link the debit system to 
a central computer base - a superbank. Transfer of funds between 
accounts would be instantaneous and the internal bankers would 
finally have complete financial control. May says the debate over 
"Star Wars" is all show because the satellites are already in place!


     Perhaps the best defense the international bankers have against 
protesters is influencing the publics' opinion through the media!!! 
In his book, "The Naked Capitalist" Cleon Skousen says that, "Nothing 
panics the international establishment like the possibility of a 
threatened exposure. Whenever the public has become dangerously aware 
of the conspiratorial processes operating around them, the vast 
inter-locking power structure of the entire London-Wall Street 
combine has immediately shifted into high gear and raced to the 
rescue. Radio, TV, newspaper, magazines, government policy makers, 
college officials and other opinion molders in high places have all 
commenced a recitation of a carefully prepared line designed to 
pacify the public and put them back to sleep".

     Who actually controls the Federal Reserve? Who are the 
stockholders of this private corporation? In a legislative session 
regarding abolishing the Fed, the following eight family banks were 
named as the owners of the Federal Reserve:

Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
Lazares Brothers Banks of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy
Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam
Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Kuhn, Loeb Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York.

     In his book, "To Seduce a Nation" Lindsey Williams lists the same 8 banks.

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