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        Israel Poised To Strike Iraq

        Globe-Intel ^ | 13/08/02 | Gordon Thomas

        Posted on 08/14/2002 11:15 AM Pacific by maquiladora

Israel's spy satellite, OFEK, which keeps silent watch over Iraq has now been 
reinforced by Jordan's unprecedented move in allowing Israeli air force radar 
experts to be stationed at its ultra-secret, H-5 air base east of Amman.

This is a further tangible sign that Israel is getting ready to strike hard 
against Iraq.

The decision to do so comes after Mossad agents inside Iraq have concluded that 
Saddam intends to launch a pre-emptive strike against Israel, "probably between 
September and the onset of Ramadan", according to one Mossad source Globe-Intel 
spoke to.

Israel's prime minister, Ariel Sharon, has been told that the Iraqi strike would
be led with missiles equipped with chemical warheads.

So serious is the threat that Sharon called President George Bush. Tel Aviv 
sources told Globe-Intel that Bush agreed at the first indication of an attack, 
Israel was entitled to strike first.

The Israeli air force has now prepared plans to do so. Its 69 Squadron, the 
cutting edge of its air force equipped with F-151 fighters, is now on hard-stand
readiness to strike deep into Iraq.

And the country's Arrow anti-ballistic missile system - more advanced than any 
in the Middle East - has gone to Code Yellow, one stage below launch.

The radar experts stationed at the Jordanian H-5 base, have thrown an electronic
network deep into Iraq's desert - to warn of any low flying attacks from 
Saddam's fighter bombers.

Mossad have warned that such an attack will be directed at Dimona, Israel's 
nuclear facility in the Negev Desert.

Already some of its 200 nuclear weapons have been moved to secret bases in 

A further sign of impending attack is that all emergency medical teams in the 
country's hospitals have been vaccinated against biological agents.

There is also a plan to inoculate the country's entire 6 million Israelis 
against bio-chemical weapons.

Every city and town in Israel has now received its stockpile of antidotes. But 
they will not be available to Palestinians on the West Bank or Gaza Strip.

A senior Israeli intelligence officer told Globe-Intel: "It is unlikely that 
Saddam will attack his own supporters in those areas. We know Israelis will be 
his targets. This time we will not sit idly back."

During the 1991 Gulf War, Saddam's forces launched 39 Scud missiles against 
Israel. The intention was to split the Arab coalition with America.

"But there is now no such coalition. And Washington has made it clear to us it 
would not this time expect Israel to stand idly by and do nothing. We will 
strike at the first hint Saddam is going to attack us", said a senior Israeli 
Defence Force officer.

Fears that Saddam does intend to attack Israel emerged at Iraq's "celebrations" 
to mark the 14th anniversary of its war with Iran last week.

Saddam told cheering crowds in Baghdad that "we are ready to make attacks deep 
inside the land of our enemy".

Meanwhile it has emerged in Washington that the Pentagon has prepared a 
high-tech battle plan which will "deploy robots, unmanned reconnaissance drones 
and advanced electronic sensors to overcome resistance from urban warfare in 

The equipment will be moved to US bases in Turkey and Kuwait next month.


Christian Coalition latches onto Israel 

Bill Berkowitz - WorkingForChange 

08.09.02 - Nearly left for dead by a string of controversies and mishaps over 
the past few years, the Christian Coalition may yet rise again. In its recent 
history, the organization has experienced a sharp decline in membership, gone 
through a series of unexplained personnel changes, and had to deal with the 
resignation of its founder, Pat Robertson. Now it's pinning its comeback hopes 
on Israel and Ariel Sharon.

According to executive director Roberta Combs, the Christian Coalition is 
planning a massive pro-Israel rally in Washington on the afternoon of October 11
to "press for increased support for Israel's fight against terror and oppose the
Bush administration's call for the establishment of a Palestinian state," 
reports the Jerusalem Post. The rally, titled "Israel, You Are Not Alone," will 
be held on the Ellipse near the White House, and organizers told the Washington 
Post that they hope to bring out "a minimum of 100,000 supporters."

Combs, who was appointed president of the organization after Robertson's 
surprise resignation late last year, said: "We, as Christians, should take a 
stand for Israel and let Israel know we're there for them. We're praying for 
them." The rally will call on the Bush Administration to "allow Israel to fight 
its war on terrorism the way we fought ours in Afghanistan." There will also be 
a call to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as well as a voicing
of opposition toward dividing Jerusalem and dismantling settlements in Judea and
Samaria, the Jerusalem Post reported. Combs said that the rally participants 
will also urge the U.S. to halt its support for the establishment of a 
Palestinian state. "We feel like the Palestinians are committed to Israel's 
destruction, that they don't want a state living side by side with Israel. A 
terrorist is a terrorist, and Arafat is a terrorist," she said.

The Christian Coalition-planned event is just one of a number of activities that
U.S. Christian evangelicals are sponsoring these days in support of Israel. 
Christian evangelicals, in concert with a number of conservative Jewish groups, 
are teaming up to hold rallies, raise money and create new organizations in 
support of Israel. For Jews, Middle Eastern and domestic politics are in play. 
For North American Christians, the stakes are also high.

In early July, thanks to a $2 million donation by a group called the 
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, 400 American Jews moved lock, 
stock and barrel to Israel, according to the Christian news service, AgapePress.
"It was the largest single U.S. group" to move to Israel in 25 years.

One of the churches that helped raise the money is the First Pentecostal 
Tabernacle in Elkton, Maryland. AgapePress reported that 73-year-old Bishop Huey
Harris said: "What I'm seeing is the Scriptures being fulfilled right before our
very eyes." AgapePress reports: "He says what he is looking for next is for the 
Church to be raptured, and then Jews receiving Christ as their Messiah." A few 
years back, when the Southern Baptist Convention announced it would actively 
seek the conversion of Jews, that statement raised an enormous outcry in the 
U.S. These days statements such as the one made by Bishop Harris don't even 
cause a ripple of commentary.

AgapePress also reported on a new venture aimed at linking conservative Jews 
with Christian evangelicals. Headed by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, the president of the 
conservative Jewish organization Toward Tradition, and Gary Bauer, the failed 
presidential candidate who is now president of American Values, the new group 
has taken the name of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians (AAJC). 
According to a press release from Toward Tradition, the Washington, D.C.-based 
AAJC will be a "unique synthesis of Jewish authenticity and Christian grassroots
muscle." Bauer believes the new project will help to ensure the alliance between
America and Israel while at the same time build a movement of Jews and 
Christians for traditional values.

CitizenLink, a news service of Dr. James Dobson's Focus in the Family, recently 
reported that Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was extremely moved when he 
received a letter of support from U.S. Christian evangelicals that was 
hand-delivered by Bauer during a fact-finding mission. Other Christian leaders 
who signed the letter included: Charles Colson of Prison Fellowship, Christian 
radio talk show host Janet Parshall, Dr. Jerry Falwell of Liberty University, 
and Dr. James Dobson, the president of Focus on the Family.

Bauer said that the letter "had an electrifying impact. The meeting with Sharon 
was only supposed to be a brief meeting. It turned into an hour meeting. He 
brought in members of his cabinet into the room to show them the letter," 
CitizenLink reported.

These events follow on the heels of the late-May creation of "Stand for Israel,"
a project spearheaded by Rabbi Yehiel Eckstein, president of the International 
Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), and Ralph Reed, former executive 
director of the Christian Coalition and current Republican Party chairman of 
Georgia. The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported that "Stand for Israel" hopes 
to become a "Christian version of the pro-Israel lobby on Capitol Hill, the 
American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)." One of the group's primary 
activities will be to counter what they see as media bias against Israel_a long 
held belief shared by both Israelis and Christian Right activists.

Many conservative Jewish leaders prefer to look the other way vis a vis the 
controversial issue of Christian evangelical's "end-times" beliefs. According to
a recent Time magazine cover story titled "The Bible & the Apocalypse: Why more 
Americans are reading and talking about The End of The World" (July 1, 2002), 
36% of Americans believe "the Bible is the word of God and is to be taken 
literally; 59% believe "the prophecies in the Book of Revelation will come 
true;" 35% "say they are paying closer attention to news events and how they 
relate to the coming end of the world since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11;" 
and 36% "support Israel... because they believe in biblical prophecies that Jews
must control Israel before Christ will come again."

To disregard evangelicals beliefs in the "end-times" would be "playing with 
fire," Harvey Cox, professor of divinity at Harvard, told Time. "I'd be awfully 
cautious of this alliance if I were on the Israeli side." Cox's admonition was 
echoed by Gershom Gorenberg, a Jewish expert on the Christian end-times. "In my 
view," he said, "any theology that continues to deny the validity of Judaism and
to fantasize about looking forward to the conversion or destruction of the Jews 
is one that should arouse a great deal of caution among Jews."

© 2002 


BARNES & NOBLE, August 29, 7:30 pm
4801 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD

"The devastating, September 11, 2001 attack on America's military and financial 
centers shocked and horrified the world, and came as a surprise to most 

Authored by Enver Masud, The War on Islam examines why Americans are usually 
welcomed around the world, but America is often "hated." Join us for a 
discussion and signing with the author, the founder of The Wisdom Fund, and 
recipient of the Gold Award of the Human Rights Foundation.

        For more on the book visit:


Dr. Akbar Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair, American University, former Pakistan envoy 
to Great Britain, nationally syndicated columnist, and sought after speaker on 
CNN, Oprah and other TV shows, will lead a distinguished panel of Muslims in a 
discussion of issues which both divide and unite Islam and West.

Panel members include Dr. Ayub Ommaya_neurosurgeon, inventor, past president 
APPNA; Mr. Mowahid H. Shah_attorney, columnist, political consultant; and Mr. 
Enver Masud_founder of The Wisdom Fund, management consultant, author of The War
on Islam, and recipient of the Human Rights Foundation Gold Award.

The goal of the panel discussion_Dialog of Civilizations_is to inform Muslims 
about how perceptions about Islam and Muslims are affected by the world in which
we live, and to generate interest in the non-Muslim community for further 
dialogue. The panelists' will present a constructive framework for continuing 
the dialog in interfaith and other forums.

Peace and justice require dialog, and this dialog must take into account factors
considered relevant by all parties. The importance of dialog in preventing 
events such as the September 11, 2001 attack on America cannot be 
overemphasized. President John F. Kennedy is reported to have said, "Those who 
make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." 
Without dialog, there can be no "peaceful revolution."

Dr. Ommaya will introduce the audience to Islam's contribution to the West. Mr. 
Mowahid Shah will discuss how Muslims, and Muslim organizations can better reach
out to non-Muslims. Mr. Enver Masud will discuss the global context in which 
Islam and the West are seen to be at odds, but which in reality they share 
similar goals of justice and peace for all. A question and answer session will 
follow the panel discussion.

The Dialog of Civilizations panel discussion will follow the Saturday, August 
31, ISNA keynote speech which Prof. Ahmed has been invited to deliver.

Please see conference program for time and location. For additional information 
contact Mr. Masud at •••@••.•••


1) Alan Geyer and Barbara G. Green, Lines in the Sand: Justice and the Gulf War 
-- An analysis based on the Christian doctrine of "just war," together with the 
often neglected historical context of events and policies preceding the war.

2) Ramsey Clark,et al, The Fire This Time: U.S. Crimes in the Gulf -- Former 
U.S. Attorney General says that the U.S. government bears prime responsibility 
for the Gulf War which was planned in Washington long before the first Iraqi 
soldier entered Kuwait.

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Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to 
those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information 
for research and educational purposes. ******************************

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