The Threads of August


Richard Moore


Just got back from holiday. I always forget how valuable those
are, as regards gaining perspective - until once again I have
the experience. One can step back from the trees and remember
about the forest. Not that I have any great insights to
report, just a kind of rededication to my work.

I got to watch BBC news reports every night, and found the UK
propaganda regime fascinating. So much richer than the black &
white / good-guy bad-guy American stuff. The Menezes story was
still breaking. On the day of the event the police reported,
without qualifications or reservations, than the young
Brazilian jumped a barricade, refused commands to stop, was
wearing a bulky jacket, and that one witness saw him carrying
a bomb with wires dangling out. They needed to shoot him, it
seemed, to prevent him from setting off his bomb. (It was only
after this event that we were informed that the UK had
recently adopted a 'shoot in head without warning' policy for
'suspected suicide bombers'.) It seems the police would have
stuck to their story, except that someone in the independent
investigator's office leaked some new facts to the media.

We now know, and the police have admitted, that Menezes was
wearing a light denim jacket, used a ticket to enter the
subway, did not run, and was being firmly restrained by an
officer at the time he was shot. Then the head of Scotland
Yard comes on saying that the one thing he wants to make
perfectly clear is that there has been no cover up - he
"didn't know for 24 hours" that they had shot the wrong man.
Well why then, if information was slow in coming in, was he so
sure of his original story? Where did he get that story? Why
did he not correct the mis-impressions until after the leaks?
And are we really to belive that all the CATVs in the vicinity
of the shooting happened to be out of tape?...just like in the
bus bombing?  No cover up??...Who is kidding who?

They threw a little wrinkle into their spin. Supposedly, the
'unfortunate confusion' began when the original surveillance
agent, who spotted 'the suspect', couldn't get a really good
look because he was relieving himself at the time: "Now who
would make up an embarrassing story like that? Certainly they
are telling us the whole truth now!" This is a UK culture
wrinkle that wouldn't play as well in the States, but seems to
have been effective on this side of the pond.

The question I've had from the beginning: WHY did they execute
him? My first suspicion was that he knew something - perhaps
he was recruited to be one of the 'suicide bombers' (who
thought they were taking part in an exercise with fake bombs),
backed out of his deal, and they didn't want him blabbing. But
as time passes, it seems the most likely explanation is that
the government had decided to go ahead and create a precedent,
establishing the kill-on-suspicion policy: "The next time some
suspect is identified, off him." All the discussion on TV is
about the carelessness of the incident; this has succeeded in
distracting discussion of the underlying policy itself. They
actually WANTED it to be an embarrassing incident: we must,
after all, give the Brits credit for this level of subtlety.

It seems that none of the murdering cops, nor their superiors,
will be punished. The whistleblower, on the other hand, has
been suspended from his job. That's what they call 'British
justice'. They've come a long way since the days of the
neighborhood bobby whose main weapon was a whistle.

We all know there were no suicide bombers. An article in the
Observer laid out the facts - round-trip tickets, parking
stickers on cars, etc. - and said that 'some senior
investigators' think there was a mastermind who detonated the
explosives remotely, unexpected by the backpack wearers. The
appearance of this article seems to have succeeded in ending
discussion of that topic, and all subsequent reports refer
specifically to 'suicide bombers'. That fits in best with the
'kill on hunch' policy, a policy that will be convenient in
suppressing any mass protests.

Meanwhile, the Muslim-demonization progrom - I mean program -
continues apace. Under new rules, or existing legislation, the
story keeps changing, Mosques can be shut down, citizens can
be deported, websites can be shut down - on suspicion of
inciting extremist views. Racist incidents against Muslims are
on the increase, and the government feigns concern for this
atmosphere it has intentionally created. I think the situation
is much like that with the Japanese in America during World
War II. In that case, racist hatred of 'the Japs' had been
decided as a propaganda policy, and it wasn't helpful to have
lots of peaceful, patriotic Japanese Americans hanging around
and spoiling the evil image. So they locked them up. We can
surmise that 'hatred of Muslims' is considered necessary for
the attack on Iran for British audiences, and the ground is
being carefully prepared, given that Britain has a very large
population of very law-abiding Muslim citizens.


It seems that the 'security exercise' in Charleston (not
Charlottesville, sorry about that) has or has not happened,
and in any case we have not had our expected domestic
terrorist incident - yet. Over the holiday, and I did read my
incoming mail, I was noticing several different threads of the
Iran project - including the UK police-state and hate-Muslim
threads I mentioned above. Perhaps we can get a better grasp
on the overall schedule, if we consider all the threads. We
can assume, as with any well-planned Pentagon operation, that
each thread is considered to be necessary to the project.

The domestic 'terrorist incident' can of course be carried out
at any time. We can assume the bomb is in place, and the fuse
can be lighted whenever the other ducks are lined up. Iranian
passports and the like are all ready to be placed in the cars
of the 'designated suspects' - providing more than enough
'evidence' for Operation Nuke Iran. Israel has been supplied
with 'bunker buster' bombs, and is ready to initiate the first
strike, which America can deny it authorized. Iran has clearly
indicated it will hit back with modern missiles against
Israel, American forces in Iraq, and shipping lanes. America,
faced then with a created dilemma, will be 'forced' to intervene
decisively The opening moves of the engagement seem to be
rather clear.

As an outer bound on the schedule, presumably, we can take the
September-October timeframe, in which it seems that all U.S.
military leaves have been cancelled. By this criterion, the
war launch could be scheduled any time in this timeframe:
obviously once the shooting starts there are no such things as
leaves. The date could be as late as end October.

One of the threads involves the stirring up of U.S.-sponsored
terrorism within Iran. Just today I received a reliable report
that the Kurds in Turkey have suspended their resistance
operations in Turkey and are now beginning operations in Iran,
with U.S. support. Iran has a large Kurdish population and
this operation - a typical CIA destabilization scenario - 
could be somewhat troublesome for Iranian security forces. We
see perhaps here a replay of the KLA scenario, vis a vis
Kosovo. The KLA - Kosovo Liberation Army - was presented in
the Matrix media as a group of freedom fighters. In fact they
were a CIA-created mercenary terrorist organization that
included, as usual for such actions, Al Qaeda operatives.
Nonetheless, the existence of the KLA helped sell the
destruction of Serbia to Western audiences. This thread has
not gotten much attention yet in the media. When it starts
heating up, we might be seeing the beginning of the countdown.

Another thread has to do with Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who
is noted for "going for the man at the top", and for being
relentless and fearless. He is presiding over the Grand Jury
investigation in Chicago into the Pflame affair. I've seen
several reports that claim indictments have been laid down
against Cheney, Bush, and others on high offenses. Evidently a
Supreme Court justice has been dispatched to Chicago to try to
moderate the situation. Fitzgerald doesn't seem to be the
moderating type. We're getting very close to a Watergate
scenario here, just before Nixon lost it and fired Archibald
Cox. Developments here might act as a spur: to start the war
before impeachment raises its head.

Another thread has to do with the increase in the number of
non-U.S. citizens in the American military. I've seen various
reports on this over the past few months from diverse sources.
Given the recruitment problems, would-be immigrants are being
offered full citizenship in return for doing a stint for Uncle
Sam. I can believe there are countless takers - an offer you
can't refuse in such a position. A report I received today
claims that these foreign mercenaries are being concentrated
on the U.S. mainland, and are to be the troops assigned to
Homeland Security in the event of domestic martial law. One is
reminded of the Hungarian uprising against the Soviets, when
Chinese troops were brought in to do the dirty work that
Soviet troops didn't have the stomach for, being more familiar
with the Hungarian people.

If indeed there is to be a major 'terrorist incident' - on the
scale of an attack on a whole city by blowing up a nearby
nuclear facility - and if this is to be followed up by a
nuclear engagement - basically Word War III - then it would
seem to make sense for martial law to be established at the
outset, as soon as the 'terrorist' event occurs. It would be
easiest then, almost welcome. If a city just got wiped out,
most people would feel more secure with tanks on the street
corners and helicopters overhead. They're 'watching out for
us.' And during a war, martial law makes everything a lot
easier to manage. Who knows what are those strange screams in
the night, after curfew.

I would also suspect that the Internet would be to some extent
shut down at the same time. Again, it's easier to do all the
big things at one time, when the iron is hot, when people are
ready to accept anything, as in the shadow of 9-11. It would
be dead simple to somehow involve the Internet in the incident
- "It was all planned by email, and used technology from
websites!". The authorities know all the traffic patterns for
websites, news groups, email lists, etc.. By shutting down,
let's say, 10,000 specific domains, they could black out the
part of the Internet that for you and me is the most
important, and specifically prevent organized protests, etc.
One report I saw about a recent Bilderberger conference said
that 'getting rid of the Internet' was seen as a top priority.
Of course they're referring to citizen discourse, not the
commercial aspects. Working in tandem with the forces of
suppression are the commercial media, who would like the
Internet to be like cable television, simply a channel over
which to deliver products, an AOL kind of world.

What we can expect then, is that one day we'll wake up, the
radio and TV will all be carrying official broadcasts,
telephones will probably be inoperative particularly for long
distance, and we won't be able to use the Internet. We won't
be able to believe anything they tell us. We'll know something
big is happening, but we'll only hear what Big Brother tells
us. Troops will be in the streets and FEMA will be running the
country. It will be a different kind of war than we've seen


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