The Sino-Soviet question


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The Sino-Soviet issue
Source: Xinhua - People's Daily Online

China, Russia pledge to deepen all-facet ties with sweeping
deals signed

China and Russia pledged to deepen their ties on Tuesday as
they inked sweeping deals ranging from politics and
diplomacy to energy and finance.

Chinese President Hu Jintao and visiting Russian President
Vladimir Putin agree "bilateral relations are at an
unprecedented level of development" as the two leaders
commended the fruitful cooperation achieved under the
ten-year-old Sino-Russia strategic partnership of

Putin, who arrived here on Tuesday morning, held talks with
Hu for two hours in the Great Hall of the People before
witnessing the signing of a series of agreements, including
an over arching document titled the China-Russia Joint

Of the 15 agreements, three concern future cooperation on
oil and natural gas projects. No specific deal was reached
on the construction of an oil pipeline.

China and Russia encourage companies from both nations to
invest in oil and gas exploration in order to tap the energy
potential of both nations, according to the statement.

Noting that China is Russia's fourth largest trading
partner, Putin said Russia was "very satisfied with
bilateral trade ties."

There still exists huge potential in bilateral trade
cooperation, Putin said. "China-Russia trade volume will
surely meet the set goal of 60 to 80 billion U.S. dollars in

This is the fifth meeting between the two heads of state in
the last 12 months.

Other senior Chinese and Russian leaders also frequently
exchanged views through a series of high-level
consultations, which Hu said "helps the two countries
coordinate on major issues concerning their fundamental

Another item high on the agenda of Putin's two-day state
visit was inaugurating the Year of Russia in China, which
involves more than 200 activities.

Putin said the hosting of Year of Russia shows that the
current Russia-China relations have reached "a very high
level and will lay a better foundation for their future

Hu and Putin also exchanged views on a wide range of heated
international issues, covering the Iran nuclear standoff,
the Korean nuclear issue, Palestine-Israel disputes, central
Asian and Iraqi issues.

They also vowed to step up coordination within the framework
of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which
includes as members Russia, China and four Central Asian
states -- Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

"China and Russia believe the development of the SCO is an
important task of their diplomatic work and continue to
closely coordinate their positions within the SCO," the
statement says.

"The two countries will continuously exchange views on major
international issues through various channels," the
statement says.

Putin was accompanied by a delegation of about 90, many of
whom are key Russian entrepreneurs in the fields of energy,
banking, telecommunications, media and other industries.
They are expected to exchange views with their Chinese

During Putin's stay in Beijing, a Sino-Russian economic and
trade summit will be held and the two sides will launch a
series of business activities in a bid to boost trade and

Putin ended the first day of his visit by attending the
premiere of the Year of Russia at the Great Hall of People.

Source: Xinhua
People's Daily Online ---

Posted by rkm to cyberjournal forum at 3/23/2006 02:47:00 AM

At 4:40 AM, rkm said...

I find this to be a very-much understated article. The CNN
version refers to some of the underlying issues that the
Chinese version leaves out:

Perhaps Brzezinski, in The Grand Chessboard, best sets out
the appropriate context of what's going on here, between
these two Asian giants, vis a vis the New American Century.

According to Brzezinski, control of the globe ultimately
devolves to control of Eurasia - he sees this as a kind of
historical fixed point. Perhaps he overstates his case, but
regardless his analysis seems to be one of the guiding
lights of the neocon project.

In particular, Brzezinski identifies Afghanistan as being
the key strategic position on the board, and of course that
was the first place the neocons secured. From that base, so
to speak, we've then seen the CIA-engineered "colored
revolutions", the encroachment of forward US bases in former
Soviet realms, and of course there's the rushed development
of new-generation, full-spectrum-dominance weapons systems.

If Afghanistan was the first knight move to the center of
the board, and if the Iraq-Iran scenario represents a pin on
a major energy piece, then altogether, with the various
other neocon moves, we seem now to be well into the middle
game. A coordinated attack is in progress by the white
pieces, and the white queen-a space-age blitzkrieg
capability-is being positioned for a decisive mate.

There can be little doubt that Russian and Chinese analysts
are well aware of this perspective. It is in that light that
we can best interpret the meaning of "all-facet ties".

In the face of an effective white attack, a consolidated
black defense is emerging, indeed the very existence of a
coherent black defender is being conjured from necessity.

The potential synergy arising from all-facet ties between
Russia and China is formidable. With China's money and
development infrastructure, combined with the most advanced
weapons know-how of Russian scientists, we can see that the
window of opportunity for the white queen is clearly a
finite one. A black queen is being cultivated, a potential
equal to its white counterpart.

The queens embody the strategic game, while energy and
miscellaneous cooperation deals provide the tactical
foundation for an aspiring pan-Asian coalition-superpower.

Posted by rkm to cyberjournal forum at 3/23/2006 04:40:14 AM

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