The Reagan Airport TS incident


Richard Moore

Police Beat Up Girl at Reagan National Airport

The biggest question about the airport incident covered here is why and how it was recorded on video. The video was obviously taken by an official airport camera, not some traveller with a camera. So why did they release it? It certainly doesn’t put their airport procedures in a good light.
An excerpted version of the video is used on the Dr. Phil show, so there is no attempt by the powers that be to suppress knowledge of the incident:

Dr Phil Airport Assault

The TSA responded to Dr. Phil’s request for a statement, by saying that the beating-up behavior was ‘acceptable procedure’. And in another video I saw, the head of TSA said their plans are to continue their methods, and to expand their operations to all forms of mass transport, such as trains and busses.
The overall message is this: “We are going to treat you any damn way we want; we want you to know this, and there’s nothing you can do about it”. In other words, “Welcome to the Fourth Reich”. 
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