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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Dear Friends,

I have some tragic and very sad news to share with my fellow Activists today. Yesterday I found out that on Friday, March 26th Former State Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband, Bruce were found dead in their home. Tragically Nancy was shot in the back while she was sleeping. Bruce was also shot. Subsequently, both of them have died.  The media claims that this was a Murder-Suicide pact, but most of us who were close to Nancy know that was NOT the case. This was a ‘HIT’. Nancy and her husband were killed to keep them ‘quiet’ about the Racketeering that is happening within Child “Protection” Services, aka, CPS

Below are articls on her death as reported by the media:

The Media reports that Bruce had cancer and they had made a “murder-suicide pact”. The couple’s daughter states that she had no knowledge of any serious illness affecting her father!  Bruce had surgery last year – but he recovered!

In this repor Lt. Governor Casey Cagle offers his condolencs, but Nancy personally told me that he assisted in getting her out of office to ‘quite’ her up about exposing the CPS corruption:

I think It’s interesting that Senator Don Thomas who claims to have been a ‘friend’ of Nancy’s, yet he is leading people to believe that this was a “murder-suicide”. He did this even before the investigation began. Perhaps this is because he’s the Chairman of the Health and Human Service Committee (HHS)…his views were drastically different from Schaefer’s, who was trying to stop the corruption!

As you know, Nancy has been relentless in exposing the EVILS of CPS and their affiliates who are Trafficking children to illegally obtain Federal Funds. This corruption has spread past the Legislative level, and many Politicians are involved in Racketeering, and this is why it has been so difficult to change the laws.  Many Politicians are connected to “Children Charities”, that are linked to Pharmaceutical companies and who are making Political campaign contributions  by drugging foster kids. I worked with Nancy for over two years as we raised public awareness. She tried to help me in my own case when my daughter was trafficked, and she made many calls on my behalf. It was with Nancy’s advice that I moved to Europe last year, for she was concerned about my safety due to my Activism.  When she couldn’t get laws passed in the United States to stop the corruption she went to Europe to try to help families. Last year she went to Amsterdam Holland and  gave a speech at the World Congress of Families  on the subject of “The Unlimited Power of Child Protective Services.” She was the President of  Eagle Forum of Georgia and Eagle Forum’s National Chairman of Parents’ Rights. Nancy has also appeared on several non main stream radio shows. She was a fearless and brave woman. She  was unafraid to expose the evils of CPS  which caused her to lose her Senate seat, and ultimately her life.  It’s as though she accepted her fate for the sake of children. Nancy loved children. Her and her husband had 5 children and 13 grandchildren.  

During one of her speeches she said “There are some causes that  are worth losing for and this is one of those times”.  She had an undying devotion and dedication to fight for abused children and their families who were so cruelly being victimized by the court criminals.  

I spoke to William Wagener with “On Second Thought TV” tonight and he tells me he was planning on interviewing Nancy for his show next month.They had recently spoken and she had some ‘sensitive’ information she was going to share with him, including the names of those people  involved. He said that even though they spoke on ‘safe phones’ Nancy was very nervous, and she was very very scared. She must have known that there was going to be a hit out on her. I can say for sure that Bruce did NOT kill Nancy. He deeply loved his wife and she was there by his side during his and surgery and illness last year.  There was NO murder-suicide or financial problems as reported by the media, who is also covering up the details as well as her activism against Government corruption.




Below are some links to some articles and speeches given by Nancy about CPS:
Nancy  was a deeply religious Christian woman who would recite biblical passages to me, and we would often pray together. This is a very sad time for all of us. Those who knew Nancy describe her as a warm and  caring person. She was a wonderful lady and a dear friend of mine who I loved, admire, and respected. She was a rare jewel and someone who I will never forget. I will hold the memories of  Nancy close to my heart. 

God Bess you Nancy and you finally rest in Peace!


Kathleen Dearinger 

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