The Global Fascist Regime: consolidating on all fronts


Richard Moore

Posted today to newslog:

        * Total Police State Takeover: Patriot Act II
        * Korean War II: on the brink of apocalypse

(quotes provided by our roving reporter, Don Nordin)

   "If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will
    be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."
   -- James Madison, while a United States Congressman

   "Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of
    fear - kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic
    fervor - with the cry of grave national emergency.
    Always there has been some terrible evil at home or
    some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble
    us up if we did not blindly rally behind it ..."
   -- General Douglas MacArthur, 1957
   "Once a government resorts to terror against its own
    population to get what it wants, it must keep using
    terror against its own population to get what it wants.
    A government that terrorizes its own people can never
    stop. If such a government ever lets the fear subside
    and rational thought return to the populace, that
    government is finished."
    --Michael Rivero 

   "Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was
   -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

   "Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves
    neither liberty nor security"
   -- Benjamin Franklin


My first article on the New World Order was published
in Sep '95.  The first predicting a war with China came
out in July '97, and my series on the Police State
Conspiracy began appearing in Jan '98.  All of that
material, as usual, appeared first on these lists.

Some of you may regard me as a Chicken Little, always
saying the sky is about to fall.  I have been wrong
more than once about the time frames, no doubt about
that. These are, after all, major historical events --
predicting their exact schedule is a bit like trying
to predict the hour when earthquakes will happen. 
Nonetheless, the things I have been writing about are 
clearly coming to pass.

We now have a New World Order -- proclaimed publicly by
Bush and demonstrated dramatically on the world stage. 
The US conquered a sovereign nation, with no
provocation or credible justification -- and with the
clear disapproval of the UN and most of Washington's
usual Western allies.  And now Washington is going to
run Iraq and manage the oil as it sees fit.  Other
national leaders may gripe publicly, but no one is
cutting off trade with the US, and no one is
threatening any kind of sanctions.  This New Order is
being accepted as a regrettable fact of life by most
nations of the world.  It is perceived as being
inevitable, just like economic globalization.  News
anchors on Sky, BBC, & CNN ask in a routine voice, "Will 
Syria be the next target in the War on Terrorism?".


With the Patriot Act, and Patriot Act II, the legal
framework for a total police state will be in place. 
Anyone who's travelled through an airport since 9/11
has experienced a foretaste what it's like to be in the
midst of an intrusive police presence.  Anyone who
takes a look at the related newslog article will get a
taste of how pervasive that kind of presence can
become.  Your citizenship can be taken away for
participating in a protest, for example, and as a
non-citizen you can be detained indefinitely or
exported to a location of their choice -- and this can
be done secretly.  YOU could be a 'disappeared' -- and
it would all be legal.

At risk of being once again Chicken Little, I'll
venture to say that 9/11 marked a change in tempo, a
pressing of the pedal to the metal. That's certainly
been the case so far, and Bush shows no sign of slowing
down or moderating his enthusiasm for his own style of

If the pace continues, I would expect it to proceed on
all fronts.  That includes domestic suppression. 
Patriot II is the final nail in the coffin of American
freedom.  No obstacle will then block the establishment
the global fascist state.

You may ask, "If this is true, who will they come for
first?".  If so, you haven't been paying attention. 
They've already come for hundreds of Muslim Americans,
for the concentration camp inmates at Guatanamo, and
they've shown the face of police brutality at popular
demonstrations and toward organized labor.  "Who will
be next?" is the more appropriate question.

One poor fellow posted to a website that "Bush is out
of control".  He was accosted by police in a public 
library and taken down to the station for interrogation.
They said he was a threat to the President.  Always they
are pushing the envelope of the police state -- they are
taught to do that at the police academy.  With Patriot II,
the envelope is unlimited.  Think of the things we've talked
about on this list, including revolution and ending capitalism.
How would we fare in a star-chamber investigation that allowed
no rebuttals??

Why should Bush hesitate?  It seems almost against 
his nature, if any genuine nature does exist beneath
the PR religious facade wrapped around our alcoholic
daddy's boy phony leader.  More significantly, hesitation
is not part of the New American Century agenda we have
seen unfolding ever since the 9/11 WTC Reichstag phony


The information on Korea (newslog article) caught me by
surprise.  If anyone can verify or contradict what
appears here, please let me know.  If it is accurate,
then we may be very close indeed to the proverbial
brink.  These are the main points that caught my

  * North Korea already has ICBMs with nuclear warheads. 
    The fuss about its nuclear program is not about North
    Korea becoming a nuclear power, but rather about its
    improved ability to produce and refine its own nuclear
    weapons domestically.
  * Besides its strategic nuclear capability (the ability
    to hit US targets), N Korea also has a formidable
    military.  American commanders in S Korea figure their
    bases would be wiped out within three hours. 
    N Korea has credible  systems which can destroy Carrier
    task forces.  Chemical-biological warfare is integrated
    at all levels of the military, including the missile
    divisions.  Military assets are in hardened sites.
    Air superiority would be very difficult to achieve
    for any US invading force. 
  * N Korea has a clear and stated policy of responding
    with "total war" to any kind of US attack.  Only
    'fanatic' can describe the kind of fighting spirit
    evidently possessed by N Korean troops at all levels,
    and in their case it also seems to be combined with 
    'very competent'.  N Korean pilots and advisors have 
    played a role in several US-third world skirmishes.

  * The N Korea-Powell talks have broken down and both
    sides are coming out with belligerent statements.
    N Korea and China are saying that war could break out
    "in a matter of days".

  * The Pentagon has bombing plans in place -- to take out the
    new nuclear facilities, as well as N Korea's formidable
    artillery installations (capable of reaching US S
    Korean bases).  Only Bush's go-ahead is needed for
    operations to begin.

The mind boggles at what all this means, if it is indeed true.

N Korea seems determined to protect its sovereignty the
old-fashioned way, with hardball mutual deterrence.
And, surprisingly to me, it my have that capability.
The unilateral US actions in Iraq can only solidify N
Korea's determination not to rely on any kind of
agreements or international law for its defense (much
like Israel).  It adamantly refuses any kind of
international inspections or interference in its
affairs (again much like Israel).

N Korea seems to have anticipated and
rejected-in-advance any kind of compromise.  The
Pentagon seems to think N Korea would not launch
all-out war if precision US strikes took out only
selected targets.  This would seem to be a major
miscalculation.  So major that one cannot doubt that
there must also be a Plan B -- possibly a massive
nuclear first strike.  With N Korea's hardened sites,
tunnels, decoy sites, and submarines, such a strike
would not be likely to take out all strategic systems.

Meanwhile, the US has made it clear that N Korea's
current course is seen as unacceptable, as a problem
that must be dealt with one way or another.  Bush has
said that diplomacy is the best path, but that military
action is not ruled out.  And behind this we have
Bush's strategic agenda -- The New American Century.
According to this agenda, the US will seek to achieve
clear dominance in every corner of the globe.  No
challenge to its power can be tolerated.

Afghanistan and Iraq have served as field tests for
this agenda.  From all appearances, Bush and his
entourage consider both adventures to have been a total
success.  Indeed they see Iraq as a vindication of
their policies, a clear rebuttal to their detractors. 
From their perspective, they are on a roll.  Bush has
said plainly that his task is not over.  The question
is only _who will he strike next, and _when.

Perhaps Syria, perhaps Libya -- who knows?  But N Korea
must be near the front of the queue in the mind of the
ruling hawks.  It certainly comes ahead of China or
Russia.  N Korea would be the first nuclear test case. 
The game would be moved to a new level, likely to
include massive casualties on the US side.  Russia and
China are standing aside, not offering backup to N
Korea in case of conflict.

But in a nuclear exchange, all sides might begin to get
itchy trigger fingers -- or to fear that others might
take advantage of the situation.  Fears could escalate.
Containment could be a real problem.  Particularly as
China and Russia know that their turn will come
eventually, and Washingon knows that they know.


Sorry to depart once again from our Transformation 

But history like this doesn't come along very often. 
We must keep up.

all the best,

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