The Fourth Reich: American audience applauds torture


Richard Moore

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Audience Applauds As Giuliani, Tancredo Endorse Waterboarding Torture
Think Progress | May 16, 2007

During tonight's presidential debates, candidates were asked whether they would 
support the use of waterboarding ‹ a technique, defined as torture by the 
Justice Department, that simulates drowning and makes the subject ³believe his 
death is imminent while ideally not causing permanent physical damage.²

Both former mayor Rudy Giuliani and Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) suggested they 
would support using the technique. Specifically asked about waterboarding, 
Giuliani said he would allow ³every method [interrogators] could think of and I 
would support them in doing it.² Tancredo later added, ³I'm looking for Jack 
Bauer,² referencing the television character who has used torture techniques 
such as suffocation and electrocution on prisoners.

The audience applauded loudly after both statements.

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