?-The 17th Street Canal levee was breached on purpose


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The Great New Orleans  Land Grab 

The 17th Street Canal levee was breached on purpose 
Ernesto Cienfuegos 
La Voz de Aztlan 

Los Angeles, Alta California - September 7, 2005 - (ACN) There
were numerous incidents that occurred during and immediately
after Katrina struck that point to the "unthinkable".   It now
appears that a sophisticated  plan was implemented  that 
utilized the "cover of a hurricane" to first destroy and than
take over the City of New Orleans?  As the world watched the
events  unfolding, one could not help think that something was
terribly afoot concerning the rescue by FEMA of the  city's
poor and predominate Black population. It seems that a well
laid out plan was put into effect  to grab valuable real
estate from  well established but poverty stricken  Black
families of  New Orleans?  What is being  implemented now is
nothing less than a sophisticated scheme to purge and
ethnically cleanse what Whites have termed  "Black and
'welfare bloated' New Orleans".

Among the most telling anomalies pointing to something
terribly afoot is the gun battle, killing 5, that occurred at
the breached levee between the New Orleans Police Department
and, what  have now been identified as US military agents.  An
Associated Press report, which has now disappeared, stated
that at least five USA Defense Department personnel  where
shot dead by New Orleans police officers in the proximity of
the breached levee. (Please Note: The original media reports
concerning the shootout are now being changed or "cleansed" in
a cover-up.  We found one original report at
.html La Voz de Aztlan has a mirror page of this report at
http://www.aztlan.net/police_kill_five_contractors.htm in case
this report gets changed or deleted as well) A spokesman for
the Army Corps of Engineers said later that those killed were
"federal contractors" on their way to "repair" a canal. The
"contractors" were on their way to launch barges into Lake
Pontchartrain, in an operation to "fix" the 17th Street Canal,
according to the Army Corps of Engineers spokesman.  Deputy
Police Chief W.J. Riley of New Orleans later reported that 
his policemen had shot at eight suspicious people near the
breached levee,  killing five or six.

Who were these "military agents" that were killed by the
police near the  17th Street Canal breached levee and what
were they doing there?  Why did the New Orleans police find it
necessary to shoot and kill 5 or 6 of them? No one is saying
anything and it appears that the news story has now been swept
under the rug.   Were these US Department of Defense personnel
a Special  Forces group or Navy Seals with top secret orders
to sabotaged the levee?  There are verifiable reports that at
least 100 New Orleans police officers have disappeared from
the face of the earth and that two have committed suicide. 
Could these be policemen that died defending the levee against
sabotage by "federal contractors"?

Another telling incident that points to a "nefarious plan" is
what New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said at the height of the
crisis. He said publicly, "I fear the CIA may take me out!" 
Mayor Nagin, a Black,  said this twice.  He told a reporter
for the Associated Press: "If the CIA slips me something and
next week you don't see me, you'll all know what happened." 
Later he told  interviewers for CNN on a live broadcast that
he feared the "CIA might take me out."   What does Mayor Ray
Nagin know and why does he fear the CIA?

In an interview by WWL TV, Mayor Nagin complained vociferously
that Louisiana National Guard Blackhawk helicopters were being
stopped from dropping sandbags to plug the levee soon after it
breached.  There is evidence that no repairs were allowed on
the levee until after New Orleans was totally flooded!

Many civilian groups who were attempting to aid people trapped
in their attics, on their roofs and  at the Superdome are 
reporting that FEMA, other federal agents and the US military
essentially "stopped" them from doing so.  Convoys that were
organized by truckers and carrying "food and water" were
blocked by agents of the federal government on the highways
and roads leading to New Orleans.   The American Red Cross, in
addition, encountered numerous incidents and has made formal

A private ham radio network that deployed throughout the
hurricane ravished region reported that the airwaves were
being "jammed" making it impossible to communicate emergency
information. Churches, hospitals and other essential community
groups reported that the first thing that the US military did,
when they arrived, was to cut their telephone lines and 
confiscate communications devices.    We all witnessed news
reports   and heard statements by flood victims concerning the
behavior of the US military.  Many Black families complained
that military vehicles did not stop to assist them but just
drove by.  One news report showed military personnel playing
cards inside a barrack while Black citizens were dying of
thirst and hunger.

Today, it is very revealing how the federal government is
handling the disaster.    They want every Black out of New
Orleans and those who insist on staying in their homes will be
removed by force.  The government, through some media, is
utilizing scare tactics to cleanse New Orleans of  all Blacks.
 They want no witnesses and this will make the "land grab" a
lot easier to undertake.  One scare tactic is calling the
flood water "a horrid toxic soup of feces a rotting flesh of
corpses".  The military thugs are now getting tough with Black
families that have owned their old but beloved homes for many
generations.  Mr. Rufus Johnson, a family patriarch who lives
in the French Quarter, said in an interview,  "The army has
given me an ultimatum to leave or suffer the consequences of a
forced eviction. I do not understand . My entire family and I
survived Katrina and now they want to throw me out of the home
we have had for generations".   Mr. Johnson lives in a
neighborhood where the flood has subsided and his home is not
heavily damaged yet  FEMA wants him out!

The fact that Vice President  Dick Cheney is heavily involved
in the FEMA operations from behind the scenes is very
troublesome.  Cheney and his cronies at Halliburton  are in
line for the lucrative contracts to "reconstruct a New
Orleans".   Deals are already being made with a Las Vegas
business group to construct multi-million dollar  casinos in
the Big Easy on prime real estate that  was owned by Black
families.   Whites throughout history have been notorious
"land grabbers".   In the USA they first confiscated  land
that belonged to American Indians.  Most of the Indians ended
up in worthless tracts of land called "reservations".   The
largest "land grab", however, was the theft of Aztlan.  This
occurred soon after the Mexican-American War.  In Alta
California , vast "Ranchos" were stolen from the Californios
through a variety  of scams.  A favorite ploy was to impose
extremely heavy land taxes on the Mexicans and then
foreclosing on the properties.   The land was then given or
sold  at very low prices  to  the Forty Niners who came in 
large  hordes to Alta California during the so called "Gold
Rush" of 1849.

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