Texans protest planned NAFTA superhighway


Richard Moore


Texans protest against planned NAFTA superhighway
02/21/2008 @ 9:36 pm
Filed by Nick Langewis and David Edwards

As Senators Clinton and Obama prepared to debate in their state, Texans were 
marching in protest over the NAFTA superhighway known as the Trans-Texas 
Corridor, or I-69, the primary purpose of which is to speed the delivery of 
goods coming in from Mexico to proposed inland ports.


The TTC is planned to span the state of Texas from Laredo, on the Mexican 
border, to Texarkana, on the border with Arkansas, to continue north to Canada. 
The projected cost is $183 billion over fifty years, with no American companies 
expressing interest in financing it.

With no public approval required to begin construction, repeated calls against 
the TTC at public meetings, with seldom a word of support, may easily go 

"This is about international--global companies that are coming in and having 
their way with our politicians," says Terri Hall of TexasTURF. "It doesn't 
matter what does to the people in the path," she continues, "it doesn't matter 
what it does to our way of life..."

"Citizens here," says an unidentified man at a public hearing, "are not going to
bear the burden so Wal-Mart can get their cargo into the U.S. cheaper and 

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) is among opponents of the TTC, doubting the 
intentions of those planning its construction. He cites millions of acres 
subject to eminent domain, which the state promises to use against landowners 
who protest, and also notes that he has yet to encounter a person that supports 
the TTC.

"Frankly," says Texas Department of Transportation's Phil Russell, "we're in a 
different day and age right now, and the way we built our roadways fifty years 
ago simply isn't keeping up with the congestion that we're seeing here in Texas 

"This is really messing with Texas," quips an incredulous Lou Dobbs to anchor 
Bill Tucker. "You can't tell me that Governor Rick Perry and the head of the 
Department of Transportation down there--that they're dumb enough to say that, 
because all of this traffic's coming out of Mexico, that Texas citizens should 
be funding the highway that is needed as a result of that traffic. That's 
absolutely idiotic."

"If people are putting up with this nonsense from their state government, and 
Governor Rick Perry, and their Department of Transportation," Dobbs continues, 
"these aren't the Texans that I know, and who I respect mightily."

The report, broadcast on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight on February 19, 2008, is 
available to view below.

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