Terror Plot Mirrors Bojinka: Run By US Government Agent


Richard Moore

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Terror Plot Mirrors Bojinka: Run By US Government Agent
Prison Planet | August 10 2006

Associated Press reports that the dastardly new terror plot is a re-hash of 
Operation Bojinka - a 1995 plot to blow up 10 Western airliners simultaneously. 
What they don't report is that its ringleader - Ramzi Youssef - was protected by
the US government in 1992.

In September of 1992 Youssef entered the US with Ahmad Ajaj. Ajaj's luggage 
contained documents on how to make bombs and was stuffed with fake passports and

Ajaj was arrested - amazingly Youssef was released.

Youssef later masterminded the WTC '93 bombing after FBI agents provided the 
terrorists with real explosives under cover of a supposed sting operation.

Ramzi Youssef is a US government agent and his Bojinka plot - supposedly foiled 
by his intelligence agency bosses - is now being used as the latest monster 
under the bed to scare US and UK citizens into surrendering what's left of their

Isn't it amazing that US government officials claimed ignorance of any Bojinka 
style plans before 9/11 and yet now they re-hash one for a faux terror alert.

Government enforcers and frightened slaves are all hot and bothered about the 
latest supposed terror plot targeting UK flights inbound to the US.

Ridiculous restrictions have been slapped on travelers, with mother's having to 
taste baby milk before they board planes and all hand luggage, including liquid 
drinks, being banned.

The new alert arrives with the 9/11 truth movement on the cusp of a wave of 
media exposure.

Evidence of government sponsored terror and how they use the fear of terror to 
control society is bursting out at the seams as editorials nationwide in the US 
are uniform in attempting to debunk research that questions the official version
of 9/11.

Statistical analysis has proven that every time Blair and Bush sag in approval 
ratings, a fresh terror alert gives them a bounce back up the charts.

Every single major terror alert issued by either the US, Canadian or UK 
governments has proven to be either a manufactured facade, an entrapment sting 
or an outright hoax.

Recently, a supposed plan to hijack planes and fly them into London landmarks 
was exposed as a concoction of UK government lobbyists and news chiefs.

The July 2005 London bombings were a British intelligence operation. The alleged
ringleader, Mohammed Siddique Khan, was working for MI5.

Here is a compendium list of other reports where the role of governments and 
security agencies in manufacturing artificial terror plots is exposed - within 
these stories are links to even more.

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