Technocratization and the Subversion of Educational Practices


Richard Moore

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A good description of the educational dumbing down project, supported by Gates, the Rockefellers, and others.


Destroying Public Education in America

Dr. James Tracy of joins us to discuss his article “The Technocratization of Education“.

We break down the history of the use of psychological conditioning techniques in the classroom, and how these programs are funded by rich, tax-exempt foundations.

We also talk about how teachers, students and parents can help break through the conditioning and re-ignite the love of learning in today’s youth. (Originally posted on Global Research TV on July 23, 2012)

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For decades, parents have lamented the state of the public education system and the dumbing down of generations of children. In response, organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are investing millions of dollars in programs they say are designed to improve that system.

Now, critics like Dr. James Tracy of are warning that these so-called cures are just more of the same technocratic manipulation that created the problem in the first place.

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