Syria threatens to join Hezbollah


Richard Moore

The genocidal US-Israeli attack on Lebanon seems to be accomplishing its purpose
-- to start a wider war and reshape the Middle East to suit imperialist 


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Syria threatens to join Hezbollah

Shuchi Yadav

LEBANON CRISIS: Hezbollah fighters have launched a fierce attack on northern 

New Delhi: Syria has warned that it would join hands with the Hezbollah, leading
to a full-scale war in the region. Meanwhile Hezbollah fighters have launched a 
fierce attack on northern Israel.

With a continued support to Hezbollah from Syria and Iran war clouds hover the 
entire region of West Asia.

The Hezbollah continues to attack northern Israel. At least 15 people have been 
killed by the rockets fired by the terrorists. Israeli Army, meanwhile, claims 
to have captured one of the Hezbollah terrorists allegedly involved in the 
abduction of two Israeli soldiers, which had sparked off the conflict.

Israeli Army has released a video showing him and another alleged terrorist 
their eyes blindfolded. The two men were reportedly captured during Israeli 
raids into Lebanon last week.

As the violence continues Syria has warned Israel that it would join the 
Hezbollah. The Syrian government declared that a regional war would be "most 

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem says, "If you desire, I would love to be 
one of Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah soldiers. We are preparing and we
will be prepared to strike back swiftly to any Israeli attack.²

At the UN world powers are trying hard to persuade both sides to back off. 
Lebanon has rejected the UN Draft Resolution for ending hostilities, insisting 
that it must include a demand for a full Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon.

Aid agencies are warning that the humanitarian situation in the country has 
reached crisis point. With Syria too throwing in the gauntlet peace in the 
region seems far away.

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