Swine Flu Vaccine Deaths Being Reported All Over Europe


Richard Moore

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Deaths Being Reported All Over Europe

Normally people do not drop dead after taking a vaccine. More commonly, the adverse effects of taking a vaccine take a while to show up, as only later victims develop autism, dementia, neurological disorders, paralysis, infertility or cancer (among a wide variety of other conditions). However, numerous reports are now coming in from all over Europe of people becoming seriously ill and even dropping dead after getting injected with the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

*In Sweden, there have been over 350 reported serious adverse reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, and there have been five people who have died there after taking the vaccine.  Reportedly there is now a media blackout on reporting any additional deaths from the swine flu vaccine as the authorities do not want to discourage people from getting the vaccine.

*In Northern Ireland, a 15-year-old boy fell seriously ill and was on the verge of death less than 24 hours after receiving the swine flu vaccine.

*A 64 year old woman in Hungary recently dropped dead two days after she received the swine flu vaccine.

*The Flu Case website is reporting on other deaths from the swine flu vaccine in Europe, but so far those reports have not been confirmed.

In addition, on our sister site Bird Flu Pandemic, our readers have been reporting numerous horror stories regarding the swine flu vaccine…..


my daughter is a nurse. She was at another clinic as a patient one day after H1N1 vaccines started. The staff there let her know that one man collapsed after getting the shot. A nurse that she went to school with had the vaccine and her arm went partially paralyzed. The feeling came back into her arm slightly and now she is in sheer pain.  Don’t get the H1N1 shot, or flu shots if you haven’t.please.


My friend was diagnosed w/GBS today. She had the H1N1 vaccine on Tuesday. She woke up friday morn. with one side of her face paralized, now almost her whole face is paralized. She is starting blood and plasma transfusions tonight. She will be transferred to Barnes hospital soon for more extensive testing. To those who laugh at the severity of this strange, unknown sickness and vaccine I hope you stay informed and not ignorant.


I am a healthcare employee…..the only vaccine offered to employees was the live vaccine. I decided to get it and be the “guinea pig” instead of my toddler. Received the nasal spray on Tuesday, woke up Wednesday with a sore throat and stuffy nose, Thursday had a terrible chest congestion/cough with fever and splitting headache, Friday all symptoms were worse and I couldn’t breathe! I was diagnosed on Friday with H1N1 and pneumonia….. good thing I got the vaccine, huh?

The reality is that the swine flu vaccine is untested and unsafe.  The vaccine manufacturers have been given blanket immunity by Congress so you cannot sue them if something goes wrong.  There are going to be many more serious side effects and many more deaths from the swine flu vaccine.  Make sure that your family is not the next vaccine horror story.

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