Sweden: systematic coverup of vaccine-caused deaths


Richard Moore

Swedish boy, aged 4, close to death from “swine flu” vaccine

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Swedish boy, aged 4, close to death from “swine flu” vaccine


The almost complete cover up in Sweden regarding deaths and other severe “side effects” from the poisinous Pandemrix “swine flu” vaccine is frightening. A few stories are getting out in spite of this, like the story of Kevin, aged 4 living in Stockholm with his mom Mia who is pregnant in her third trimester.

“- I was sure he was dead” she says in an article published at first only in the printed version of the news paper Aftonbladet and later added to their site after being “reminded” by readers to do so.

Kevin sat with his father in a café when he suddenly started to shake uncontrollably. His little body arched backwards in convulsions and his eyes rolled backwards exposing only white. His mom was not far away and someone quickly fetched her saying “Mia come quickly, Kevin is really bad”.

When she arrived to Kevin, a ring of people surrounded him as he was lying flat on the ground. “- His lips were completely white. I have never seen a person that white in my life. I took him in my arms and he was completely limp. My only thought was, ‘He is dead, He is no longer alive’ “, says his mom.

Kevin did no longer breathe. Two nurses happened to be there and they instructed Mia how to give CPR immediately. Mia started to do that while she at the same time felt she was starting to go into labor. She gave her son air as others called for an ambulance. “I lost the sense of time. But after a while his lips got their color back. He opened his eyes.”

During the ride to the hospital, Kevin only expressed one fear: “Mommy, I don’t want to have another shot…”

Doctors who cared for him at his arrival at the Hospital agreed that the only explanation to this was that he two days earlier got the poisonous Pandemrix “swine flu” vaccine. They also said “- He is the second one today, this is in no way unique.”

The news paper contacted The Medical Products Agency in Sweden and spoke with Professor Jan Liliemark who claimed he had never heard of similar cases. “- Children can come in to states of Coma from a variety of reasons. It could be connected to the vaccination but there could also be other reasons.”

Kevin’s parents chose to speak about their ordeal so that other parents would be better informed than they were. They never heard that things like this could happen after a vaccination.

Mia says “- What if this would have happened at home while playing alone in his room while I was cleaning downstairs?”

Original article in Swedish

We have received unconfirmed reports that the number of vaccine “adverse effects” in sweden is now well over 500 including “severe adverse effects” which means life threatening conditions or death. The number of deaths is reported to us to be higher than 50 so far. This information is unconfirmed and the official numbers kept secret according to the also secret agreement between Sweden and GSK, GlaxoSmithKline who produces the poisonous Pandemrix vaccine.


I today spoke with a vaccine manufacturer (a supplier of the API, the active ingredient) at their plant here in Switzerland and they stated that they felt they had to play along in producing and supplying active ingredients to the larger “big” pharma companies since these companies are “so powerful”. The person I spoke with thought it was something seriously wrong with the way the whole “swine flu” scare has unfolded and the role of WHO. The same person also acknowledged that very much research in the medical field which does not support planned products or other businesses is hidden or buried. The two people I spoke with would “absolutely not” take the “swine flu” shot. They did say that the “swine flu” meant good business.

Johan Niklasson