SWAT teams getting out of hand


Richard Moore

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Standard procedure, regarding vendors not properly licensed, has always been to simply tell them to stop operating, paste a notice on their window, and perhaps give them a summons to appear somewhere. That’s all that’s necessary, and an armed officer isn’t required. 
In this video we learn about the ‘new improved’ approach, involving more than a dozen stormtroopers with automatic weapons drawn, arresting people and dragging them off abusively, for misdemeanor offenses. Just as with TSA, we see a police culture of arrogance, where abuse and humiliation of normal law-abiding citizens is becoming the norm.
We are in a war, between the people of the world, and the elite hierarchy, the evil empire. The evil empire is attacking on every front, with killer drones, with economic destabilization, with genocidal wars, with depleted uranium, with chemtrails, with HAARP-induced ‘natural’ disasters, with dysfunctional ‘relief responses’ to those disasters, and the list goes on. 
Perhaps their biggest weapon, in this war against the people, is their project of bringing about a general collapse of our societies. Austere budgets, with no program whatsoever of economic regeneration, is a clear recipe for collapse. If there’s an attack on Iran, and the straits are blocked by sunken ships, we’d have a crisis oil shortage, knocking economic activity down by another giant step. Soaring food prices, breaks in supply chains, critical shortages… these are the kinds of things we are likely to see.
Law enforcement folks at all levels are being molded into Evil Empire Stormtroopers, the front line troops in the war against the people. A culture of arrogance, and abuse of power, is intentional. Power is intoxicating, the officers feel superior. As they say in Blade Runner, “If you’re not cops, you’re little people”. When you strut around as ‘big people’, intoxicated with your power, then you don’t hesitate to carry out your orders to victimize whoever is designated as a target.

SWAT team raids of barbershops in Orlando, FL

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