Supreme Court: no immunity for Big Pharma


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Surprise Supreme Court Decision Ends Big Pharma’s Pre-Emption Bid for Legal Immunity

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor 

(NaturalNews) In a 6-3 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against Wyeth in the Diana Levine case, setting a crucial precedent in the battle against Big Pharma. The ruling ends an important part of the Big Pharma / FDA conspiracy racket that sought to market extremely dangerous (and even deadly) drugs while providing full legal immunity to drug companies, even when those companies actively lied about the safety of their drugs by hiding negative drug studies from the public and the FDA.

The decision has hit Big Pharma hard. The industry, already reeling from layoffs and a loss of innovation, is now facing a wave of lawsuits from potentially hundreds of thousands of people who have been harmed by dangerous prescription medications. The legal path for such lawsuits has now been cleared, and drug companies can no longer claim legal immunity just because they managed to deceive the FDA into declaring their dangerous chemicals were “approved.”

The FDA regime

Three Supreme Court Judges disagreed with the decision, siding with the granting of legal immunity to drug companies: Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito, who called the decision a “frontal assault on the FDA’s regulatory regime for drug labeling.”

“Regime,” of course, is exactly the right word to describe the FDA’s campaign of medical tyranny against the American People. That even three Supreme Court Justices would vote to enforce this dangerous, corrupt regulatory regime is more than a bit disturbing. Fortunately for the American People, the opinions of these three did not prevail.

Big Pharma has long conspired with the FDA to approve knowingly dangerous (and deadly) drugs that are then marketed to the public through a process known as “disease mongering,” in which drug companies scare up new health conditions in order to convince people they need to be medicated. Practically the entire pharmaceutical industry is based on this unholy alliance between the corrupt FDA ( and a profit-seeking drug industry (…), and if the Supreme Court had granted Big Pharma immunity on any drug approved by the FDA, it could have unleashed a treacherous era of Big Pharma arrogance and the virtual abandonment of any remaining safety measures by the industry

With full legal immunity, Big Pharma would have been able to market practically any poison as a “drug,” regardless of how many people were killed. Even many of its current drugs are, admittedly, little more than poison. For example, the most popular blood thinning drug sold today — coumadin — is literally made out of the same chemical used in rat poison ( Many psychiatric drugs given to children today are just re-branded amphetamine street drugs like “speed.”

To the great benefit of the American People (and the lawyers who represent them against drug companies), the Supreme Court has now nailed the coffin shut on Big Pharma pre-emption. Sadly, this decision still cannot raise from the grave all the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have already been killed by dangerous, FDA-approved prescription medications, but perhaps from this point forward, enough lawsuits can proceed that drug companies will either be put out of business or be forced to calculate the economic cost of killing patients while facing a wave of resulting litigation.

We’ve won this battle, but Big Pharma’s war machine rages on

This is a good day for justice in America, and it’s bad day for Big Pharma. The drug industry must now face the financial consequences of the death and destruction it has unleashed upon the American people. It may not be long before even drug companies are begging for bailout money.

This decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is a significant victory in the battle over health care in America, but by no means does it resolve the war. Major action still needs to be taken to reign in the monopolistic practices of Big Pharma and the tyrannical regime of the FDA. We must pass new legislation to hold drug company CEOs accountable for deceiving the American public through false television advertisements, and we must demand the return of honest science to FDA decision panels.

To affect these changes, NaturalNews has launched the Health Revolution Petition ( Already signed by nearly 10,000 people, this petition calls for real, revolutionary reform that would end the tyranny and oppression of the FDA while greatly reducing Big Pharma’s influence over the media, medical schools, doctors and lawmakers. Read the full petition yourself and then sign it to lend your support to this important grassroots project.

When we reach 100,000 signatures, we will be delivering this petition to every lawmaker in Washington D.C., demonstrating to them the urgent need for real health care reform that replaces the drugs-and-surgery system of “sick care” dominating America today with a more holistic, nutrition-oriented disease prevention approach.

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Today we saw a victory for health care justice in America. Tomorrow, with your help, we can create many new victories that restore health freedom and basic human dignity to the American people. Stay tuned to NaturalNews for more stories on this important issue.