Stock market fraud: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!


Richard Moore

Posted by:mfaulk 11/5/2006 7:34:00 PM

Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade.

After almost three years of covering the issue of 
stock market fraud, and after experiencing 
revelation after revelation about just how 
widespreadŠand how controlledŠthe fraud really 
is, against investors, against our economic 
foundation, against America, things have become, 
well, let's just say that events have become very 

Those of us "who knew" saw the problems with 
naked short selling way before it was (finally) 
in vogue to talk about it in the major media. 
Those of us who were paying attention knew about 
how hedge funds were dangerously manipulating the 
market long before the house of cards began to 
collapse around them while federal regulators 
feigned mock surprise. Those of us who ventured 
into the seedy underbelly of Wall Street saw 
something insidious and menacing, something that 
we knew could eventually collapse our entire 
economy if left unchecked.

No, it's not that difficult to know how this 
plays out, and believe me, it's not a pretty 

The brokers will be exposed as the real villains 
here, revealed to be just as crooked as the hedge 
funds (and even more powerful), and everyone will 
once again posture in mock indignation, gesturing 
animatedly while they launch investigations and 
promise to enact justice on the "bad guys." 
Meanwhile, they'll be scrambling to eliminate the 
last few shreds of evidenceŠbeginning with your 
stock certificates.

The Plunge Protection Team, who has been busy 
propping up the market while the crooks entice 
you with hopes of wealth and financial security, 
will turn out to be just another cogŠset up and 
encouraged by our federal governmentŠin the 
machine that really controls the flow of money 
inn America, that system that guarantees that the 
rich get richer. This is not by accident, folks. 
You're not struggling to make ends meet simply 
because they have better resources to begin with, 
or because our "free enterprise system" 
(*coughcough* excuse me, I almost choked on that 
one) gives "thems that has" an advantage or 
"thems that don't." Your parents and grandparents 
aren't facing a retirement of living on less and 
hoping that they can simply pay next months 
utilities and afford minimal medical care just 
because some are born into money, and others 
aren't. This is not the luck of the draw, and it 
has very little to do with who worked harder to 
get ahead.

This game is rigged.

While the deck has always been stacked against 
the middle and lower class, the past decade has 
turned into a money grab unprecedented in our 
country's history. Not since Alexander the Great 
plundered the Persian Empire have so many been 
raped, robbed, and pillaged at the hands of so 

This is one conspiracy that is turning out to be 
bigger than even the most paranoid of the 
so-called "tin-foil hat" crowd could imagine. 
This is a pending meltdown of epic proportions, 
and I repeat: IT'S NOT BY ACCIDENT. The brokers, 
the hedge funds, the Congressmen who are bought 
and sold by "big money," the regulators, the 

Now, years after Dave Patch started his 
InvestigatetheSEC website, years after The 
Faulking Truth,, and a few 
other rogue online publications began to sound 
the alarm, years after a few brave (or foolhardy, 
depending on who you ask) souls began to spread 
the word to anyone who would listen, years after 
advocates like Bob O'Brien, Patrick Byrne, and 
Bud Burrell began to speak out, Congress is 
(again, FINALLY) launchingŠor at least talking 
about launching a broad-based investigation into 
the SEC. But why now, just as the DOW is hitting 
record highs? Granted, those highs aren't 
"inflation adjusted" record highs, but still, the 
market, at least on the surface looks good.

Why now?

It's simple, and not hard to see through. While 
the hedge funds might not be transparent, their 
tactics are. While Wall Street is scrambling to 
find the next way to give their ultra-rich 
clients..and by extension, themselvesŠthat leg 
up, that extra advantage, that "edge," their 
methods are becoming glaringly predictable.

The game is rigged, and the record highs of the 
DOW are an illusion, nothing more than an 
enticing hologram projected in front of America 
in order to distract everyoneŠfor the umpteenth 
time, from the fact that they're being raped, 
robbed, and left for dead.

Putting the Plunge Protection Team in charge of 
keeping our stock market afloat is like trusting 
the major oil companies to not gouge us at the 
gas pumps. Every time they loosen the chokehold 
on the middle class, it's only so they can 
reposition their grip so that they can squeeze us 
a little tighter.

The "pending investigation" into the SEC, the 
upcoming expose' of the brokersŠ.the imminent 
collapse of Wall Street, or more accurately, the 
imminent implosion of Wall Street, from the 
inside outŠare all orchestrated events, nothing 
more. Their plan is to abandon ship just before 
it sinks. It's up to us to stop them before 
they've hauled off the last load of money. Our 
only hope is that the indisputable truth that 
greed is all-consuming, that they simply aren't 
capable of walking away while there are still a 
few bones to pick clean, will ultimately be their 

That their greed will be their undoingŠand that 
the growing number of Americans who have had 
enough will eventually turn the tables on those 
who are sucking our country dry, and send them a 
clear message: ENOUGH IS ENOUGHŠwe want our 
country back, and we want it back NOW. The time 
of reckoning is near, and those who think that 
they can continue to be traitors to America 
underestimate the resolve of those who made this 
country great to begin with, those who worked for 
their money, who fought for their country either 
at home or abroad, and who will continue to fight 
as long as they feel threatened or cheated.

A word of warning to the greedy, a bit of advice 
to those who have sold their souls to the 
Almighty Dollar: Just because you've gotten away 
with it up to now, don't believe for a moment 
that this is over. We as a people will not give 
up, we as a country will not go down quietly. 
Your time is coming.


Mark Faulk is the Editor of The Faulking Truth, 
and the author of the upcoming book entitled "The 
Naked Truth: Counterfeiting the American Dream," 
due out in late 2006. For more information on the 
book and on the stock market scandal, go to , and to pre-order 
your copy, go to

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