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Can’t resist responding to this. My views here are very negative. 

The only influence any of us can have is within our own personal relationships. Anything much broader than this is doomed to failure unless it is something the State supports.

In Canada, we now live in an undemocratic fascist society with considerable police brutality supported by this Government. Not openly of course but there is a definite symbiotic relationship between all our police forces and the Governments of the day. Much time and money has been spent over the past few decades in destroying any sense of community amongst ourselves. Most people feel alone and isolated. We have been deliberately manipulated to feel this way.

Given the technology that is used to spy on people and groups the police know pretty damn quickly if there is the possibility of some kind of uprising or possible success on the part of a group that could cause the system trouble. These groups are usually infiltrated and often destroyed from within. I have witnessed this myself. 
Britain is even worse with thousands of cameras spying on their population. Canada has this too. I cannot drive off Vancouver Island or go from A to B without being filmed several times during the course of my trip. 

During the G20 meeting in Canada there was deliberate provocation on the part of the police. Peaceful demonstrators were taken into custody, humiliated and mistreated in several different ways. People who were brutalized had no recourse other than to just take it. No police were ever charged with abusing their power. Some Canadians were seriously injured during the G20 by the police. There was insufficient media coverage (there always is) about the truly dreadful treatment these people experienced; being deprived of water, toilet facilities, warmth, food etc. Although “agents provocateurs” were spotted and filmed there was little criticism of this and it was soon forgotten.

When we consider the deliberate exposure of populations to dangerous toxins in our food and in our water….not to mention chem trails ….is it any wonder there are increases in serious health problems ? Fluoride in almost all water the American population drinks  probably accounts for the serious dumbing down of their people.Americans are a different people than they were thirty years ago. Probably all of us are. Those who are aware enough not to eat packaged foods and eat organic as much as possible enjoy better health but most cannot afford this (organic) on a regular basis.

Now at 70 years old I believe the only thing I can do is write letters to the editor and hopethey are published. Writing to our Cabinet Ministers, Prime Minister or our local Members of Parliament has no impact at all. The Leaders of our political parties are self serving. The Parties come first and then the Members themselves. They are all at the trough. Any individual MP who dares to act independently is soon gone. They are almost always expelled from their Party.

We are encouraged to believe we live in a democracy and that our elections give us the opportunity to bring about change. Well who doesn’t knowthis is an illusion ? Our systems are rigged and are designed to be this way. 

My conclusion is that I can only work on myself and treat everyone I come into contact with …with honesty and integrity. If enough of us try to do this….perhaps over time it will bring about changes that would benefit us all.

The dreadful problems we witness in our own societies such as poverty, racism, unemployment, inflationetc. are deliberate means of dividing and controllingus. Right now we have a Canadian Government working hardto instill in Canadians a dislike of Muslims. In time this will change to another group. Perhaps the elderly, or the sick? At some point it will become obviousour own group is included.

There is a culling of the world’s population and it is no longer limited to third world countries with lots of valuable resources. War is one of the most effective means of culling populations. Wars are never an accident and again benefit the elite.

What really got to me was realizing thatall the “revolutions” we were taught to admire such as the French and Russian Revolutions and even the American one were all manipulated to come about to serve the interests of the Bankers and the world’s elite. Even the assassination of theRussian Royal Family was coordinated by these creeps because Russia would not hand over control of their monetary system to the Bankers. We are still being manipulated to serve this elite.The British Royal Family and lovely Kate and William are all part of ensuring the class system stays put and we remain in our place. We arebeing controlled by a very “evil” system.
Who would have thought we would be living in countries today that practice or tolerate torture ? Not me.

Matters have progressed too far and it will take centuries to change….unless a cataclysmic event takes place that no one has control over.
     Then we go back to the stone age and start all over. This has happened many many times over the past hundreds of thousands of years….perhaps even millions of years. All we can do is work on ourselves and our own spiritual, emotional development. This will help.
The hundredth monkey effect.