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The London Plot

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark
By Anwaar Hussain

A huge Œterror plot¹ has just been uncovered in London. ³This was intended to be
mass murder on an unimaginable scale² say the London Metropolitan police. 
Britain's terror alert, accordingly, has been ratcheted up to its highest-ever 
level with security services, military and police now on ³severe specific² 

Not to be left behind, even though the list of unanswered questions, 
irregularities, and discrepancies continues to grow with each passing hour, the 
obedient Western media jumped at the occasion ensuring a spate of spectacular 
cover stories and anti-Muslim tirade.

As usual, though the facts are still coming in, the media is dutifully following
the open-ended cues provided by the US and British governments, and reproducing 
the handed-down script without a pause for the facts to emerge fully. With an 
indecent haste, government enforcers have already slapped ridiculous 
restrictions on travelers, with mother's having to taste baby milk before they 
board planes and all hand luggage, including liquid drinks, being banned.

If there indeed was such a plot, then by its uncovering innocent lives surely 
have been saved and just in time too. If not, then let us thank God for that and
hasten to analyze the event from a slightly closer quarter as it has happened a 
little too conveniently for certain personages of rather dubious repute and vile

Consider the following.

The Anglo-USraeli juggernaut is on a roll and under fire at the same time. 
George Bush¹s Iraq jaunt has spun out of control with his own top General now 
openly admitting the possibility (read happening already) of a civil war in that
unfortunate country. With the US president¹s Œwar on terror¹ now thoroughly 
discredited by renowned policy specialists, his approval ratings stand at a 
historical worst for any President of United States in opinion polls. Tony Blair
is beleaguered by his own party men for his sycophantic support of Zionist 
extremists. Israel is getting some lessons in humility from the rag tag 
Hezbollah fighters raising fears among its supporters in the West. Iran not only
remains defiant over its nuclear program but also continues to provide both 
overt and covert support to Hezbollah and Hamas. Syria, uncompromising as ever, 
watches on quietly for now yet ready to jump into the melee come the calling. In
short, it is a mess and THE ISLAMISTS are clearly responsible for all this. 
Undoubtedly, a single major distraction capable of killing a whole slew of nasty
birds was the crying need of the time.

Not surprisingly, therefore, clichés that are the corner stone of Anglo-American
policy for global hegemony like ŒIslamic Terror¹, 'Bin Laden', 'Jihaadis', 
ŒAl-Qaeda style attack¹, Œsuicide bombers¹ and Œsecurity of Western citizens¹ 
etc. are back with a bang with this latest buildup. The smear machine has had 
gallons of oil thrown onto its creaking cogs and is in full gear instantly. At 
the same time, to breathe new life into the stalling agenda of their masters, 
crawling out of the woodwork are these states¹ instruments of coercion and 
control such as the CIA, MI6, Mossad and affiliated intelligence agencies, like 
Pakistan's ISI.

Statistical analysis has now conclusively proven that every time Blair and Bush 
slump in approval ratings, a fresh terror alert gives them a rebound back up the
charts. Every single major terror alert, hear this, issued by the US, Canadian 
or UK governments has proven to be either a contrived facade, a setup sting 
operation or an out-and-out fraud.

But then why not a full blown 9/11 as predicted by many, self included? Why this
just-in-time-uncovering of the plots (e.g. Toronto, Florida, the earlier London 
plot etc) only days/weeks before the supposed attempts, one may ask?

The answer probably lies in the 9/11 truth movement being on the crest of a wave
of media exposure. Distinguished scientific minds and brave citizens have now 
blown open the lid on evidence of government sponsored terror and how they 
control the society through the power of nightmares. The movement itself, 
already on the lens of quite a few main stream media big names like C-Span, is 
about to burst out full time from the sidelines into the middle of the road. 
Similarly, just like the 9/11, the July 2005 London bombings too, have been now 
proven to be a British intelligence operation and the alleged ringleader, 
Mohammed Siddique Khan, to be working for MI5.

That there are still men and women out there clearly able to see through the 
charade and call it for what it is, is now the fear of the fear-mongers. It 
seems that the powers that be have learnt a lesson that it is better to 
Œdiscover plots just in time¹ rather than once again be the agents of unashamed 
criminality in the annihilation of their own citizens and become a focus of 
relentless attention of the truth seekers--for now at least.

Who are the patsies this time, will be clearer in the days to come. As we await 
more news to come out, it would be worth our while to refresh our memories about
some of the past flag operations carried out by certain Western security 
agencies through their patsies. Infowars has an interesting list.

The Mohammed Atta who operated within the USA attended the Defense Language 
Institute at Monterey.

U.S. military sources had given the FBI information that suggests five of the 
alleged hijackers of the 9/11 planes that were used that terror attack received 
training at secure U.S. military installations in the 1990s.

Three of the alleged hijackers listed their address on driver licenses and car 
registrations as the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla.‹known as the ³Cradle 
of U.S. Navy Aviation,² according to a high-ranking U.S. Navy source.

On 29 July 2005, on FOX News Channel's Day Side programme, there was a claim by 
Former US Justice Dept. prosecutor John Loftus that the 'mastermind' of the 7/7 
London Bombings, Haroon Rashid Aswat, worked for MI6 (British intelligence).

A Kuwaiti citizen Omar Al-Faruq who allegedly was the mastermind in the Bali 
bomb plot was arrested in Bogor, Indonesia, on June 5, 2002 and handed over to 
the US authorities. Former Indonesian State Intelligence Coordinating Board 
(BAKIN) chief A.C. Manulang was quoted by Tempo as saying that Al-Faruq is a 
CIA-recruited agent. A Pentagon official in Washington later confirmed that 
al-Faruq escaped from a U.S. detention facility in Bagram, Afghanistan, on 10 
July 2005. Too convenient by half, I would say.

If this latest hype remains unexposed and the US-UK-Israeli aggressor bloc is 
able to somehow pin this newest fantasy on Hezbollah, Syria, or Iran, then given
the imminent collapse of the Anglo-US imperialistic venture, and the unforeseen 
drawing out of the current Israeli offensive in Lebanon, this new stunt 
threatens to take the world into a general war.

As the grateful Bush-Blair combo, the chief beneficiaries of the purported plot,
play out their jaded routine in front a servile media, it is time to ring some 
bells. This large-scale joint psyops of Western governments and media shows that
something is not only rotten in the state of Denmark; something far more 
sinister is afoot.

Copyrights : Anwaar Hussain

Anonymous said...
It was all very convenient, Anwaar,

Surely the West will now allow a corridor/staging point in southern Lebanon for 
"some lessons to be taught" to Syria and Iran.

My view...
May God have mercy on their rotten souls in the US/UK.

3:07 PM
Shahid said...

I must once again appreciate your efforts to speak the truth and I wish I had 
the knowledge to express and write the truth as you do ... I hope and pray that 
the Bush-Blair combo do not SUCCEED in pushing the world into a general war ....
May God give the courage and vision to every human being to be able to see and 
believe the truth ...

3:33 PM
Nathan said...
Dear Anwaar,

This is obviously a red herring instigated and supposedly discovered. This is 
meant to recreate the anti-Muslim feeling and instilling in the people a fear 
that their lives are being put to hardship because of Muslim terrorists. The 
idea is also to sow the seeds of fear and of suspicion that there lurks a 
possible terrorist in the next Muslim you come across.

This is also to very clearly establish fear amongst the people to usurp their 

Unwittingly the people forfeit their rights and hand them over to a bunch of 

An event is likely to unfold very shortly in my opinion. An event that puts 9/11
to insignificance.

And one that will trigger the attack on Syria & Iran.I am more than convinced 
now as I think the players are under severe constraints that will not permit 
them more time.

I am an ordinary person to whom God has given the brains to think.I have come to
realise that for some people evil is good for attaining the means for their 

I think I know what the future is going to be and I dread it for the sake of 


4:01 PM
Danny said...


Danny Schechter

The link :
4:49 PM
Evelyn said...

And, in the meantime, the fake terror has displaced from American media the real
terror being perpetrated in Lebanon & Iraq & Palestine (and god only knows where

4:53 PM
Donna said...

In 1997, Nadira Duran and I wrote and self-published a book that warned people 
not to fight over land, as the earth does not belong to us; and not to fight 
over gods, as we all have the same Creator. The information was channeled 
material, which came from archangels and ascended masters in the spiritual 
realm. They begged us to unite as one, to strive for peace, and to protect the 
environment. They also warned that the rights of US citizens would be stripped 
away. In private messages, they said there was a plan in effect called the New 
World Order, which was a shadow government designed to enslave all the citizens 
of the world. They also said that if humanity does not come together and stop 
bickering, the prophecies of destruction will take place and our civilization 
will vanish, along with so many others that came before ours. They said there 
wasn't much time left to save ourselves and our society. These messages were 
given to us in 1995.

In the future, we can expect to see people killing one another for a cup of 
gasoline and a loaf of bread. We will see displaced people breaking down our 
doors and killing us for our belongings.

Because of the damage done to the environment, humanity and all living things in
this world are in danger of extinction. The future is not a pretty picture, and 
we are creating it now.

We must stop all wars. Each individual soldier must lay down his weapon, fall to
his knees, and ask forgiveness. If we do not become humble to the Creator, there
will be very few people left on earth. The angels said that jealousy, greed, and
lust for power caused past civilizations to fall. They said to demand that our 
leaders step down if they will not do what is good and right for all the people 
on earth.

We are in trouble. The archangels asked that we spread the word as far as 
possible, because they do not wish to break open the seals that will create the 
earthquakes, the tsunamis, the fires and the floods that will end the world as 
we know it. Mother Earth will not die. She will cleanse herself of the hate and 
humiliation she has suffered. Before we totally destroy her lakes, her oceans, 
and her rain forests, she will annihilate us. And we will have only ourselves to
blame. The situation is more serious than anyone can imagine.

6:06 PM
Indy6 said...
Anwar, here is another angle on what you have already written:

Apparently, The Bush administration knew this "terror" thing was coming at least
as early as last Sunday, but nothing was said to American Flyers. In the mean 
time, Joe Lieberman, who has been in the Senate for 18 years, lost to political 
novice, Ned Lamont, because of Lieberman's unwavering support for Bush and his 
insane policies in Iraq, on Tuesday. On Wed, Tony Snow (W.H. spokesman) and Dick
Cheney, both made remarks that the defeat of Lieberman would encourage Al Qaeda.
Remember, both of them knew, at the time, that this "terrorist plot" was about 
to be exposed. Damn convenient, I would say.

Will there be another 9/11? Probably not until after the November elections, 
because about the only thing the Rethugs have going for them is that there have 
been no more attacks on American soil since 9/11. ( Well, of course there 
haven't, because so far, they haven't needed an attack.)

The latest CBS poll shows that 60% of the American public are now against the 
war in Iraq, which is about the same percentage who were against it before Bush,
Condi and Cheney began talking about mushroon clouds rising over American cites 
in the Fall of 2002.

The NeoCons want this mess in the middle east to spiral out of control, so that 
Iran, and possibly Syria, can be bombed back to the stone age.

People are catching on to that, more and more everyday. More questions about 
9/11 (which I can assure you we are not going to allow to go away) and other 
BuCheney lies.

Thanks for this analysis of the latest BS out of London and Washington, not to 
mention Israel.

6:24 PM
Michelle said...

A positive and timely piece you've put out, Anwaar. In the US this morning we 
are being bombarded with stories of heightened security through out the country;
how convient. I did hear one reporter on NBC say, " With the new terrorist 
alerts overshadowing all other news, do not allow this to divert your attention 
from what's going on in Iraq." I didn't catch his name but was most pleased with
the comment he snuck in.

Donna, I'm with you on the Ascended Masters material, I have been a student of 
their teachings most of my adult life. I differ in my understanding of yours 
concerning forgiveness, however. We do not need to ask the Creator for 
forgiveness as The Source sees us in all our Light and true identity. It is 
ourselves we need to forgive and then move on.

As far as the prophecies go, I've said before that a fulfilled prophecy is a 
failed one; that they are meant as a warning to humans to change their course; 
which you have basically said. We need not go through total disaster, we can 
make a shift, a leap, and bring about a new future. Another American channel, 
Lori Toye, says it this way:

"Traditional Biblical Armageddon destroys the old world, rewarding the gift of 
paradise to the deserving. Again, another age old battle arguing the ethics of 
good and evil. But the path of prophecy is experiential. The visions of prophecy
are spiritual teachings containing warnings - if heeded - are designed to heal 
and renew our lives."

"There is a saying that a prophet¹s work is truly complete when the events that 
are prophesied never occur. If they do not occur, then those who had the ³eyes 
to see² and the ³ears to hear² made the choice to heal and transform their 
lives. Catastrophe and destruction may be averted or avoided altogether. So 
inevitably, a genuine prophet always has egg on her face."

She, myself, and millions of humans around the globe see the rising of this new 
reality this way:

"As light and sound frequencies increase with greater intensity on Earth marking
our progression into the New Age, the continuous movement and change instigates 
a period of transition, with the possibility of Earth Changes alongside positive
opportunities for spiritual advancement, transformation and evolution. It is 
prophesied that a new race of enlightened human beings will be born and their 
influence will play a significant role in the Golden Age, spreading spiritual 
awareness throughout the globe."

Thanks again, Anwaar. Great job!

Michelle L. Zewe
6:53 PM
noah said...
Facts may ultimately bear you out, but extraordinary
claims require extraordinary evidence. I remain
skeptical of the idea that it was a government plot if
for no other reason than the Busheviks are too
incompetent (as demonstrated by their running of
affairs) to pull something like this off.

The timing however is suspect. Apply Occam's razor my
7:22 PM
Anonymous said...

We need to free ourselves from the "this OR that" paradigm and move into the 
"this AND that" paradigm.

For example, was 9-11 the result of militant Arab Islamism or of the U.S. 
Government? Both.

Is the current plot EITHER one or the other or BOTH?

If we must pick one then we have already lost the truth.

The Truth is a many splendored thing. There is ALWAYS more truth. The correct 
attitude towards the truth is one of humility, always acknowledging the 
incomplete nature of our understanding and seeking to know better what the 

We need plans and actions which make sense in EITHER situation, whether the 
government story is correct or whether it is incorrect.

We need to get "out of the box" of the EITHER-OR paradigm.

There is NO enemy, only ignorance.

Seek the truth.
Speak the truth.
Support the truth.

Steve Moyer
8:13 PM
the olive ream said...

Anwaar, it is past the point of 'them' (Bush, Blair and the like) even caring 
that most people don't believe them. They continue the charade of fake terror 
alerts, arrests and wars to move forward with their plans.

Unforunately, what they have instore for the future is far worse. Their guns, 
that are now pointing towards, the Arabs, Muslims, Pakistanis, and 'Islamists' 
(as they call them) are about to be turned (permanently if they can help it) 
towards their own people, i.e. UK and US citizens.

The line has been drawn. It is time to pick a side.
11:44 PM

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