Simultaneous Policy news: “Betrayal” at Johannesburg is reversible!


Brian Wills

The International Simultaneous Policy Organisation based in London 
(  responds to failures in world leadership at the Johannesburg 
Earth Summit by making the following invitation in its homepage. (Phone 
enquiries:  John Bunzl at +44 (0)20 8464 4141)
The Simultaneous Policy (SP): A simple way to take part in shaping a saner 

WSSD: Another summit, but almost nothing changes 

Have you ever wished your opinions counted when politicians make decisions 
affecting your future?

For instance, do you believe a minister such as Britain’s John Prescott when he 
says of the Kyoto Protocol and the Johannesburg Earth Summit?: "All nations have
to act together to find the solutions. No country can save the planet on its 
own. A collective threat requires a collective solution."

Yes? Maybe? But you’ll know that negotiating such solutions can take years. And 
that previous acts of simultaneous international agreement have often been 
ignored, thus deepening public distrust in the ability of democratic governments
to deliver and sustain new planet-saving policies. 

So, though Prescott's rhetoric may encourage his fellow negotiators, the reasons
for past failures are conveniently forgotten. For ministers know, but don’t 
admit, that policies to solve global environmental problems generally cost 
industry more, and therefore damage national economic competitiveness, risking 
capital flight, job losses, inflation, etc., for any nation making the first 

Thus whatever was said at Johannesburg, or whatever targets were agreed, the 
present framework of global economic competition precludes the implementation of
economic, environmental or social measures aimed at the common good. 

So it's the framework that needs to change – not the negotiations – through 
simultaneous collaborative action by all nations that replaces a policy of 
competition with one of cooperation, and restores governments’ power to regulate
business activities internationally.

To meet this challenge, the Simultaneous Policy (SP) is being constructed as a 
consensus tool that allows all peoples, organisations and nations to make that 
change. And: 

a.. It offers you the possibility of expressing democratic choices, 
transnationally, when you agree to adopt SP provisionally. 

b.. If you are a voter, you can remove politicians' fear of change by agreeing 
to support Parties who have also adopted SP – and thus cut across 
right/centre/left rigidities. 

c.. You can help develop a new cross-frontier process for generating alternative
policies via e-mail consensus-voting, supplemented by snail-mail as necessary. 

d.. Or, just by signing your support for SP, you can become part of our ultimate
objective: to create world opinion in favour of saner policies that 
decision-makers cannot ignore without jeopardising their re-election. 

International Simultaneous Policy Organisation, PO Box 26547, London SE3 7YT, UK