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The real question is not about Sheen, but about CNN.
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From: Kevin Barrett <•••@••.•••>
Subject: MUJCA News Charlie Sheen tribute: It's NO MORE BS week!
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 18:34:26 -0600

"It feels like you and I have started the revolution and God
bless America." - Charlie Sheen

Welcome to "No More BS" week at ! Today we are
celebrating Charlie Sheen's amazing appearances this week on
CNN and Prison Planet. Talk about speaking truth to
power--it doesn't get any better than this. Charlie Sheen
has blown the mainstream media lid off 9/11 truth. Kudos to
Alex Jones for lighting the fuse on Charlie's bombshell, and
to all of you who have worked so hard to get us where we are
now. We're paying tribute to Charlie's in-your-face no-BS
truth talk by featuring two hard-hitting pieces that don't
suffer 9/11 fools gladly, one by former top Labor Department
Economist Morgan Reynolds, and another forwarded piece from
Sean McBride.

1) Charlie Sheen Ignites 9/11 Truth Firestorm: "Challenge Me
On the Facts!"

2) Sean McBride: Why the Official Story on 9/11 is Going to

3) Morgan Reynolds Makes Mincemeat of "Demolition Denial"

4) David Griffin talk in Oakland Thursday, March 30th at
7:00 p.m. PT (10 p.m. ET, etc.) -- listen live on the web!
Info at:

1) Charlie Sheen Demolishes 9/11 Coverup on CNN!

For those of you who spent last week in a cave in
Afghanistan, you can catch up on the Charlie Sheen story at:

In the story below, Charlie stands up to the usual pack of
drooling-idiot cowards who refute 9/11 truth-tellers with
insults instead of arguments. (This week we're going to
insult them right back!)  For a meditation on how insults
and denigration are the central strategy of the 9/11 coverup
crew, see:

Charlie Sheen: 'Challenge Me On the Facts'
Actor's first response since media firestorm over 9/11
comments Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison |
March 24 2006

Charlie Sheen has responded publicly for the first time
since the media firestorm over his comments by challenging
his detractors to debate him on the evidence of 9/11 and not
issues relating to his personal life.

"I am an American citizen who loves my country and as a
citizen with my passion for this great country I demand that
I be challenged on the facts not on immature behavior from
twenty years ago," said Sheen.

"If they continue to attack me personally it only gives
credence to our side of the argument."

Sheen elaborated on how developments during the course of
the week had unfolded and his reaction to them.

"All I can say is wow! Wow! this has been some kind of week
I can tell you."

Sheen tipped his hat to A.J. Hammer and CNN's Showbiz
Tonight for having the guts to cover the story and give 9/11
skeptics a balanced platform on which to discuss the issues.
He called the CNN poll showing around 82% support his stance
on 9/11 an "inspiration" and "staggering" but Sheen also
outlined the fact that he was not entirely surprised by the
outcome. Sheen said he was encouraged by the support shown
on blogs and message boards across the Internet.

The poll directly contradicts a line of attack used on a
Hannity and Colmes piece Thursday night which claimed that
Sheen's views didn't reflect the mainstream of America. If
we are to treat an 82% majority as the mainstream then that
accusation is completely fraudulent.

Sheen addressed the attack pieces generated from his

"The majority of them, in fact 90% of them, were attacking
me personally, were attacking my credibility, were attacking
my observational or talents of insight or observance and
what they did not attack is the specific points that you and
I raised, the points that generate the most controversy
about the events," Sheen told the Alex Jones Show.

"For anyone to have any kind of opinion on something that
warrants an opinion I guess you have to be squeaky clean."

Sheen made the point that the hit pieces singled out his
quotes relating to his first reaction to 9/11, and in
particular the suspicious collapse of the buildings, but
deliberately a oided the hardcore evidence he later
presented, making him appear uninformed when in fact he had
documented why he had serious doubts about the official

"I was vilified for expressing my feelings about what I saw
and I was demonized for expressing my gut reaction to what I

Even so, both Dan Rather and Peter Jennings' gut instincts
were that the collapse of the buildings looked like
controlled demolition so Sheen is hardly on a skinny branch
in simply stating what common sense told him at the time.

"When they pigeon-hole me into the tin foil hat wearing
conspiracy knuckle-head brigade they don't mention those
quotes by Peter Jennings and Dan Rather," said Sheen.

Sheen responded to the claims made by National Geographic
producer Nicole Rittenmeyer aired by CNN on Wednesday night.
Rittenmeyer insinuated that her conclusions on 9/11 were
credible simply due to the fact that the series she produced
had high viewing figures.

"This woman based all of her credibility on the ratings that
the show received and I find that ludicrous because what
that speaks to is people's interest. Whether you believe the
official story or you're curious about an alternate
viewpoint so she kind of shot herself in the foot talking
about 'this is the base of my credibility', 'this is why I'm
right, because a lot of people watched it', you know I could
say the same thing about the reaction to my comments this
week....but I'm not saying that I'm just here to remind
people that the only credibility that I need is what I have
and that is as an upstanding taxpaying American citizen who
loves his country and who refuses to stand by as this level
of insanity is blanketed over obvious truths."

Sheen reiterated his main focus as being on what caused
Building 7, which wasn't hit by a plane, to become only the
third steel building in history to collapse from fire damage
(the other two being the twin towers). Photographs taken
prior to the building's collapse show minor fires before it
falls in a textbook demolition fashion.

"If there's a problem with Building 7 then there's a problem
with the whole damn thing and guess what? There's a serious
problem with Building 7," said Sheen.

Sheen demanded that Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC
complex, explain what he meant when he told a September 2002
PBS documentary 'America Rebuilds' that the decision was
made to "pull" the building, which is a demolition term for
deliberate implosion.

"When someone makes a statement like that I think it
warrants a follow up response," said Sheen.

"In fact you know what I'll come right out and say that I'm
personally requesting a direct answer from Mr. Silverstein
about what he meant....give him my number tell him to call
me I'm just curious. Tell him to call CNN tell him to call
somebody because you cannot make a statement like that and
not follow it up, and not back it up and not explain it."

"Anyone that cannot view this as a controlled demolition, I
would have to say that their chair was not facing the
television. Anyone that can look at this and say 'yes, that
is a random event caused by fire' really needs psychiatric
evaluation," said Sheen.

Sheen challenged the mainstream media to run a poll on
Building 7 asking if viewers believe from video evidence
that the building was brought down by means of controlled

Sheen again underscored his challenge to his detractors to
debate him on the evidence and not idle gossip about his
private life and his family.

"I ask that they look at the evidence and they debate
myself, yourself, people that support us on those specific
issues. Not about me personally, not about what they think
about me personally not about what they think they know
about me personally, just about the facts. I issue that

Sheen expressed his excitement at the response that his
stance received and hinted that this was only the beginning
of the journey.

"It feels like you and I have started the revolution and God
bless America," said Sheen in closing.

* * *

This landed in my inbox just before the Sheen affair
erupted. Synchronicity?

2) Why the Official Story on 9/11 is Going to Collapse
by Sean McBride

The official story on 9/11 is so absurd and ridiculous on
its face, in so many different but consistent ways, that one
would have to have a room temperature IQ to believe it. The
story is indefensible because whatever group that was behind
this operation severely bungled the job, in ways which make
the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty attack and Iran-Contra
look relatively like works of genius.

In fair and open debate on the Internet, the official story
has been thoroughly demolished. Defenders of the official
story for the most part are now afraid to raise their heads,
and have been sent running for the tall grass. Only a single
force is holding the official story in place: brutal and
systematic censorship by the mainstream media of discussion
of nearly all aspects of 9/11. Eventually we are going to
see an open revolt from within the journalistic
establishment by people with better than room temperature
IQs who can no longer bear the bullshit being promoted by
the tiny cabal of billionaires which owns CNN, MSNBC, Fox
News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall
Street Journal and the rest of the thoroughly discredited
mainstream media.

The cabal which is protecting the official lies about 9/11
is the very same cabal which drove America into the
disastrous Iraq War. The collapse of the war effort in Iraq
will help foster the collapse of the official story on 9/11.
The individuals behind these crimes have placed themselves
in a perilous position. Committing further crimes --
including a nuclear 9/11 Part II -- will only make their
position much worse. No member of the American power elite
and national security community who is sane will want to
have anything to do with any more of their bright ideas, and
will be on a maximum state of alert to prevent them from
committing further damage.

What would be a suitable punishment for crimes of this
magnitude? Perhaps a group public hanging on international

* * *

3) Morgan Reynolds: Refuting the Demolition Debunkers

Morgan Reynolds will be speaking in Colorado on March 31st: and in Madison, Wisconsin, his alma
mater, on May 6th--stay tuned to for

Here's my impression of the "Demolition Debunkers" debate,
which must be read at the above-listed website since its
format doesn't copy into email. (In fairness it must be
pointed out that Michiel Brumsen admits that he is positing
a demolition debunking purely for the sake of argument--not
because he can possibly believe a word of what he is

Brumsen: "Given that some of the arguments put forth to
explain the apparent transparency of the emperor's apparel
cannot be dismissed out of hand--for example, the
statistical possibility that identical simultaneous quantum
wave collapses of all of the subatomic particles in the
atoms of the molecules that made up the fabric of the
emperor's apparel could have allowed a sufficient number of
photons to pass through/around slat-like interference
patterns generated by a process that can only be expressed
in mathematical terms and is thus counterintuitive to mere

Reynolds: Yah hey, enough already!

* * *

4) David Ray Griffin talk "9/11:  The Myth & The Reality" to
stream live on KMUD

Dear Fellow 9/11 Truth Seekers,

The David Ray Griffin talk, "9/11:  The Myth & The Reality",
on Thursday, March 30th at 7:00p.m. p.s.t. in Oakland CA at
the Grand Lake Theater will be web-streamed live. You can go
to that night and click on the "Listen
Now" link.  Please let your circle know about this great
opportunity.  We've paid for the band-width, so let's use

For more information about the event, please go to


Greg Henricks
Progressive Democrats-East Bay
David Ray Griffin March 30th Event Organizer

* * *
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