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MNN. June 26, 2007. In the midst of the most grotesque torture ever committed 
against anyone, the Red-X emerged with his mind and spirit in tact. In one 
torture he was placed in a room with no sound, low white light, air coming in 
through a hole in the ceiling and no interaction with anybody else. He was 
supposed to lose his sense of identity, hallucinate, hear nothing and see things
that don¹t exist to break him down psychologically. The Red-X has been in 
greater deprivation for longer periods of time before and during a Sun Dance.

Throughout the most gruesome parts, they told him that he could save himself 
from their torture by committing death and destruction against his people. They 
offered him and close family members money and a holiday for the rest of their 
lives. They yelled at him, ³Others have accepted. So will you! Think of your 
children. Wouldn¹t you like to see them wearing beautiful clothes and going to 
the best schools? The Red-X, answered, ³All people are my children².

³Why do you want to keep flying around on that rusted old ³pow wow² car of a 
silver eagle? You could have a Golden Hummer. You could have your name in lights
in Las Vegas and smoke all the cigarettes you want. We could build you a casino 
to give you a never-ending supply of cash. You would never have to pay a cent of

His tormenters told him that, ³We have orders right from the very top to offer 
you a good life, free tickets to the Senators hockey games, not one day in jail 
for all the atrocities you are going to commit against your people for us. We 
will make sure that you will not be victimized by the coming police state². He 
was even offered a job at the top of the ³Tower of Terror² at Indian Affairs. 
³You won¹t have to do anything but sit in a Jacuzzi all day long and get your 
nails polished².

The Red-X thought, ³Is it any wonder why so many of our selfish weaklings become

Then they warned Red-X, ³If you don¹t accept our offer, we will bust your head, 
throw you in jail for the rest of your life or we will kill you². This is an 
offer many of our weak minded people cannot refuse.

The Red-X advised us that, ³These sissies are terrified by the prospects of 
pain, doing time for their misdeeds. They fear being brutalized by both the 
guards and the other inmates, many of whom are Indigenous, for the crimes they 
have committed against us like theft, corruption, perversion and even killing 
our people. To escape captivity they are willing to take the ³blood money² to 
sell information to the colonizers and spy on us. They help control any 
opposition among the angry oppressed class. Their bosses even give them a ³Phil 
Fontaine Day².

The Red-X looked at his oppressors, opened his mouth and sprayed them with 
blood, bits of broken teeth and pus that had filled his mouth after they had 
sucker punched him all day long.

Suddenly during this captivation in the dungeons of the bowels of the oppressor 
beast, a great transformation overcame him. He told MNN how he was visited by 
illuminated beings from the Third Dimension. They told him to prepare us for a 
great earth shaking that is to come. ³We have to reconnect with our true 
sentient mind within and re-empower ourselves to fight². They told him how the 
people worldwide are now at the point where their minds have been stolen from 
them and they have become people with no feelings.

The beings told the Red-X what the real deal was. The neo cons are planning to 
replace the true indigenous of ³Onowarekeh²/Turtle Island with a duplicate race 
of people. They have already given out ³Indian status cards² to many imposters. 
They are also going to create new Indigenous people by a process of cloning.

Many years ago the neo cons collected the genetic blueprints of all Indigenous 
people around the world. Our blood samples were deposited into a blood bank in 
Washington DC. It was a scheme concocted by some scientists, the CIA and the 
military to take control of our DNA. They are trying to contaminate our blood to
destroy the continuing connection between us, our ancestors, future generations 
and our land.

Those with Indigenous DNA are to be eliminated. We will be replaced by those who
profess to be ³aboriginal² or are a cloned duplicate.

Why? The claim to our land is based on genetics. There is a finite mystical bond
between us and our land. To get our land, they have to break the bond. They have
to know who the Indigenous are. Getting rid of us is the only way they can claim
Turtle Island free of any connection to the true Onkwehonweh.

They will do anything to usurp our authority over Onowarekeh/Turtle Island. They
use the pen and we use the truth. Now they¹re trying to take our constitution, 
the Great Law, so they can be us. Then as us they will set themselves up as the 
Onkwehonweh/Indigenous and declare sovereignty over Turtle Island. They can 
never be us.

Red-X knows about this plan. They are torturing him to make him divulge the 
secrets of how we are defending ourselves.

What is going to happen to the colonists¹ system of demoralization? They are 
going to be devoured by the brutal world they have made. They will be obliviated
by the inferno of nuclear weaponry they have created.

For good minded people to make it through this storm, they will have to 
comprehend the possibilities of developing a more translucent physical body that
must increase its molecular cellular structure to go into a much higher 
frequency that allows one to literally take cover and refuge in the Third 
Dimension. This a world of perfect reality that exists right before our very 
eyes but which many of us have not been able to see for a long time. The perfect
reality can transform everybody.

How do we increase our frequency of ability to see it? How did the church and 
colonial state manipulate our mental and psychic energy to destroy our ability 
to know our total self?

Red-X always was and always will be. He can appear in a black beaded hood, a 
gustowah or a breach cloth. No one has ever seen his skin. When his glasses are 
taken off, there are no eyes. Those little black circles are but the portholes 
into the Third Dimension. There is no DNA. The people who torture us keep 
getting burned and flooded.

The ³neo cons² keep telling us that conflicts can only be solved with war. If 
that¹s their view, then they will never be fair or truthful. They will want to 
continue to burn us. We will continue to flood them because they are not from 

When we negotiate from the highest reality they can see who we really are. The 
enemy class has to take responsibility for their acts of oppression.

Red-X represents the Great Law that is in all of us in the perfect Onkwehonweh 
world. Jigosaseh is the spokesperson for all the women of the world.

The Red-X said that, ³The time will come when the women will tell us to declare 
whatever has to be declared. Women know maternal love. They are sensitive and 
close to creation. The colonists have a choice. They can take a grand leap of 
faith and deal with us with the same love and generosity they want shown to 
themselves. Or they can continue to try to get rid of us one way or another, 
according to their perverted and false sense of economy². In the end, the Red-X 
said, ³It is the women who will decide when enough is enough!²

For the eternally literal, this is a message from the Red-X.
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