Russian Communist leader slams U.S. on spy scandal


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19:41, July 13, 2010

Russian Communist leader slams U.S. on spy scandal

Leader of the Russian Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, on Tuesday urged Moscow authorities to take counter-measures in response to “unfriendly and humiliating steps of the United States.”

He noted that Russian leaders “devotedly” strengthen cooperation with the United States and “sacredly” believe in U.S. friendly intentions.

“However, behavior of our new ‘comrades’ is all but friendly,” said Zyuganov as quoted by the RBC news agency, hinting on the recent spy scandal.

He called the scandal “a rock thrown into Russian window.”

Russia and the United States on Friday swapped in Vienna 14 alleged spies — 10 Russian agents for four American ones — in the biggest known post-Cold War spy swap between the two countries.

Both Moscow and Washington have tried to play down the spy scandal and appear eager to put the affair behind them quickly, in their bid not to jeopardize the ongoing “resetting” of bilateral relations.

Zyuganov said Russia has made serious concessions to the United States by purchasing 50 Boeings for the Russian flagship airline Aeroflot and by renewing contract on import of what he called “the Bush’s legs”, or frozen chickens.

“These steps will destroy our agriculture and aviation industry,” said the politician.

Meanwhile, Zyuganov believes that Moscow’s support for sanctions against Iran and “gas war” against Belarus work against Russia’s geopolitical interests and repels few remaining Russia’s allies.

In return for these concessions, the party leader said, Washington has deployed its missiles in Poland and sent the Secretary of State to voyage to Warsaw and four former Soviet countries, “creating an anti-Russian block”.

As a counter-measure, Zyuganov called for a ban on import of the “Bush’s legs” and a stop of “endless yielding to the West”.

Russian Communist Party is the second largest fraction in Russia’s lower house of the parliament, or State Duma. However, the party does not have enough seats to influence Duma’s decisions. 

Source: Xinhua

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