Russia will deliver air defense systems to Iran


Richard Moore

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Russian News & Information Agency

Russia will deliver air defense systems to Iran - top general
19/04/2006 20:19

MOSCOW, April 19 (RIA Novosti) - The chief of the General Staff said 
Wednesday that Russia would honor its commitments on supplying 
military equipment to Iran.

"We discussed supplies of military equipment to Iran, including the 
Tor M1, in the framework of bilateral cooperation, but it does not 
fall into the category of strategic weapons," Army General Yury 
Baluyevsky said after talks in Moscow with NATO Supreme Allied 
Commander in Europe General James Jones.

"And I can assure you it will be delivered under the control of the 
relevant organizations," he said.

At the end of 2005, Russia concluded a $700-million contract on the 
delivery of 29 Tor M1 air defense systems to Iran.

The Tor-M1 is a fifth-generation integrated mobile air defense system 
designed for operation at medium, low and very low altitudes against 
fixed/rotary wing aircraft, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle), guided 
missiles and other high-precision weapons.

Despite strong criticism from the United States, Russia has 
maintained that the systems could be used only to protect Iran's air 

Baluyevsky also said Russia's Armed Forces would not be involved in 
any military conflict in Iran.

"I do not think the conflict [in Iran] will turn into a war," he 
said. "Russia will not propose the use of its armed forces in a 
potential military conflict on either side."

Baluyevsky said he did not discuss the Iranian nuclear program with 
Jones, although the issue is "on everybody's mind."

Meanwhile, Iran's Defense Minister, Mostafa Mohammad-Najar, said 
Wednesday that his country would go ahead with its non-military 
nuclear research because it was a legitimate right of the Iranian 

The Iranian official is currently on a three-day visit to the 
neighboring Central Asian republic of Azerbaijan to discuss bilateral 
cooperation in the defense sphere.

Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, will attend a summit of 
Economic Cooperation Organization, a regional cooperation body, in 
the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, on May 4-5.

   2005 RIA Novosti

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