Russia: No grounds to deploy UN force on Lebanon-Syria border


Richard Moore

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No grounds to deploy UN force on Lebanon-Syria border - Russia

06/09/2006 14:43 MOSCOW, September 6 (RIA Novosti) - There is no reason to 
deploy UN troops on the border between Lebanon and Syria after more than a month
of fighting between Lebanon-based Hizbollah and Israel, a Russian Foreign 
Ministry official said Wednesday.

"We believe UN Security Council resolution 1701 says nothing about the need to 
deploy UN troops on the border between Lebanon and Syria," said Vladimir 
Trofimov, head of the Middle East and Africa department. "It only deals with the
Lebanon-Israel border."

Israel has pressed for a UN force to be sent to Lebanon's border with Syria, 
which it accused in the past of being the main transit route for weapons 
supplies for Hizbollah militants. Lebanon said this was unnecessary.

The UN has deployed troops in southern Lebanon to enforce the August 14 
ceasefire and eventually hopes to increase it to 15,000, mainly through EU 
contributions. Lebanon plans to send in a corresponding number of government 
troops. Russia's participation in the peacekeeping mission has also been 

Israeli military operations in Lebanon began July 12 after Hizbollah killed 
three Israeli servicemen and captured two others in a cross-border raid.

Before the truce, Israeli military operations claimed the lives of about 1,000 
Lebanese civilians, forced nearly a quarter of the country's population to flee 
their homes, and demolished large parts of the country's infrastructure. Over 
160 Israelis also died.

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