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Richard Moore

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War Profiteers Playing Cards

Hey Y'all!

The creative hellraisers at Ruckus and some of our
closest allies have been working around the clock to
bring you the WarProfiteers Card Deck. Now you can
learn about the world's inner circle of modern day
Conquistadors without missing your Friday night poker

The WarProfiteers deck exposes some of the real war
criminals in the US's endless War of Terror. This is no
Sunday bridge club. These are individuals and
institutions that stack the deck against democracy in
the rigged game of global power. Exposing their place
in the house of cards illuminates the links among
corporations, institutions, and government officials
that profit from endless war. The US War of Terror is
not about liberation, democracy, or UN resolutions.
Plainly put, the War of Terror--whether in Iraq,
Colombia, Afghanistan, or the USA--is about
subjugation, resource extraction, and opening markets:
a practice once referred to more honestly as

For your own personal deck go to:

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    work through the political system?", but rather, "Is
    the political system one of the things that needs to be
    fundamentally transformed?"

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