Ron Pearson’s theory of the universe


Richard Moore

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Summary of Ron Pearson’s Theory

by Rory Macquisten

In order to understand how Ron Pearson’s work can explain psychic phenomena we must first look at his theory for how the Universe began.

The current Big Bang theory, whereby the Universe was created from out of a massive explosion, contains some major flaws and inconsistencies. The biggest of these is something called the cosmological constant.

This cosmological constant is a mathematical figure that arose from the failure to explain how this initial explosion could be shut off. It predicts an expansion of the Universe that is many billions of times too high. The figure was needed to give space an inbuilt tendency to expand in order to overcome the natural tendency for it to collapse due all the matter in it and its gravitational pull. Now that we know that the Universe is expanding at an ever-increasing rate, this constant is exceptionally large and cosmologists have all but chosen to ignore it. They have also ignored evidence that some stars seem to be older than the age of the Universe itself. The Big Bang has been estimated to be around 12 billion years old and some stars seem to be much older. Something is clearly not quite right.

In the light of these and other flaws, Ron Pearson, with his background as a University lecturer on Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics decided that a new theory was needed. At the heart of the original theory was one of the biggest dilemmas facing physicists today – How to combine the mathematics of Quantum physics and those of Relativity. This is what Ron has sought to conquer.

Quantum theory is essentially about the movement of things on the extremely small atomic scale. Things at this size seem to move in random and indeterminate ways. Relativity on the other hand is Einstein’s theory for how things move on the very large scale. On this scale objects move in a much more predictable manner like planets orbiting the Sun.

For over 80 years Mathematicians have assumed that Einstein was right because nearly all subsequent observations have matched his theories. So in those 80 years they have all attempted to redefine quantum theory so that it could include relativity and especially general relativity, which is Einstein’s theory of gravity. Unfortunately they have not succeeded in doing this and in the process have spent billions of pounds of taxpayers money.

Ron however decided to accept the excellent maths found in quantum theory and to go back and revisit Einstein’s work. If Ron’s theory could also match up with the same observational data that had seemed to confirm Einstein’s theories, then his theory could also be valid. If it also contained no flaws or inconsistencies then it could even become a better theory. Interestingly enough Ron found that Einstein’s well known formula of E=MC2 could be derived from Newtonian Mechanics without reference to relativity but it now showed that matter was really made out of energy. In Ron’s theory this is exactly what happens.

This thought that Relativity might be totally wrong may seem heretical to modern day cosmologists but even Einstein, on his 70th birthday, wrote to a friend saying that he was not at all confident that his work would stand the test of time and that he might have been on the wrong track after all.

Ron went back to the physics of Sir Isaac Newton and applied what he called ‘Conceptual Logic’ to the problem. After many years and long hours of work he finally came up with a new theory that matched all of Relativity’s observational data and also contained no internal flaws. To do this though he had to be highly controversial. He chucked out Relativity altogether. There was no curved space-time. There were no multi dimensional universes and there was no constant speed of light.

His theory begins with two forms of energy called positive and negative primaries. These he likens to the Yin and the Yang found in Eastern philosophy. Like the old theory before the Big Bang, these are created from a Zero state of Energy. Negative Energy, although mainly unheard of, was not new. It was something that was first proposed by Paul Dirac, a Cambridge Maths Professor. It was discarded shortly afterwards however possibly because it didn’t fit in with Einstein’s relativity. This problem though doesn’t arise now.

Ron found negative mass and energy needed to exist to permit a universe to arise in such a way as to eliminate the problem of the cosmological constant. The secret of the success in his new theory is found in the way these two opposite energies collide with each other.

When pairs of primaries collide Ron found that the laws of mechanics predicted that each partner would, in general, gain energy of its own kind. There is nothing strange about the behaviour of negative energies or masses on their own. Neither is there with positive kinds on their own. However it is the mixing of the two kinds of primary that causes the new strange effects to arise. For centuries it has been accepted that ‘energy can neither be created or destroyed’. When positive and negative energies coexist, however, this has to be revised to read ‘energy can only be created or destroyed in equal and opposite amounts’. Both creation and annihilation are now permitted but another law of motion has to be applied to find which possibility is selected under the conditions being studied. This is known as the need to conserve momentum. (Momentum is obtained by multiplying the mass of an object with its velocity).

To understand this, one can begin to imagine two billiard balls colliding off centre. We all know that the two balls move off in a predictable sideways and diagonal manner. When ordinary billiard balls collide each has its momentum, measured in the original directions of motion, drastically changed and no energy change overall can arise.

This however does not occur when one of the primaries carries negative momentum. When the same angle of collision occurs the two balls move off in the same sideways direction! When these balls of opposite energy collide, neither can alter their momentum as measured in the original directions. However, scattering collisions add extra transverse momenta in such a way that they balance. This means that each partner will gain momentum of its own kind and this cannot occur without associated increases of energy. This energy must appear from nothing! Ron calls this a ‘breeding’ of the energies.

Both velocity and momentum can be represented on a diagram by ‘vectors’. These are lines of a length proportional to speed or mass times speed respectively and drawn in the direction of motion of the object being represented, as shown in Figure 1.


Positive and Negative Primaries

Figure 1. The Collision of Positive and Negative Primaries


Positive and Negative Primaries travel towards each other off centre.


Collision occurs.


Both primaries move off to the same side! Therefore a sideways momentum has been added from nothing.


Positive and negative momentum are both conserved and the additional transverse momenta (PR+ & PR-) balance each other out.


The opposing directions of the transverse momenta (PR- and PR+) require associated transverse velocities (VR- & VR+) to be added in the same sideways direction.

As a consequence of repeated collisions, energy is annihilated in some cases, but overall there is a net increase. This goes on and levels increase until a critical density level is reached. It is at this point that annihilation can also occur and a solid filament of energy is produced where the primaries are in the process of mutual annihilation. These are surrounded by regions where energies are still being created by collision-breeding.

Annihilation does not totally cancel the creation going on so a tiny net creation remains everywhere in space. It is this that explains the continuing expansion of the Universe at an ever-accelerating rate. New galaxies need to be created near to the outer regions of space all the time. It seems likely these are the intense gamma ray bursts that happen about once per day.

With this basis of expansion, Ron has estimated the Universe’s more exact age to be around 100 Billion years old. Well old enough for the oldest stars observed to have had time to form.

All this breeding and production of filaments continues to produce a three-dimensional filamentous grid structure. This is similar to the brains ‘neural network’ of brain cells. Energy can now travel in waves down the filaments that are in turn either connected or unconnected to further filaments at their ends. With open and closed connections, a vast switching system resulted that, like super computers, developed the characteristics of consciousness and intelligence.

Ron calls this the i-ther, an intelligent form of background medium. In the past, background mediums like the solid Ether, have been dismissed by physicists as relativity and observational data didn’t allow for their existence. Now however, Ron with his strong background in fluid mechanics made a great leap of intuition. He considered that the i-ther must behave like a superfluid in vapour form. A superfluid, like liquid helium, exhibits completely frictionless characteristics permitting unrestricted flow through the grid of the filaments. This now allows the past observational data to coexist comfortably with his new theory.

The waves generated by the action of the filaments move through the fluid and are identified as ‘quantum waves’ of the i-ther. These were then used to produce particles of matter. Ron envisaged that these interacting waves were producing spikes of intense energy rather like interacting ripples on a pond produce spikes of water. These spikes of energy created the impression of matter particles like electrons. These would occur in a sequence in time but not always in the same location. Once particles had been created, the conventional physics of today could then go on to explain the rest of the creation of the stars and the planets in the Universe.

What is of interest to us in our quest to understand psychic phenomena is that these particles of matter will have specific frequencies and will only appear real to us on our particular frequency of matter. With several possible frequencies of quantum wave, several matter systems could arise all from the same underlying grid. It is this grid and its primaries that are the only real thing in the Universe. All of these matter systems are illusory constructs made up by the i-ther. The system we live in just seems real to us.

With all this creation of matter what results is a net positive balance of energies within matter itself, like the stars and the planets, and these are surrounded by haloes of net negative energy.

The waves that produce matter also produce long range gradients that makes the i-ther seem more compressed near large objects. Negative pressures follow these same gradients and produce a buoyancy type of force on any matter. This is the mechanism of the gravitational force according to the ‘quantum wave theory of gravity’. This effect exactly matches the observational data used to previously prove Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Now they can also prove Ron’s theories. Ron’s theories though also have the added benefit of doing away with the ridiculous cosmological constant.

With this basic understanding of his work, we can now go on to explain subjects like survival after death. As subjects of matter ourselves, we experience the world around us as real. However matter is composed of mainly space with subatomic particles like electrons in between. What we see as real is actually just the illusion of matter created by the filamentous grid and the i-ther at that particular frequency. Our minds are not brain function, they are isolated regions of the i-ther itself, the seats of consciousness.

Perceptual barriers have evolved in our heads to stop us being harmed by the incredible computing power and knowledge of the i-ther. However when we die, our matter system ceases and our minds, which in Ron’s theory are completely separate from our brains, live on within the i-ther and interact with some new construct of matter system at a different frequency. This would explain all the evidence found showing that we survive after death.

In the same way the i-.ther and its 3-D filamentous grid can also explain how healers heal people. It would appear that a healer has less of a perceptual barrier in their heads and can communicate more directly with the Universal consciousness. As the i-ther constructs matter and as it has huge computational power and memory, it could easily be programmed to reconstruct a persons matter system in a more effective and healthy manner. Healers may also get help in doing this by working alongside people on different matter systems with different wavelengths. Together, their ability to tap into the programming power of the grid, and the overlying i-ther, could enable a person to become a new and better matter system. This could even happen over a long distance.

The speed of propagation of information is no longer limited, as in relativity, by the speed of light. Indeed it can travel instantly along the filaments. With two people being able to lower and focus their perceptual grid barriers, telepathy could result. The better people are at lowering their inhibitory barriers, the more psychic they are and the better they could be at it. Ron has already shown that it might be possible to communicate at speeds of ten times the currently considered constant speed of light via the fluid alone.

Mind over matter, like bending spoons, can also be explained with Ron’s theory. As the grid creates matter as an illusion, tapping into the grid by lowering our barriers should allow us to recreate this illusion. Of course this then appears to us as real.

As with all good theorists, Ron has devised eight experiments that can be easily undertaken that will prove or disprove his theory. The cheapest of these costs around £15,000 (way beyond Ron’s budget) and others involve experiments done in space. It is now only a matter of time before the world will know if he is right. If he is, and at the moment it is looking odds on, he will severely upset the scientific establishment. To be a true scientist is to be truth seeker, unfortunately positions of power and the fear of peer review close the minds that once were previously open. In the years that Ron has been trying to put forward his theories for discussion and publication he has witnessed all these things. Finding no one daring to publish his papers in this country, Ron has had to address his scientific audience in Europe and Russia. Here his theories were given time and print and it was here that he received great accolades for them. For now though it is up to you to draw your own conclusions.