Ron Paul slams decision to exclude him from forum


Richard Moore

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Ron Paul: Fox News Is "Beyond A Joke"
Presidential candidate slams decision to exclude him from forum
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, January 4, 2008

Speaking to The Alex Jones Show today, presidential candidate Ron Paul commented
on the controversy surrounding his exclusion from a Fox News January 6th 
presidential forum by encouraging supporters to keep up the pressure on the 
network to reverse their decision and slamming the network's claim of being fair
and balanced as "beyond a joke".

"People are outraged and a lot of them are coming to our defense including the 
Republican Party up there so we haven't heard the last word about that yet," 
said Paul.

The Congressman identified the main reason for his exclusion as Fox News' fear 
that he would express strong anti-war opinions, which they see as a "threat" 
when coming from the most conservative member of the house.

"They have to realize that what the numbers are and if it's hurting them, if 
it's not in their interests I think they're in a bind, I don't think they have 
any easy way out and they dug themselves into this situation so hopefully they 
wake up and realize that they have to come around to be much more fair and 
balanced, it's gone beyond a joke for them to advertise they're fair and 
balanced when they're just the opposite," said the Congressman.

Discussing the broader success of the campaign, Paul said, "Everybody's upbeat 
and they wanna win but they are also very realistic to know what is the future 
regardless of what's gonna can we keep working this, how can we 
keep our group together....I think we've really opened the eyes of a lot of 
people so there's reason to be optimistic," said Paul.

The Congressman added that the New World Order must be defeated not with weapons
but with ideas and that the movement which he is now the figurehead for is much 
larger than he ever dreamed it would be.

"Most people thought that you'd have to be part of the establishment to get 
money and support but the supporters have proven that not only will they work 
hard and go out and do the legwork that is necessary but they'll also send in 
the money and they'll also be very creative," added Paul.

Click here to listen to the MP3 of the interview.

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