Roland Weber: 911 – THE BASIC QUESTIONS [Part 2]


Richard Moore

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[Part 2]
        GEORGE W. BUSH 
        1. What exactly happened on September 11 and at what 
        time was President Bush informed? 
        2. Why was President Bush scheduled to visit a school 
        in Florida? 
        3. Who scheduled the time of the visit? 
        4. When exactly did Bush learn about the first crash 
        into the WTC? 
        5. How could he have seen that on TV? 
        6. Why didn't he interrupt his school meeting as soon 
        as he learned of the first plane crash? 
        7. Did Bush ever wonder how Bin Laden was able to hear 
        the first plane crash live on the radio? 
        8. Which radio station he was listening to? 
        9. Can Bush explain how Bin Laden's Home Video was 
        found only two weeks after it was produced? 
        10. Why did Bush decide to release Bin Laden's Home Video? 
        11. What is the purpose of the Western Hemisphere 
        Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC) in Fort 
        Benning, Georgia, where terrorists have been trained 
        for undercover agents in South America? 
        Bush stated "if any government sponsors the outlaws 
        and killers of innocents, they have become outlaws and 
        murderers themselves". So what does he think about Fort Benning? 
        12. What is the role of Zalmay Khalilzad (former 
        UNOCAL) in the National Security Council ? 
        13. What is the current role of Zalmay Khalilzad 
        (former UNOCAL) in Afghanistan? 
        14. When was Bush's last contact with anyone from  ENRON? 
        15. Why was China admitted to the WTO on September 13 
        after 15 years of unsuccessful attempts? 
        16. Why did Bush postpone the release of Ronald Reagan's records? 
        17. How does Bush feel about the need to investigate 
        the CIA's mistakes? 
        18. Does Bush agree with senators John McCain, Joseph 
        I. Lieberman, Porter J. Goss, former C.I.A. 
        clandestine case officer and a Florida Republican, 
        Richard C. Shelby and Ron Paul, US Congressman, who 
        want an investigation and have said "Secret government 
        is winning out over open government"? 
        19. Did he know before he left his hotel that morning 
        on the way to the school that the 1st tower had been 
        hit?ABC news reported that morning that he was asked 
        by reporters if he was aware of events in NYC and he 
        answered yes. If so, why did he later say he first 
        heard of it was when he was at the school? 
        20. Why did Bush continue to sit in that classroom 
        reading to children when he should have been 
        conferring with his advisors? 
        21. Why did Bush say that he and Card initially 
        thought it was an accident involving a small plane? 
        22. Given all the information sources available to the 
        POTUS and his staff how could his people not have 
        known the kind of plane involved? 
        23. Why didn't they know at this point, as did the FAA 
        and NORAD, that aircraft were hijacked? 
        The Batallion Chief in the 9/11 video was seen and 
        heard asking for military backup immediately after the 
        building was hit. 
        24.How come the NYFD knew it was terrorism right away 
        but the POTUS and his aides just calmly went about 
        their business? 
        TONY BLAIR 
        1. Were 25,000 British troops and the largest British 
        Armada since the Falkland Islands War, part of 
        Operation 'Essential Harvest' pre-positioned in Oman, 
        the closest point on the Arabian Peninsula to Pakistan 
        before September 11, 2001? 
        2. When did he begin to place SIS-Special Forces in 
        Afghanistan? Why? 
        1. Did Gloria Irish own unit 1504 at the Delray 
        Racquet Club, 755 Dotterel? 
        2. Did she rent that property to Hamza Alghamdi in 
        August 2001? 
        3. Why did the media not report about a connection of 
        the Sun-Sentinel and the hijackers? 
        4. Why did it first appear that the hijackers had 
        something to do with the anthrax attacks? 
        5. Why has this connection or coincidence never 
        appeared in the media again? 
        6. What was the connection between husband Michael 
        Irish (SunSentinel) and Bob Stevens (who died from 
        1. When did Vladimir Putin warn the CIA about a 
        possible terrorist attack and what was their reaction? 
        2. What was the purpose of the meeting between 
        Christina Rocca, director of Asian affairs at the 
        State Department and the Taliban ambassador Mollah 
        Abdul Salam Zaeef in Islamabad in August 2001? 
        3. Why did she oversee the delivery of Stinger 
        missiles in the 80s to Afghan mujaheddin? 
        4. Did Walid Arkeh in Seminole County jail inform the 
        FBI in August 2001 about an attack on America? What 
        was the reaction of the FBI? 
        5. Why did Dr. Jeffrey Starr, U.S. department of 
        defense, visit Tajikistan in Jan 2001? 
        6. When did Jean-Claude Cousseran, Director DGSE , 
        French Secret Service inform the CIA about terrorist 
        attacks on America? What was their reaction? 
        7. What does he know about the monitoring of Djamel 
        Beghal, member of Takfir-wal-Hijra (financed by Osama 
        bin Laden) and Kamel Daoudi? Did he ever inform the 
        CIA about that? And when? 
        8. When did Italian Deputy Prime Minister Gianfranco 
        Fini inform the CIA about a possible attack on the 
        American president "with the use of an airplane"? What 
        was their reaction? 
        9. When did President Mubarak, Egypt, inform the CIA 
        about a possible attack on America with an "airplane 
        stuffed with explosives"? What was their reaction? 
        10. When did Efraim Halevy , Director of Mossad since 
        1998 (unconfirmed) inform the CIA about a possible 
        attack with "200 terrorists" on America? What was 
        their reaction? 
        11. Is it true he warned Ariel Sharon not to travel to 
        New York on September 11 to speak at a festival? 
        12. Did a caller to Loxley Banks, Director Radio 
        Cayman Islands talk show, give several warnings of an 
        imminent attack on the U.S on Sept. 3 -10? 
        13. The London Times reported that someone from the 
        FAA warned Salman Rushdie not to travel to the United 
        States on September 3rd? If this is true, who was it? 
        14. Did the FBI investigate the two men who met 
        Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi in Harry's Bar at 
        the Helmsley Hotel in Manhattan on September 8, 2001? 
        15. Who does Abdullah Abdullah (Northern Alliance) 
        believe killed Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud on 
        September 9, 2001? 
        16. When and why did he decide to attack Kabul on 
        September 11 at 5:30 PM? 
        17. When did he decide to invade Masar-i-Scharif 
        18. Did the CIA helped him provoke a tumult? 
        19. Did he ever meet John Walker Lindh? 
        20. Why was Major John Kenny, Commander Wright 
        Patterson Air Base, Dayton placedon high alert on 
        September 10? Did he inform companies in Dayton to 
        shutdown their offices? 
        21. Why was Colonel William M. Dietrick , Commander 
        Defense Language Institute in Garrison, Monterey on 
        high alert on September 10? 
        22. Why did one of Kenneth (Ken) Weinbrecht (President 
        SAMS ) executives say on September 10, that he was a 
        'Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to 
        target US forces and make it look like a 
        Palestinian/Arab act.'" 
        23. Did Jean-Louis Bruguiere, French anti-terrorism, 
        inform the CIA on September 10 about a possible 
        terrorist attack? If so, what was their reaction? 
        24. Why did Atta and hijacker Abdulaziz Alomari checke 
        into a Portland, Maine motel (unidentified) on 
        September 10? 
        25. Why was the Portland, Airport, according to 
        eye-witnesses, in full charge of more military 
        officials and soldiers than usual, weeks before 
        September 11, 2001? 
        26. Why, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported, was 
        Mayor Brown warned to be "cautious in your travel" the 
        night of September 10? Who warned him? 
        27. Why did Alex Diamandis, Odigo Vice President of 
        Sales and Marketing, receive a warning on his 
        messenger service about a possible attack on America 
        on September 11, 2001? At which time? 
        28. When did Dr.August Hanning , President BND 
        (Bundesnachrichtendienst Germany) inform the CIA that 
        "Middle Eastern terrorists are 'planning to hijack 
        commercial aircraft ?" What was their reaction? 
        Did he allow an Iranian prisoner in Hamburg call to 
        the CIA in Summer 2001 about an attack on America? 
        What was their reaction? 
        1. Why did Kenneth Waldie, Stanley Hall, Herbert Homer 
        and Peter Gay of Raytheon travel on Sept. 11? 2. 2. 
        Can Global Hawk technology be used for at least 27 
        3. Is Global Hawk technology used in commercial 
        4. Did Danielle O'Brien, air traffic controller, 
        inform another air traffic control center about a 
        plane traveling fast southwest of Dulles after 
        spotting it 8:18 AM on September 11? 
        5. Who was informed and what happened? 
        1. Why didn't Dr. James G. Roche, Secretary of the Air 
        Force try to reach the airplanes in NYC (7 minutes 
        time for McGuire AFB in New Jersey ) and at the 
        Pentagon (10 minutes time)? 
        2. Did Roche ever try to shutdown the plane in 
        3. Can Roche explain why magazines of that plane were 
        found 20 miles away from the crash? 
        Andrews AFB is 13 miles away. He had one hour and 
        fifteen minutes to respond to the plane that hit the 
        Pentagon. What happened during that time? 
        4. Can he explain why many ear- and eye witnesses, 
        including workers of the road construction company New 
        Enterprise saw or heard F-16 jets ? 
        5. Why did President Bush say only one week later that 
        he tried to shutdown that plane? 
        6. Who gave that decision? 
        1. Why did George Bush leave Barksdale Air Force Base 
        aboard Air Force One and flew to an Air Force base in 
        Nebraska on 1:48 PM on September 11 and returned to 
        Washington at 4:30 PM? 
        2. What exactly did Donald Rumsfeld do that day before 
        he arrived at the Pentagon around 3:55 PM? 
        3. How did Rumsfeld know at 5:30 PM on September 11 
        that the plane in Pennsylvania could have been headed 
        for one of three possible targets: Camp David, the 
        White House or the U.S. Capitol building? 
        4. Can he explain why early media reports told us that 
        no squadrons of combat-ready fighter jets have been at 
        Andrews and later changed their reports that they 
        haven't been on high alert only? 
        5. Why was Air Force Lt. Col. Vic Warzinski, another 
        Pentagon spokesman, so sure on September 11 that 
        aircraft was coming your way? 
        6. What did the D.C. Air National Guard in Washington 
        do on September 11? 
        7. Can he explain what those 3 fighters did from 
        9:40AM until 9:55AM when they finally turned towards 
        Flight 93 and were 60 miles out at 10:06am? 
        8. Can he explain why Air Traffic Controllers in a 
        Nashua Telegraph article did report an F-16 was 
        circling Flight 93 and was in visual range at the time 
        of crash? 
        9. Can he confirm a witness report that National Guard 
        F-16's have been at Hancock field in Syracuse NY in 
        the air early that morning before 9AM? 
        10. How could the hijackers know how to disable 
        defense systems? 
        11. What was the official reason that fighters of the 
        305th Air Wing, McGuire Air Force Base, NJ did not 
        intercept the 2nd hijacked plane in NYC? This would 
        have been possible within 7 minutes after 8:48 AM 
        12. Why did none of the 459th Aircraft Squadron 
        (Andrews AFB) fighters intercept the plane which 
        crashed into the Pentagon? Andrews AFB is 10 miles 
        from Washington DC. 
        13. Col. Ken McClellan, Air Force spokesman said on 
        September 11, that Mohammad Atta attended the 
        International Officer's School at Maxwell/Gunter Air 
        Force Base in Montgomery, and was seen by 
        eye-witnesses? What was McClellan doing there? Why did 
        he later deny the report? 
        14. Why did he decide not to shutdown ECHELON base Bad 
        Aibling in Germany as planned for 2002? 
        15. What is the reason that none of any Air Force 
        fighters reached the hijacked plane in time? 
        16. Many eye- and witnesses think that the plane in 
        Pennsylvania was shot down. What is the scientific 
        explanation why the magazine of the airplane was found 
        many miles away? 
        17. Why did Jack Kelly,, inform USA Today 
        only 12 minutes after the first crash (8:48AM), that 
        terror groups using Web encryption may have been 
        responsible? And why was he so sure before the second 
        crash at 9:03 PM? 
        18. Did Kelly serve with the U.S. government where he 
        managed several significant programs for the 
        information warfare and intelligence communities? 
        19. Did Joseph J. Esposito, Chief of NYPD try to 
        contact the Pentagon at 9:06 AM on September 11? What 
        was their reaction? 
        10. Why didn't General Elwood "Pete" Quesada of the 
        FAA inform President Bush between 8:15 and 9:05 about 
        four simultaneously hijacked planes? Who did he inform 
        and what was their reaction? 
        1. What does Nicholas Scoppetta of FDNY know about the 
        latest reports of the WTC destruction? 
        2. Can he explain why many witnesses saw and heard 
        more than two explosions in the WTC? 
        3. Can he explain why both Twin Towers and Building 7 
        collapsed in that way? 
        4. Can he explain why a gas tank was in Building 7? 
        5. Can he explain why there were no passengers in the 
        subway under the WTC? 
        6. Can he explain why there was no guard at the gold 
        reservoir under the WTC? 
        7. Why did Dr. Jeffrey P. Koplan, Director CDC 
        prepare, as CNN reported, emergency-response teams on 
        September 11 at 11:16 PM? 
        1. When did Dr.August Hanning , President BND 
        (Bundesnachrichtendienst Germany) inform the CIA that 
        "Middle Eastern terrorists are 'planning to hijack 
        commercial aircraft ?" What was their reaction? 
        Did he allow an Iranian prisoner in Hamburg call to 
        the CIA in Summer 2001 about an attack on America? 
        What was their reaction? 
        2. When did Tayseer Allouni , Kabul correspondent 
        Al-Jazeera, receive his first video from Bin Laden? 
        Can he explain why the first video on October 7 2001, 
        the day of the retaliation, looked like it was 
        recorded in the morning? 
        3. Did Tom Simmons (former U.S. Ambassador to 
        Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Assistant Secretary 
        of State for South Asian affairs) and Lee Coldren 
        (former State Department expert on South Asia) decide 
        or announce in a July 2001 meeting that an attack was 
        planned on the Taliban in October 2001? 
        4. Why did Ms. Barbara Bodine, US ambassador to Yemen 
        stop John O'Neill from investigating Al-Quaeda 
        accounts in July 2001? 
        5. Did Niaz Niak, former Pakistani Foreign Secretary 
        say in mid July 2001 that the USA planned military 
        action against Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban? 
        6. Did Hameed Gul, retired Pakistani general of 
        Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence, say that a 
        secret service was involved in the attack on America? 
        7. Why did Tommy Thompson, The Secretary of the 
        Department of Health and Human Services, 
        and other Bush cabinet members meet secretly (i.e. 
        illegally) in Oct. 2001 with officials of the 
        Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America 
        (PhRMA) to develop plans for their Emergency 
        Preparedness Task Force? Why did he decide on October 
        25, 2001 to ask Congress for another $500 million to 
        produce Acambis's smallpox vaccine? 
        8. Why did it take 4.5 hours until Jean Marie Malecki 
        , Director Palm Beach County Health Department, picked 
        up the phone for employees of the AMI-Building, Boca 
        Raton. This is where editor Bob Stevens got anthrax. 
        Why did she wait two days before she visited that 
        building again? 
        9. Why did Mayor Guilani sell WTC rubble to India for 
        recycling and also China? Who made that decision? 
        10. What was the purpose of U.S. Ambassador Wendy 
        Chamberlain's phone call on October 10, 2001 to the 
        Pakistani oil minister? Why was she sure that a 
        previously abandoned Unocal pipeline from Turkmenistan 
        across Afghanistan to the Pakistani coast for the 
        purpose of selling oil and gas to China, was back on 
        the table in view of recent geopolitical developments? 
        11. What exactly was found on Z. Moussaoui's computer 
        after 9/11, when local agents were given a Federal 
        Intelligence Security Act (FISA) warrant, which they 
        had requested six weeks previously? 
        This ties directly into the question of the 
        administration's dealings with the Taliban, its 
        reluctance to investigate Saudi nationals, etc. 
        12. Why the attack on Cynthia McKinney for asking: 1) 
        why has there been no investigation of the 9-11 
        attack? and 2) did Bush/CIA/NSA know of it beforehand, 
        and allow it to happen? 
        13. Why is the Bush administration so strongly against 
        a real investigation into the events of 9-11? 
        14. Why did the US give 43 million dollars to 
        Afghanistan back in May or June of 2001 
        15. Why did Bush toss the Hart-Rudman terror security 
        study (developed over a 2 year period) and instead 
        assign responsibility to Cheney and FEMA? 
        16. Why did Ashcroft stops flying commercial, citing 
        an unidentified "threat" in July 2001? 
        Why did the FBI and Justice not identify the form, 
        origin and time of the threat? 
        17. Why did Bush stay in Texas for the month of August 
        and Cheney in Wyoming? 
        18. Why no photos or videos of the Pentagon plane? And 
        there's not a single credible frame of film or second 
        of video of this? Also, why hasn't a similar flight 
        path graphic ever been published? 
        19. Why didn't the Secret Service hustle Dubya out of 
        the classroom a half-second after Andy Card told him, 
        "Mr. pResident, the nation is under attack"? 
        20. Why did they leave him exposed to danger for two 
        and a half minutes in the classroom and another 
        half-hour in the school before he returned to the 
        relative safety of Air Force One? 
        21. Where was George H. W. Bush at the time of the 
        22. Why did passengers or crewmembers on three of the 
        flights tell people on the ground that the highjackers 
        had "box cutters"? 
        23. Where are the flight recorders? 
        24. How did they find a passport that just "happens" 
        to belong to one of the hijackers in the WTC rubble 
        and they can't locate even ONE flight recorder? 
        25. Why no investigative reporting of the Pentagon 
        scene? The photos do not show much, but then 
        photographers were not allowed, initially, to 
        photograph the scene, if I remember correctly. 
        26. Why was the series of recommendations Al Gore also 
        put together in 1996 on airport security called by 
        Republican congress "paranoid" and too harsh. Why did 
        the airline industry, lobbying against it, consider it 
        too expensive and impractical. 
        27. Why was the Hart-Rudman report on the potential 
        dangers of terrorism in the homeland. The results of 
        the research ignored by Bush? 
        28. Why were FISA warrants disallowed by Bush? 
        29. Why did the US pull the plug on Muslim websites 
        Monday September 10, 2001? 
        30. Why did the Saudi bin-Laden-group have a website 
        with a PRE-SET expiration date of Sept. 11, 2001? 
        31. Why were the bin Ladens flown out of the U.S. on 
        private jets the day after the 9/11? 
        32. Why did Cheney say that everyone in the White 
        House started taking Cipro on September 12 when the 
        first anthrax letter wasn't postmarked until September 
        18. 33. Why did Bush dissolve the Bin Laden Task 
        Force? What would have happened had this focused and 
        knowledgeable group been in place 9 months before 911? 
        34. Why was metallic debris found 8 miles from the 
        crash site of the plane that went down in Penn? They 
        said it went straight down and left a small hole in 
        the ground. If they found metallic debris from the 
        plane 8 miles away it was either shot down or a bomb 
        exploded in the plane. 
        35. Why did they not let the media or any reporters 
        take video or photos of the crash site? 
Please don't send ME any answers to these questions. I've been 
working on Sept. 11th oddities, including media and political analysis, for 
the past 7 months, 24/7, and would describe myself as one of the 
specialists and analysts of the attacks and the circumstances surrounding them. 
This list of questions has been circulating since January, 2002, 
and I have just now been able to revise it. Its main purpose, from the 
beginning, has been to express, how many questions are really exist. 
It's actually not ME who is searching for answers any longer. The 
US government and the people who are addressed in these questions, have to 
answer to us. I hope you got the idea. 
The purpose of this list has only a political background: 
It's question list designed for a commission of inquiry and 
individuals called to testify. So, again, please don't send me any 
corrections or answers. 
You should use this list, politically, to send to your US Congressman 
and local papers, etc. 
Find elected officials, including the president, members of 
Congress, governors, state legislators, local officials, and more.

Use the Media/Government contact list to 
send key information on 'WTC/911' YOU feel 
is important, to people who should know:



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