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Richard Moore


Sorry to be out of touch for so long, but family & surf have been 
enchantingly distracting here on Kauai. ;-)

I'll be arriving in San Francisco on Oct 3 and will remain in the Bay 
Area until the 18th. I've got a few meetings set up while there, but 
will mostly be visiting family and old friends on the Peninsula.

Here are the places I am planning to stay over each night as I travel 
up the coast:

Oct 18: Russian River area
19: Garberville
20: Arcata
21: Cave Junction, Oregon
22: Ashland
23-24: Eugene
25: Seattle
26: Vancouver
27-28: Sunshine Coast, BC
29: Nanaimo, Vancouver Island
Oct 30 - Nov 2: Victoria
Nov 3: Seattle
Nov 4: fly Seattle -> London
Nov 5: village of Purton, near Swindon, outside of London
Nov 6: return to Ireland

Following are some messages you folks have sent in.

best wishes,
cell# 808 639 9300 (AT&T / Cingular)

Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 22:09:53 -0400
From: Meredith Tupper <>
To:  •••@••.•••
Subject: Re: Greetings from Kauai

Since you are on the islands, it seems appropriate to suggest this 
alternative energy production method: http://www.windhunter.org

The state of Florida's renewable energy program has taken some 
interest in this but it needs serious consideration elsewhere, at 
least until free energy possibilities evolve into practical 

Have a great trip,


Hi Meredith,

Thanks for the link. The Windhunter idea looks like a good one, but 
the biggest thing we need in this regard is to redesign our 
infrastructures to use about 90% less energy. Too much power is 
corrupting our souls as much as it is hurting the Earth.


From: Diana Skipworth <>
To: •••@••.•••
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 08:21:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Greetings from Kauai

Dear Richard,

In the midwestern town where I live, police are militarized and 
Blackwater is nearby.  Cameras are being purchased and installed on 
several major traffic signals and in addition to 'safety checks' 
(practice for martial law, in my opinion) we must contend with police 
being in disguise as surveyors, etc. to catch 'rule breading' 

As you know, the USGov't is the largest employer of illegal aliens 
and now there are 100 Mexican trucking companies operating here (to 
break the Teamsters).

The sale of our company (http://skipworthmoving.com) should be final 
before 2008, as transportation costs drain the last blood from the 
industry. I've had to watch my husband become ill from the stress of 
it all.

On Friday, the 14th I leave with many others to sleep on busses from 
Chicago, bound for Washington, D.C.  A big rally -- NOBODY COVERS in 
the media, with the exception of maybe CNN and a blurb in the paper, 
as these have so far been peaceful.  However, on the 15th there is a 
'die in' planned and Civil Disobedience.  Maybe the police will 
over-react and harm some of us. Maybe even do a 'Kent State'; (then 
we can be on the 'national news' for once.)

I have been in the paper already this month, and a few times in 
August.  I have my home decorated with "Impeach Bush - Cheney Now" 
and have changed the decorations on my window box to a fall motif. I 
dance as fast as I can.

--It looks like the music will end soon.

The worst part about it all for me, is that I had kids.  If I had 
only known 20 years ago that my country was in the process of being 
taken-over by Fascists, I would have stayed on the Pill.  The army 
recruiters are after them. Now I can understand why the U.S. Board of 
Education does not teach us about the greatest marine of them all: 
Major General Smedley D. Butler.  (For as you know, in 1934, he 
thwarted such a coup.)

Count your Blessings, Richard.. for you are truly blessed to be able 
to go to Ireland.  Like the poor in New Orleans, most of us are stuck 

   Diana Skipworth


Diana - have hope; it helps - rkm

From: j fadiman
To: •••@••.•••
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 23:13:11 EDT
Subject: Re: Greetings from Kauai

At least in Rome you got bread and circuses.   And if you heard bull 
shit General and lying Ambassador today, you would be even more 
nervous. As one house member said, it was this year's version of 
Colin Powell's lying to the UN about WMDs in Iraq.

welcome to la la land


From: "Jerold Hubbard" <>
To: <•••@••.•••>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 21:18:57 -0500
Subject: Re: Greetings from Kauai
Dear Richard;

What you've said is true! Have you seen the latest by Geroge Carlin, 
called living the American Dream?

In case you haven't, I will try to send you a web site address for 
it. It will be from Alternet new "The mix is the news!"



Hi Jerold,

Thanks, I've added a link to Carlin on my blog: 

I like his closing remark: "Why do they call it the American 
Dream?...because you've got to be asleep to believe it."


From: Bill Blum
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 15:07:44 EDT
Subject: Anti-Empire Report, September 11, 2007

Anti-Empire Report, September 11, 2007



Thanks Bill, I'm sure our readers will find your report useful. - rkm

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 01:57:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: jeff wefferson <>
To: •••@••.•••

richard...we were just in one of the most powerful spots on the 
planet, the Pilbarra region of western Australia.  You are close to 
others...or maybe on it!  Haleakala on Maui is VERY powerful..go and 
give my love to mother maui for me!  jimi hendrix did a concert down 
in the crater there...the rainbow bridge concert...a lot of the 
electronic gear wouldn't work due to weird electrical stuff and even 
the people not on acid saw ufos!  cheers

bro jeff

ps really...should "amerika" end in fire like the Hopi prophecy says?


Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately, won't be able to make it to Maui. :-( But Kauai is 
powerful in its own lovely way. Prophecies reveal one possible 
future. We can change it if we wake up. How come the UFOs are never 
there when I'm looking??


From: "John Lowry" <>
To: "Richard Moore" <•••@••.•••>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 18:28:08 -0700
Subject: Re: left-wing brain vs. right-wing brain ?

Perhaps there are even several species within the humanoid type. 
Ohmygosh, another damn hierarchy  ;-)

From: MAN <>
To: newslog <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: left-wing brain vs. right-wing brain ?
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 08:03:34 -0700

Is this the same research team that's looking for the gene for 
knowing how to ride a bicycle?



Hi MN,

It wasn't a very good article, but I do keep searching for the core 
difference between liberals and conservatives. My own current guess 
is that both love authority: liberals want the authority of laws; 
conservatives want the authority of leaders. Both are motivated by an 
instilled fear of humanity.


Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 08:12:25 -0700
From: MAN <>
To: newslog <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: new book: True Story of Bilderbergers

This post impressed me until I came to the part about our 
grandfathers fighting and winning our freedoms for us in WWII. The 
continuum of which the Bilderberg Group is a current manifestation 
goes back hundreds, indeed thousands of years. Another 
left-gatekeeper for those of us who study the Global Monetocracy?



Hi MN,

I wouldn't be so hard on that author. There are many layers to the 
conspiracy onion, and we can't blame someone for not getting to the 
core the first few times they look.



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