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Richard Moore

In a recent posting, "Peak oil : Does it matter?", I suggested:

    For us, it seems to me, all of these circumstances indicate
    that what we need to be focusing on is the question of how we
    can gain the power to transform our societies. Peak oil or no
    peak oil, planned genocide or no planned genocide, if we don't
    gain that power we have disaster ahead of us, of one flavor or
          Waiting until things get worse will not make our task
    any easier. The sooner we face this question and start doing
    something about it, the better off we'll be. In that sense,
    we've long passed the point of diminishing returns as regards
    'analyzing the problem'. All we really need to know is that
    our societies are unsustainable, and that this problem cannot
    be productively addressed within the context of our current
    political systems. After that, we can find only redundant
    details in further analysis.

I truly believe this, and yet, given the seeming urgency of
unfolding events these days, I continue to report and analyze,
instead of focusing on 'what we can do'. I'd like to remedy
this situation...to follow my own advice, above.

My 'new resolution' is to begin posting items on the cj and rn
lists, and encouraging dialog, on the themes of 'positive
initiatives', 'paths to transformation', 'new society
visions', etc. Meanwhile, articles and analysis regarding
current events will continue to appear on newslog, with weekly
notices to cj & rn of the latest posting topics.


Several of you requested copies of Chapter 1 to review, but
I've gotten very little feedback as yet. I realize the chapter
is rather long. Just a reminder that feedback is still
encouraged. Meanwhile, I'm trimming the material down and
making those changes which make sense to me on re-reading.

best regards,



"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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