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Some Brian Herring research:

Tue Jul 12, 2005 at 03:35:09 PM PDT

For those of you actually following the stories I’ve been posting concerning, I have recieved further information on the real identity of Brian Harring (the so-called author of the de-bunked 9000 dead servicemen story). I have been in e-mail communication with him and he has authorized me to post this diary in the hopes that he can somehow clear his name.

Assuming everything he has told me is true and he isn’t part of this whole scam, then this gentlemen needs some help, if only to get the truth out there.

I’ll try to sum it all up below the fold (apologies if it gets too long!)

First, the background for those of you not familiar with this. I strongly suggest reading my first two diaries to get a real appreciation of what’s going on.

The first diary is called WARNING: Beware the “Voice from the White House”.

The second diary is called Follow up: TBRNews and Brian Harring.

So, to sum up to this point. is a scam website. It promotes conspiracy theories and made-up stories as truth. Why? Well, I have my own theories on this. The theory I like best is a comment posted to this story from 2002 and can be found here:

Right Wing Propagandists
by Fight the Right Tuesday December 10, 2002 at 01:05 PM

Rivero, What Really Happened, Go off, Dandelion, Gordon Thomas are essentially all part of an inbred and incestuous network of Right Wing propagandists and disinformation artists.

They included not only the standard Hard Right outlets like Newsmax but also Christian Fascist moupieces like Dandelion.

Their political function and agenda in general is to act as a phony opposition or Trojan Horse media specifically targetted towards those people who question the official story. If you study the disinformation put out by these propagandists, you will see a similar pattern in that they question the official story or version of events–only to carefully spin the issue in a way which just so happens to reinforce their own Right Wing agendas and political campaigns.

In particular with respect to 9-11, most of the sites have tried to seize upon obvious holes and lies in the official story about 9-11 in order to direct and deflect blame AWAY from the Bush Regime and American State in general towards some foreign bogeyman or patsy.

The bottom line is that these pseudo-alternative media outlets set up by the Right Wing have the effect of being classic CIA style psyops operations. They question the official story, only to steer and focus attention away from the more fascistic political factions which support the American military-corporate complex onto a suitable “enemy” foreign or domestic.

I have spent countless hours researching this aspect of the story and found a disturbing link between my research on TBRNews (specifically how it relates to Harring’s current threats) and the story referenced above. Also, the person who wrote the story above calls himself S. Boyle and I can find nothing from him past April of 2003 when he stopped writing on his blog. If you care to read a further entry of S. Boyle on the harassment he got in early 2003 concerning his research, you can see that here.

Anyway, on to Brian Harring. Brian is a computer geek who works on Linux stuff (I won’t even begin to describe it, I’m not that computer literate!). Brian knew Peter Stahl (one of the many pseudonyms used by Walter Storch, editor of TBRNews) a few years ago and lost touch. He became aware that his name was being used on the military deaths story because he began getting e-mails from readers who googled his name trying to track him down. He then googled TBRNews and Walter Storch and came across my original diary where he recognized the name Peter Stahl as someone he once knew. He then e-mailed me wanting to know if I knew how to contact Mr. Stahl. This was when I wrote the second diary on the subject. I did some independent checking, made a few calls and have determined that the computer-geek Brian Harring is who he says he is. And he is NOT the one who wrote the TBRNews story.

Brian then contacted (via e-mail) Peter Stahl to get him to cease and desist using his name on the story. What ensued was a series of e-mails back and forth between the two. Brian then catalogued the whole story on his blog, complete with copies of all the e-mails and background on his past relationship with Pete Stahl.

His latest entry along with another e-mail to me today details the fact that he is now being threatened by Mr. Stahl and the “publisher” who is supposedly going to write a book based on “Brian Harring’s” DOD findings.

Now, the tie-in to the story from 2002 that I reference above is important to why the theory quoted above makes some sense. The so-called publisher for this current book is a woman named Carol Adler from Dandelion Books. It’s clear when you google her or Dandelion that this is a sham on-line publishing operation, as evidenced here. This is also the organization tied to S. Boyle’s story from 2002 where he found evidence of umbrella ownership with a number of these conspiracy-pushing websites. I think TBRNews is also one of these websites and part of this umbrella organization which S. Boyle identifies as Great Dominion. What I don’t know is who is behind it all. Or is it simply coincidence that Stahl is trying to get this fake book published by Dandelion Books?

Perhaps this is something e-Pluribus Media would like to dig into. I think there is a story here, but I have limited resources, any help would be appreciated.



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Death from the Skies
August 24, 2008
by Brian Harring