Retired Colonel Urges Troops to Refuse Orders to Attack Iran


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February 26, 2007
Woman Colonel Urges Troops to Refuse Orders if US Attacks Iran

Adding to the chorus of women leaders demanding that President Bush retreat from
the possibility of war against Iran, retired Army Reserves Colonel and former 
high-ranking diplomat Mary Ann Wright asked military personnel to refuse 
potentially imminent orders to attack Iran.

"Attacking Iran will be a crime against peace, a war crime," wrote Wright in a 
recent column published by "Those conducting military operations 
will be violating the Nuremberg Principles, the Geneva Conventions and the Laws 
of Land Warfare... While refusal to drop bombs [on Iran] may initially draw 
punishment and the loss of one's military career, those who refuse will save 
their soul, their conscience, and will prevent another criminal action in the 
name of our country by the Bush administration."

Wright noted the large number of women now in the military and appealed to women
military personnel, as well as their male counterparts, to consider the deaths 
of innocent civilians that will result if Iran is bombed. She went on to say, 
"We as human beings must take responsibility for ourselves and what our 
government may ask us to do."

Wright served 29 years in the US Army and Army Reserves, rising to the rank of 
colonel. In March 2003, Wright was one of the highest-ranking State Department 
officials to resign in protest of the Iraq war.

Feminist Majority Foundation President Eleanor Smeal joined with Nobel Peace 
Laureates Jody Williams of the US and Shirin Ebadi of Iran in April of last year
to call for a peaceful resolution to the tensions between the two countries. A 
May 2006 Ms. magazine poll found that 67 percent of US women (compared with 59 
percent of men) oppose the US taking a preemptive, unilateral military action 
against Iran.

LEARN MORE Read "The Peacemongers," a Ms. report on the creation of the Nobel 
Women's Initiative, a collection of women Nobel Peace Laureates and their work 
to convince the US and Iranian governments that negotiations and compromise are 
better alternatives to war.

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