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Richard Moore

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From: Robert Gregory 
Date: 3 June 2011 06:04:10 GMT+01:00
Subject: third new biotic attack?

Now that there are strange bugs being found in Japan, attributed to Australian beef, and of course the bugs in Germany attributed to Spanish cukes, we also have here a MRSA superbug appearing in Ireland . . . . one gets very suspicious with three outbreaks simultaneously . . . 

Ernie Yacub responded:

this reminds me of the hiv/aids outbreak that supposedly jumped from monkeys to humans but that requires many generations of evolution or a lab – i remember this from reading horowitz way back then. 

Hi Ernie,

Yes, and once one’s antenna were operating, from the AIDS scenario, the whole swine-flu experience took on broader dimensions. 
Think about all the R&D that has gone on with GMO foods, and how much ‘progress’ they’ve made with the technology, in terms of fielded products. GMO viruses and bacteria are simply applications the same basic technology, and heaven knows the military gets all the funding it wants for its research. They surely have more customized superbugs on the shelf than there are GMO crops in the catalog. 
Clearly, as we approach 2012, we have entered the implementation phase of the depopulation component of the New World Order agenda. Tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdown radiation, food inflation, and GMO diseases — if one doesn’t get you, the other will. 

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