re/ newslog & facebook


Richard Moore

Bcc: FYI


You may have noticed that postings to newslog have become infrequent. The fact is that I’m finding facebook much more convenient for sharing news events, breakthrough reports, and useful articles from various sources.

I will continue to post the more pivotal items to newslog, as I find time – but if you want to keep up with my ‘rkm news feed’, I suggest visiting my facebook link (above) and consider pressing ‘follow’ or sending a friend request. If you’re a friend, then I get things you post, which I can then share on. 

If you’ve been avoiding facebook for privacy reasons, consider this: you can create an account, provide minimal information in your profile, and ‘follow’ things you’re interested in without ever posting anything yourself or connecting to any ‘friends’. Then the only thing you’re revealing is what you look at, and they already know whatever your browse, so why worry.