re: book tour


Richard Moore


I was quite naive to believe that a book tour could be
organized on an impromptu basis. Volunteer hosts aren't the
problem: dozens of you jumped into the breach, offering to
host visits in locations from coast to coast.  Many  thanks
for that!  The problem is that bookstores need advance
notice to get on their schedules,  and they want to see
favorable reviews by someone, or some publication, that
they've heard of.  Hence, our plans have been revised.

We (that's Chris and I) will be sending out copies of the
book, with cover letters,. to people, periodicals, radio
stations, etc., where we think there might be resonance with
the ideas. We'll be looking for interviews and reviews. If
you have any suggestions for places to send such review
copies, please let us know. When we get enough of a
portfolio together, then we'll be able to send a 'kit' to
our volunteer hosts and start putting together an itinerary.
Perhaps April-May timeframe.

I was very pleased to see the book in its physical
existence. There's something amorphous about all this
Internet material - there are always new versions and new
information - a world of flux. ...a difference-in-kind
of media, a la MacCluan. - a book is something real, more
permanent, than webstuff. I guess it's like the difference
between a movie and a TV series. I hope more of you get a
copy, plus some for your friends. I hope you start sending
in reviews for our own local feedback here, plus put some
reviews on

I'll be in the SF Bay Area for the next couple weeks. If any
of you would be interested in getting together, please let
me know, with available dates,  and we'll try to arrange a
party / gathering, most likely in the Palo Alto area.