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Richard Moore


We now have three 'team members' for the forum, and people
have started posting and commenting. Already I like the feel of it.

If you are new to blogspot, see recipe below for registering.

If you want to become a team member, so you can create new
postings, just let me know.

Hope to see more of you on the blog!



     How to register on blogspot...
     The procedure is not obvious for first time users.
     First you go to:
     Then you hit the link at the lower right: "sign up here"
     That gets you to "Create an account"
     You may need to iterate a few times here, as lots of user
        names are already taken.
     You can either be creative in making up a name, or you can
        add some random number at the end of the name you want to
        use, "666" or whatever.
     Once you succeed in registering, ignore the opportunity to
       create a blog, and simply go to
     Do remember your password, but you shouldn't need to type it
       again as your login info will be saved as cookies on your


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