re: a message / appeal from rkm


Richard Moore


Many thanks to those who responded to the appeal for support. As I suspected, 
many of you have more difficult situations than I do. Several people are making 
contributions, enough to at least get me through finishing the book. I 
appreciate that support very much, not just the bread and butter, but also the 
good feeling of being in a supportive community. By the way, I do have a * 
PayPal * account, under the email address '•••@••.•••'. If anyone 
is so inclined, and you have a PayPal account, I think you can just 'Send funds 
to email address'. 

Enough of that for now.

Progress on the next chapter continues. I think the material is developing well,
but it's slow going. There seems to be a natural way things want to be said, and
it takes time for each paragraph to emerge. Meanwhile, a number of people sent 
in comments on recent postings and I'll try to get to those tomorrow.

best regards,