re-4: Climate science: observations vs. models


Richard Moore

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New version

I’ve re-written the main section of the document, where I deal with “Question 1” – Are we facing dangerous global warming? I show dramatically that the two hemispheres have quite different climate patterns, and that global averages are characteristic of neither hemisphere. I’ve added strong arguments as to why global averages are meaningless, and why the famous hockey stick is an illusion. 

I’ve also inserted a new “Question 3”, What are we to make of Jim Hansen’s prediction that rapid warming will soon resume? Here I analyze Hansen’s arguments in his latest report on 2009 temperatures. I argue that he has drifted into that epicycle space, where theories become assumptions and observations are ignored that disagree with the model. I argue that his claims in the article are meaningless illusions.
I’d welcome any feedback on the current version, whether positive or negative, and if anyone’s forwarded or posted the earlier versions anywhere, please follow up in the same venues with the new version. It now includes an internal link, that points people back to the document’s home, where the latest version can always be found.
Many thanks for all the help and support I’ve received on this project.
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