re-1: Climate science: observations vs. models


Richard Moore

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Thanks to all of you who have sent me messages on the article, or added comments to the blog. You’ve given me a lot of good information to plow through, and I’ll be updating the article on a regular basis. The current version is always at this URL, and anyone can add comments. It’s good to register with Google and create a profile, as you then get notifications of new comments:
Global Research published the 8 Jan version:
I’d like to find ice-core data for a few other latitudes and ocean temperature data for the past century, if it exists. I’d also like to get atmospheric temperature for as far back as possible, to see how that correlates with surface temperatures. I need that to get an idea of what the recent cooling of atmospheric and ocean temperatures implies regarding surface trends. I have some leads to follow-up for this new data, but if anyone already has the answers, please let me know, to save time. Several of you have already sent links to the satellite data which I had failed to find. I’ll be adding a list of references to some of the recent literature, so if you’ve got some favorites please let me know. 
A couple of you have objected to my reference to peak oil, based on the likely existence of abiotic oil. I won’t be launching into a discussion of abiotic oil on this blog, but I will omit the reference to peak oil and replace it by a discussion of general resource scarcities, which is really the point as regards the new world order. A new blog on abiotic oil would be a good idea, so if anyone has good articles on that please let me know.
One thing that bothers me are all the pseudo-scientific articles that claim to ‘refute the deniers’. I’ve found most of them to be so weak and propagandistic that they almost become confirmations of the validity of the ‘deniers’. If anyone wants to write a good critique of any of the ‘refutation’ articles, I could add it as another blog posting on the same blog. Don Giles has already sent in one such critique, and I’ll be posting that. 
Finally, I’ll be posting some of the comments you folks have sent in, along with my responses to the comments. This is turning into a very collaborative project.
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