Ramsay Clarke calls on U.N. to stop the U.S.


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WHAT MATTERS-95                             September 6, 2002
Ramsay Clarke calls on U.N. to stop the U.S. from carrying out its planned
war crime against Iraq

Dear list members,

"If, as promised so many times, the U.S. does attack Iraq to overthrow
its government, it will be the most notorious, arrogant and   contemptuous
violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the Nuremberg Charter and
international law yet experienced, or likely hereafter. Only absolute power
unrestrained by any rule of law or standard of human decency openly taunts
an intended victim as President Bush has taunted Iraq."

The quotations is from an open letter by Ramsey Clarke, a former U.S.
Attorney General. The letter was sent on September 4 to all members of the
U.N. Security Council, with copies to the U.N. General Assembly and Senator
Biden of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. In his letter, Ramsey
Clarke calls on the United Nations to act to prevent an attack by the United
States against Iraq.

This is what Clarke writes about the merciless bombing of Iraq for 42 days
in 1991: "The Pentagon announced it conducted 110,000 aerial sorties against
the defenseless 'cradle of civilization', dropping 88,500 tons of bombs. The
widespread bombing destroyed the economic viability of the civilian society
throughout the nation. It killed tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens and
others. A major part of the bombing was directed at civilians and civilian
facilities. It was less accurate than the recent indiscriminate attacks in
Afghanistan. U.S. bombs destroyed Iraqi water systems, electric power
transmission, communications, transportation, manufacturing, commerce,
agriculture, poultry and livestock, food storage facilities, markets,
fertilizer and insecticide production, business centers, archeological and
historical treasures, apartment houses, residential areas, schools,
hospitals, mosques, churches and synagogues.

"The Pentagon stated its casualties were 156," Clarke continues. "One third
were from 'friendly fire'; the rest were accidental. The U.S. had no combat

To make matters worse, on August 6, 1990, the 45th anniversary of the U.S.
atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, the U.S. crafted economic sanctions against
Iraq, which the Security Council approved.

"Those sanctions are the direct cause of the very cruel deaths of more than
a million people," writes Clarke. "This is the greatest crime against
humanity, in the last decade of the most violent century in history".

The imminent attack being planned by the U.S. represents a dramatic
escalation of the daily bombings of Iraq by the U.S. and U.K. As
Ramsay Clarke writes: "The U.S. has engaged in air strikes against Iraq at
will since March 1991, when the massive attacks averaging one aerial sortie
every 30 seconds ended.

"Without losing a single plane, U.S. attacks have killed: cleaning personnel
at the Al Rashid Hotel in Baghdad in a failed attempt to assassinate Saddam
Hussein; scores of people each year in attacks on radar stations in or near
the U.S.-imposed no-fly zones; all the persons aboard a U.N. helicopter shot
down by U.S. aircraft; and civilians from all walks of life, including the
internationally famous artist and Director of Iraqis' National Center for
Arts, Leila al Attar."

According to Clarke, the U.S. has falsely claimed that Iraq is working to
develop weapons of mass destruction to attack the U.S., Israel, its
neighbors and others. He writes: "The U.S. claimed its 1991 attacks
destroyed 80% of Iraq's military capacity. The U.N. inspection efforts
claimed to discover and dismantle 90% of Iraq's post-1991 capacity to
develop weapons of mass destruction. Iraq, its peoples and resources are
exhausted. It has a 'stunted' generation of children under age 10 and a
debilitated population at all ages. It is the victim of the worst crime
against humanity in recent decades.

"Two of the highest U.N. officials responsible for U.N. weapons
inspection within Iraq and a principle U.S. citizen participating in the
inspections have resigned, denounced the sanctions and denied that there is
a threat that Iraq will develop weapons of mass destruction."

The letter by Ramsey Clarke was forwarded to me by list member Maereid
Sullivan. To read it in full, go to:

I suspect that the planned war crime against Iraq is not just about control
of the Middle East oil fields and a personal Bush vendetta against Saddam
Hussein. It may also be intended as a cover under which Ariel Sharon will
drive the Palestinians out of the West Bank into Jordan and Syria, to
realise his objective of an expanded Israel, stretching from the
Mediterranean to the Jordan River.

Let there be no doubt, the forces of darkness are gathering, in violent
competition for land and other riches, even as more and more of us,
individually, are being drawn into the light of higher reason, where
cooperation and diversity in unity are in order.

In friendship,

Boudewijn Wegerif
What Matters Programme
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