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February 26, 2007
How to Beat the Psychopaths in Power at Their Own Game
By Cathy Garger

Imagine - if you can - not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of 
guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the 
well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles 
with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish,
lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.

And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a 
burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools.

From THE PSYCHOPATH - The Mask of Sanity

Almost any American over 5 years of age is aware that the United States is 
involved in war. Most, if asked the exact number of wars in which we are 
currently engaged, will say that two wars are underway. But how many Americans 
actually realize that greater than two nations are being bombarded by the United
States with uranium weapons, illegal under international law?

Sometimes subtle wars are waged that go unreported and hidden from public view. 
These operations can even be domestic - that is, they do not always necessarily 
involve foreign enemies. Furthermore, such activities can go on indefinitely, 
and may be covered up under various project names, often with hidden agendas, 
carried out just under the radar, thus keeping the public in the dark for many 

The two wars that most Americans can tell you about involve the use of 
radioactive uranium in weapons overseas in the Middle East. It is, in fact, 
common knowledge throughout the world that the United States military has been 
using uranium munitions in Iraq ever since 1991 and in Afghanistan since 2001 .

With regard to weapons containing Depleted Uranium (DU), in 1996 the United 
Nations called for the "need for their complete elimination".

Apparently, the UN position on the use of these weapons is of little concern to 
those who run the US federal government. It is abundantly clear that those in 
power do not concern themselves with such seemingly trifling, "quaint" and 
antiquated notions of what's legal - and what's not - with regard to 
international human rights and humanitarian law.

What many Americans - anti-war activists and war supporters alike - fail to 
realize is that Uncle Sam's widespread use of Depleted Uranium has not been 
merely limited to America's so-called "enemies" overseas. What does not yet 
appear to be common knowledge is the absolute fact that a radiological campaign 
is being waged in the more domestic, local "theatre"- the very place 300 million
of us call "home".

Depleted Uranium (DU) is currently being used inside our own country, right 
outside in the very air where America's men, women, and children are trying hard
to breathe. Those who previously had no clue about these "dirty deeds done dirt 
cheap" with this plentiful and inexpensive nuclear waste product are now 
starting to write and ask just how could it be that our own government shoots 
and explodes radioactive poison inside their own country - the very air that 
they and their families also breathe?

It is precisely at times like these when we, the sane, take a great big sigh and
scratch our heads, look up into the polluted skies in the proximity of what many
consider to be the heavens, and ask if someone - anyone - can please tell us 
exactly, precisely when did the good people of America become our nation's own 

While recently writing about the serious matter of California's radioactive open
air explosions, I reported that there are dozens of US
military "test" firing ranges and National Laboratories where Depleted Uranium 
has been fired, exploded, and burned within the United States, right out into 
the open air. Some government "test" sites, in fact, such as the one in 
Livermore, California, near San Francisco, have been at it for over fifty years.

How many of us knew that we were using the same poison on the Middle Eastern 
"enemy" that we have been using right here, on our own people at home? Certainly
this was a story I must have missed out of the mouths of Katie & Matt and 
Charlie & Joan all those years of watching what I thought was the morning "news"
on TV.

At the Livermore National Laboratory, the radioactive, microscopic aerosolized 
particles from mock bomb blasts are photographed emanating from these explosive 
"shots." This term, however, serves to minimize what are actually colossal 
detonations of hundreds of pounds of radioactive materials. Examine this picture
carefully, if you will, and see if this photograph taken way back in 1961 looks 
like a "shot" to you?

At other military "test" firing ranges and proving grounds, soldiers practice 
using these radioactive weapons in preparation for combat. Meanwhile, collective
human "dose" information is meticulously captured through the use of sensitive 
special filters positioned at various distances from detonation sites. All of 
this data is carefully recorded and preserved so as to prove to those who might 
happen to be paying attention that the levels of radiation do not exceed 
"permissible" limits.

And while these elevated levels of radioactive poisons such as Tritium are 
captured in filters and measured in the wines grown from local vineyards in the 
valleys surrounding the Livermore Laboratory, so-called "acceptable" collective 
radiation doses are met with ho-hum blasé. What comes to mind are the words of 
the man called "the father of Health Physics", long-term Director of Health 
Physics at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Dr. Karl Z. Morgan, who admitted, 
"There is no safe level of exposure and there is no dose of radiation so low 
that the risk of a malignancy is zero".

Certainly the US military and the Department of Energy must not have been 
listening to Dr. Morgan and others like Dr. John William Gofman, who had worked 
at the Livermore Laboratory and, at the request of J. Robert Oppenheimer, helped
produce Plutonium for the Manhattan Project. In a 1994 interview with the 
University of California Medical Physics professor, Gofman was asked if the 
lowest doses [of radiation] will produce cancer? Gofman's response was clear, 
"The answer is this: ionizing radiation is not like a poison out of a bottle 
where you can dilute it and dilute it. The lowest dose of ionizing radiation is 
one nuclear track through one cell. You can't have a fraction of a dose of that 
sort. Either a track goes through the nucleus and affects it, or it doesn't."

Tragically, radioactive contamination from atomic bomb blasts, simulated mock 
bomb detonations, artillery "test" sites, proving grounds, and live-fire 
air-to-ground ranges

has built up inside America - in our atmosphere, our water, our earth, our 
vegetation, and in all living things. All these years of military and National 
Laboratory "experiments" and what are loosely termed "tests" have taken a toll 
both on our environment - and our health.

Perhaps the hardest pill to swallow, however, is the sobering reality that even 
in the most unlikely event that all weapons-related activities involving 
radioactive substances were to suddenly stop? Consider for a moment only one of 
the radioactive materials, Depleted Uranium, which has been used inside the 
United States for over sixty years. Since DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion 
years, this means that the millions of tons of this radioactive poison and toxic
contamination that the military and weapons "labs" have used through the current
day will wreck havoc on our planet for more years into the future than the earth
has even been around.

Since 1945, our citizens have been taking in this contamination by eating the 
food, drinking the water, and breathing the air. But sadly, these poisons will 
not go away when we have all left this earth. These military "tests" and 
National Laboratory

experiments - involving at least eighty (80) radioisotopes - contain some of the very deadliest
substances in the world, which are even more hazardous to our environment and 
human health than Depleted Uranium alone. And worse yet, these toxic poisons are
here to stay.

My God! We have wrecked this planet permanently - and there is no turning back.

It would be one thing if they did not realize and simply did not know what they 
were doing with the use of radioactive materials such as Depleted Uranium. But 
according to Dr. Doug Rokke, former U.S. Army's DU team health physicist and 
former U.S. Army's DU Project Director, "The primary U.S. Army training manual: 
STP 21-1-SMCT: Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks states "NOTE: (Depleted uranium) 
Contamination will make food and water unsafe for consumption."

Today, virtually all fifty states are contaminated in one way or another by 
Depleted Uranium, either from wind currents that bring the Uranium aerosols into
other areas of the country, or more directly, through mining, production, 
manufacture, storage, detonations, burnings, and/or "testing" - via artillery 
test ranges, air-to-ground drops, or ship-to-shore exercises.

Despite all this contamination, those in charge in America continue to use this 
material, often in increasing amounts, and conduct "testing" of it, as these 
activities are called, always working to devise more lethal weapons to more 
effectively do greater harm to increasing numbers of people. Americans are 
included in these hazards and forthright information is never given regarding 
the actual devastating health impacts these toxic, radiological munitions have 
on the unsuspecting population.

These radionuclides keep right on contaminating our air and environment and 
ensure deleterious health effects for multitudes of generations to come. 
Radiation wrecks havoc with DNA and causes permanent genetic cell mutation our 
descendents will pass down to future offspring - forever. Remarkably, even the 
EPA, the supposed protector of not the environment but, in actuality, grand 
defender of the aims of Empire, acknowledges on its website that: "Radiation can
cause changes in DNA, the "blueprints" that ensure cell repair and replacement 
produces a perfect copy of the original cell. Changes in DNA are called 

DNA changes caused by radiation notwithstanding, at the Lawrence Livermore 
National Laboratory, the maximum annual amount of radioactive materials, 
including Depleted Uranium and Tritium, that are permitted to be detonated in 
the densely populated greater San Francisco Bay/San Jose area was increased 
eight-fold on November 13, 2006 from 1,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds.

These now-larger explosions are being performed under the guise of "stockpile 
stewardship". What this boils down to is the simulation of various types of 
bombs through photographing, analyzing, and then recording the way that 
radionuclides travel through the air. The ultimate unstated goal, however, 
appears to be to harm as many humans as possible. Why else would such tests be 
conducted in the close proximity of ten million people?

This radiation is being exploded, shot, burned, and fired into our air on 
purpose, and even the EPA admits that the radiation harms cells and the genetic 
material of American babies yet to be born. Can there then be any doubt that 
those who use bombs, bullets, missiles, open air explosions and burnings as 
dispersal methods by which to blanket our atmosphere and radioactively 
contaminate our earth are entirely void of conscience? Admittedly, it is this 
psychopathic disdain for human life - and American ones at that - that is 
difficult for the normal mind to even comprehend.

Clearly, these "users" and "pushers" of Depleted Uranium are not like you and 
me. These psychopaths do not operate out of thought processes involved with 
customary rationality. They feel no remorse for their amoral and illegal 
actions. Nor do they exhibit compassion for those whose suffering they cause. 
And while the healthy among us shed tears when contemplating the vast amounts of
pain and suffering experienced by foreigners and fellow citizens alike who 
become sick and die as a result of this radioactive poison gassing? Psychopaths 
can even find their health-destroying handiwork downright stimulating.

Since these creatures who masquerade as regular humans live and breathe this 
contaminated air, too, it's hard to grasp the twisted tendency that includes not
only harming others with these munitions of death but also exposing their own 
selves to this devastating health risk in the process. Thus, these puppets who 
carry out these radioactive explosive "shots" and conduct these military burns 
and artillery tests carry out sacrificial Kamikaze missions where their own 
health and prospects for the enjoyment of longevity are apparently secondary to 
the mission of national "defense" by radiation at hand.

Perhaps they feel like martyrs or something, willingly exposing themselves to 
excess rems of radiation? These order-takers are clearly not only willing to 
harm others and themselves in the process, but most incredibly, like the dutiful
military and non-military "soldiers" they are, sacrifice even their own families
by living in these communities near radioactive "test" sites and passing down 
cell mutations and damaged DNA for their future generations to carry along to 
their offspring. Such is the passionate devotion and blind obedience to 
performing the mechanics of pre-calculated, permissible radiological "doses" as 
part of the radiation dispersers' daily workday regimen.

Those who perform this self-sacrificing work at these military "test" sites and 
national weapons laboratories as radiation-dispersers working under the cover of
national "defense" are programmed by the psychopaths to accept as their 
patriotic duty the contamination by radiation of themselves, their families, and
the communities in which they live. These tasks, of course, are rationalized by 
the radiation workers as loyal, nationalistic, patriotic gestures considered 
within the realm of protecting America's "freedom" and "liberty". For those 
firmly rooted in reality, however, one can clearly question how freedom or 
liberty can be experienced when one is being poisoned by the very same 
government that simultaneously feigns the role of benevolent father figure by 
pretending to care about its charges and giving assurances of its intent to 
safeguard the citizens' security and protection.

It is merely unthinkable for the average citizen to contemplate that its own 
government would seek purposely to do him harm. Thus, psychopaths in power have 
been allowed to get away with what is, in actuality, the most unthinkable of all
crimes - that of harming one's own. So what us normal folk legitimately call 
"sick puppies" are good-to-go even with the prospect of their own potential 
early demise - as well as that of their family and friends.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the high level military and DOE 
supervisors who order these "tests", the scientists who develop them, and the 
order-takers who carry them out are fully aware of the effect that radiation has
on humans and all living things. For many years, in fact, these quite literally 
"mad" scientists who worked in national weapons laboratories sacrificially 
subjected themselves to human experimentation for what they must have actually 
believed was in keeping with some great, worthy, "noble cause".

A college course in basic psychopathology tells us all we need to know about 
those who knowingly inflict physical harm on themselves and others. In addition 
to what is an intent to do harm, or, at the very least, blatant non-concern over
inflicting personal damage upon their fellow man, the psychopathic mind that 
cares not one whit for others can also possess a blatant disregard himself, as 
well. And while the psychopaths' total disregard for the sanctity of life is 
understood within the context of serious mental illness, it is perhaps only 
mental health professionals who may be able to shed some light on why the rest 
of us, the 96% of American non-psychopaths, do not put an end to the radiation 
madness exhibited by these madmen?

Why do all of us, that is, those who can legitimately claim sanity, allow the 
four percent of the non-sane to desecrate, via radiation, not just our own 
country but all corners of the planet - and outer space too, for that matter? Why do we continue to allow 
these persons void of conscience to use their radioactive poison "toys" - these 
weapons of death - upon ourselves and citizens of other nations?

What is wrong with us - those who care about ourselves, our families, our fellow
citizens, and human beings throughout the world - for continuing to allow such 
abuse at the hands of those who clearly do not care? Are "we the people" 
perhaps, as psychiatrist Carol Woman, MD, writes, "being abused by the members of the 
Executive Branch, whose job it is to carry out OUR will, the will of "we the 
people"? Is it possible that we, as Dr. Wolman states, are "like a wife trapped 
in an abusive marriage, who feels that duty and economics prevent her from 
leaving. Perhaps she still feels some love and loyalty to the husband who 
mistreats her. Perhaps she feels she deserves ill treatment, or that she's too 
weak and pitiful to do anything about it. She becomes depressed and resigned to 
a dismal life"?

And, on the topic of what to do, rather than become "depressed and resigned to a
dismal life", Dr. Wolman offers, "When a woman is being abused by her husband, 
it is commonly accepted that he is committing criminal acts, and needs to be 
brought to justice." So with no serious actions on the part of Congress, our 
Courts, and certainly, least of all, on the part of our Executive Branch, what 
then, is exactly our problem?

It is merely common sense to realize that those who have no regard for the 
sanctity of human life require removal from their positions of "leadership". 
These individuals need to be sequestered away from civil society to a place 
where they can be prevented from doing any further harm to themselves or others.
It is beyond the normal mind's capacity to even fathom how and why these 
psychopaths - the same ones that invaded, occupied, destroyed, and rendered 
uninhabitable two nations with the promiscuous use of tons of radioactive 
munitions - are still in power. It is further unfathomable to conceive why we 
continue to allow these humans-in-appearance-only to have any control whatsoever
over our vast stores of lethal radioactive materials.

In studying child psychopathology, we learn of young children who actually enjoy
torturing animals (such as exploding frogs) and setting ablaze structures like 
dog houses and backyard sheds merely for the kick they get from watching 
obliteration of life and conflagration. Not surprisingly, these sick boys and 
girls grow up to be sick men and women. Apparently, while their bodies grow into
the outer casings of what passes as human adult personhood, the apparent thrill 
of witnessing painful and catastrophic devastation and grand, fiery displays of 
exploding Uranium-238 by these aberrations of humanity apparently never goes 

Case in point. There exists one such "subject" in a high level of power in the 
country who the mentally ill have fashioned as their role model - a psychopath 
who is ultimately the person in charge of killing large numbers of people - who 
generally wears a facade of non-affect out of either disdain or disregard for 
life in general. Even more horrifying is when an actual smirk is worn that has 
been reported to chill non-psychopaths all the world over to the very bone. And 
while Christians "in the know" are often tempted to get close enough to take a 
peek at the scalp for the tell-tale triple 6 numbers, psychiatrists are instead 
tempted to perform a lobotomy to eliminate that portion of the brain where the 
mental process of contemplating the annihilation of other human beings takes 

The rest of us, Americans of conscience with a normative intolerance for harming
other innocent people, can immediately recognize mental illness for what it is. 
The poisoning of civilians in large numbers and then giving repeated advance 
broadcasts as to who the next nation of innocents might be on the list of 
contenders for receipt of future poison gas treatment is one glaring indicator 
of serious and severely abnormal cognitive functioning.

So the big question is, how can - and why do - the vast majority merely sit idly
by while these madmen get to "act out" their pathological fantasies of death and
destruction? With virtually all of Congress clearly acting like mind-controlled 
pod people in some "real world" invasion of body snatchers-type horror flick, 
are the rest of us too under-informed, too apathetic, too distracted, too 
un-empowered, too brainwashed in our "learned helplessness", and/or too 
depressed to do anything effective to stop the maniacal captains of America's 
radiological-powered ship in their tracks?

Does our nation's absolute obedience to authoritarian leadership, with its 
unprecedented ravenous appetite for death and destruction, dictate that we 
merely give up the fight for non-contaminated air, water, soil - and sanity? Are
we so programmed to play follow the leader (even when that leader swats out 
human lives faster than at flies at a picnic) that we are conditioned to go 
about our everyday activities - that consist almost entirely of basic survival 
and mindless amusement - and completely ignore what is, most arguably, 
purposeful genocide both here and abroad?

Are we so blinded beyond all hope that, instead of educating our neighbors about
the harm being committed even upon our own people, we continue to tune 
mindlessly into television programming that would have us contemplate nothing 
more significant than Britney's latest find-the-shaved-body-part photo? Have we 
been lulled mindlessly, through media distractions and what narrowly masquerades
as "news" programs, to surrender any hope whatsoever of opposing the madmen in 
power with their focused, intense Lust To Maim, Harm, and Kill?

So far, the Psychotic Team in control of the United States government is way 
ahead in winning this twisted and pathetically sick and sad, life-destroying 
game. And as much as a crisis intervention of sorts might appear to be in order 
for the deranged psychopathic "users" and "pushers" of this deadly Depleted 
Uranium? Like the true blood-thirsty, "addicts" they are, no amount of reasoning
with these life-sucking vampires will ever get them to regret the error of their
ways and give up their killing "habit".

The non-rational who hold the keys to the inventory of radioactive materials are
incapable of listening to reason. Their complete absence of conscience after 
committing horrific and unthinkable acts which would typically yield remorse in 
any normal human tells us that the power holders are simply incapable of 
stopping their pathological, genocidal, and suicidal ways on their own.

The only way to effectively beat those in control at their deadly games is to 
have equally brilliant and well-adjusted mental health professionals work 
together to out-intellectualize the pathological national controllers at their 
psychological warfare pursuits. It basically boils down to waging a battle of 
the best and the brightest of the non-psychotic minds versus the twisted, 
heartless ones in control who hold, with a vice-like grip, the reins of 
America's power that's gone astray much like a locomotive train that has jumped 
its tracks.

In this case, however, the train wreck of America's collective radiological 
poisoning was meticulously orchestrated and pre-calibrated by nuclear engineers 
and health physicists fully aware long ago that they were steering the freight 
train off course into an irreversible nightmare zone - a place where there would
be no hope for remedial return - even before the train, chock full of uranium, 
ever left the station.

Contrary to popular misconception, curing the ills of the United States 
government is not an issue of the age old battle of good triumphing over evil. 
Instead, it is a matter of the sane taking back control of power from the 
insane. Admittedly, this is no easy task - when psychopathology has completely 
permeated all three branches of government and the mainstream media as well.

Never before has it, therefore, been so necessary to convene in magnificent, 
concerted effort the collective brainpower of the wide awake psychological 
experts from all over the world to figure out how to effect counter operations 
against the comparatively few homicidal controllers who use what the United 
Nations calls their "weapons of indiscriminate effects" upon both foreigners and
their own citizens, too.

In order to make this happen, we each need to find a few mental health 
professionals and work to educate them around the sixty years of history of 
America's own radiation poison gas holocaust. Believe it or not, many Americans 
- even so-called "well educated" ones from the most prestigious universities - 
still do not know half of what is going on. Their university research centers, 
merely an offshoot of the federal government's tentacles of control, do not 
typically permit the truth to venture too far astray from the desired message of
the Doctor Strangelove-types in control.

It is therefore imperative that we, those of sound mind who exhibit a heart, a 
conscience, and good mental health, come now to the rescue of our children's and
grandchildren's future. With the issue of the well-being of our offspring and 
their descendents in precarious balance, we must quickly work to educate the 
non-aware around the use of radioactive substances that are permanently 
poisoning our air, earth, and water. This simple tool, education - if used 
liberally and quickly - is positively the most effective weapon we possess in 
order to stop the increasing radioactive contamination of America - and the rest
of the world.

Getting the word out - that this radiation weakens, sickens, and kills all forms
of life - is our greatest hope of effecting a successful strategy to stop the 
psychopaths in their tracks. With sheer numbers alone (Sane 96% vs. Killing 
Psychopaths 4%) on our side? What we need desperately is massive informational 
outreach to every sane man and woman around the globe.

Then and only then, together, we the people - or, rather, we the *sane* people -
can put an end to the psychopathological radiation poisoning of our nation - and
the rest of the world.


Cathy Garger is a freelance writer, antiwar and anti-radiation activist, and a 
certified personal coach. Living in the shadow of the national District of 
Crime, Cathy is constantly nauseated by the stench emanating from the nation's 
capital during the Washington, DC, federal work week. Cathy can be contacted at 
•••@••.••• .

Authors Website:

Authors Bio: Cathy Garger is a freelance writer, antiwar and anti-radiation 
weapons activist, and a certified personal coach. Living in the shadow of the 
national District of Crime, Cathy is constantly nauseated by the stench 
emanating from the nation's capital during the Washington, DC, federal work 


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