R. Teichmann: The multi-pronged assault on humankind


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The multipronged assault on humankind Food – Water – Air – Environment – Health – Mind

by R. Teichmann


This article contains links to many videos and other information sources some of which are lengthy. If you really wish to be informed take your time to view all.


Hidden from view, behind the headlines of daily politics, an assault on humanity is going on. Apart from the obvious assault on our economic sovereignty (everyone talks about it by now) there is another one taking place simultaneously which is threatening our very ability to survive. It is an assault on our food supply, our water supply, the very air we breathe, the environment we live in, our health and our mind.  It is beyond the scope of one single article on a website to explore all of these issues in depth but it is possible to give important pieces of information and inspire the readers to do their own research and to arrive at their own conclusions by providing links to more information. I sincerely hope you take the time to view them all as it may change your perception of reality.




On these shores the latest attempt to control our food is to outlaw the sale and consumption of raw milk.




As the “Campaign for Raw Milk” state on their website:

“The Irish government intends to ban the sale of raw milk before the end of 2011. We want the right to choose and would call for the government to introduce fair regulations rather than an outright ban…”

Could this be just the first step? I invite you to have a look at what is going on in the US by watching the following 2 videos.





New Zealand, with a population similar in size to Ireland, is moving in the same direction:




But that is not all. More and more regulations emerge from unaccountable bureaucracies which restrict what can be produced, sold and consumed. One of the most important of these is the Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “Book of Food”). It is a collection of internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other recommendations relating to foods, food production and food safety. Its protagonists claim it to be for the protection of the consumer.  It is an institution run by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the UN World Health Organisation (WHO).  It also determines “acceptable” levels of toxins and contaminations in food such as pesticides, additives and also deals with labelling. By setting the standards internationally and being enforced through the World Trade Organisation (WTO) it undermines the ability of individual nations to regulate what is on the shelves in their own countries.

An example: The Codex Alimentarius determines that a certain level of contamination of beef  with hormones is acceptable. A country which does not want to have beef contaminated with hormones imported will find itself punished by the WTO because if it prohibits such import this is deemed to be a “Free Trade Barrier”. Another example are the “Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements “.  Here the levels are often set so low, that there is no real beneficial effect for the people who use them. Furthermore natural vitamin supplements will be replaced by artificial ones because the natural ones (those that work) cannot meet the requirements. In the process small producers are displaced by big companies due to these regulations and their red tape. Here in Europe we now deal with the European Union’s Food Supplements Directive. Read more about it here:




Another big danger to our food supply is the encroachment of genetically modified crops into our food web (formerly called food chain). This video is about the dangers of GM food in conjunction with Codex Alimentarius:




We are usually told that GM crops will reduce hunger in the world. The opposite is the case. Seeds cannot be saved for next year’s crop, superweeds emerge and soil nurtrients are depleted. The small farmers which have guaranteed the supply of good, natural food to the populace for millenia, are pushed from their land because they cannot afford to buy the seeds, fertilizers and pesticides needed for these crops. They are forced to migrate to the big cities in the vague hope to find work there. The fertile land left behind is taken over by big agribusiness interests. In India, hundreds of small farmers commit suicide each year because they cannot make a living off their land any more. What long term effect GM crops will have on the human DNA is not properly researched at all. The research done by independent scientists is surpressed and some have lost their jobs already (google Arpad Pusztai e.g.) Find out more in the next videos:





To get an idea about how this all works and how genetically modified food ties into all this, I invite you to see the 5 part video of  Dr. Robert Verkerke of the Alliance for Natural Health. The first one is right here:




Literature recommendation: F. William Engdahl   “Seeds of Destruction”




Equally or even more important than food is our access to clean and uncontaminated water. One of the biggest threats is the fluoridation of water. This practice started when scientists claimed that fluoride prevents tooth decay which has been scientifically disputed ever since this claim was made. For years authorities here and all over the world have fluoridated the water supply and it is still being done. This mass medication is imposed on us without our consent. Below a video about the dangers of fluoride contamination in our drinking water:




Another contaminant used is chloride to “purify” tap water. Furthermore we now also find a variety of other things appearing in the drinking water like growth hormones, anti depressants and antibiotics.  We also face the real danger of  further ground water pollution with chemicals if the proposed fracking for natural gas gets going in Ireland. (see http://news-beacon-ireland.info/?p=191 ). Here is another video about the effects of fracking to the water supply in Pennsylvania where fracking has been going on for some time now:




The oceans are also being polluted by munition dumping, waste dumping by ship, untreated industrial and domestic waste water, fertilizers etc. In addition I am just naming two big recent catastrophies, Deepwater Horizon (oil and chemicals) and Fukushima (radioactive).




This last video leads us to the quality of the air we breathe. Fracking affects this as just seen. But there is also the pollution by systematically spraying chemicals into the atmosphere by aircraft (there is almost a total blackout in the mainstream media and within the governments on this issue).  This is called “stratospheric geoengineering” and is also known as chemtrails. These chemtrails do not dissipate like normal condensation trails but form artificial clouds which over time spread over the entire sky in a thin layer. Inside these clouds harmful substances like aluminiumoxide, barium and strontium were found. These substances finally reach the ground and affect plants, animals and us. And we also breathe the air containing them. Again, this is done without our consent. More on chemtrails in this video:




Another danger is the pollution with radioactive nanoparticles. These originate partly from the use of  “Depleted Uranium Weapons” in the recent wars. Uranium is one of the most deadly materials known to man. It tends to build up inside humans over time and a dose normally not considered harmful will contribute to a build up which can be deadly. The long half life of these particles guarantee that they will be around for the forseeable future. The next two videos explore this in more detail:





Since the catastrophic events in Japan this year (the Fukushima desaster) there is an additional slow poisoning of the atmosphere going on with all kinds of radioactive particles and gases.

Apart from above described pollution, our air is poisoned with exhaust gases from transport activities, from nuclear power plants all over the globe, from industrial and chemical plants, which by now we almost perceive as “normal” but which are undermining our health and immune systems in the long term. This is the result of policy choices made by politicians placing the profits of big companies before the health interests of the people.




The pollution of our environment is one of the most publicy known and discussed issues. Therefore I will only highlight some issues which are kind of “under the radar”.


Agribusiness Action.org  (http://www.agribusinessaction.org ) sum it up quite nicely on their website:
 “The environmental impacts of these decades of industrial agriculture are already apparent, including:
Contamination of soil and water through dependence on chemical inputs and pesticides;
Air and ground pollution from accumulation of animal waste from huge factory farms;
Soil erosion and desertification caused by large-scale monocultural cropping;
Damage to nature and wildlife whose ecosystems are upset by everything from pollution to changes in water distribution to accommodate large-scale irrigation requirements;
Loss of biodiversity caused by reduction in the number of plant species, as well as risks from cross-pollination between genetically-modified organisms and indigenous varieties.”


Fracking affects the environment severly. For more on this ( http://news-beacon-ireland.info/?p=191 )


Exploration of Oil
The “Deepwater Horizon” desaster in the Gulf of Mexico last year will have a global impact in the years to come. What guarantees do we have that such a thing will not happen here in Ireland? There is ample information on the internet about the effects on the environment. Just one  here: 




Building materials
We are living most of out time indoors but still toxic bulding materials are used. Here is a list:






The biggest threat to our health is the drive of multinational corporations to make our health a big business to make profits. The natural trust most of us have in our health professionals is being used by the big Pharma and Healthproduct Corporations to their advantage. Many medical professionals have been brainwashed during their education and often treat the symptoms rather than the causes and thus market the products of  “Big Pharma” many of which have multiple and often serious side effects.
The natural and holistic approach to health and medicine which was dominant for millenia has systematically been destroyed by the compartmentalisation of science,
by financing and thus influencing research, by supressing alternative methods and by ridiculing  traditional methods such as Shamanism, Ayurveda etc. This by no means diminishes the progress in medicine concerning surgical procedures, emergency and accident treatment.
But there is another more sinister side. It is the assault on our immune system big time mainly by means of vaccinations. The belief that vaccinations immunize against certain deseases is a myth. Here is a full documentary:




As described above under “Water” and “Air” the effects of Chemtrails and radioactive particles also have a negative impact on our health and our immune system.


We are also involved in a lifestyle which surrounds us with countless chemicals. They are in the packaging of the food we buy, in household products like dishwashing liquids, in cosmetics of all sorts, washing powder, the list goes on. All this is affecting our health and has a cumulative effect. No wonder allergies, chronic respiratory diseases and cancers are on the increase all the time – illnesses practically unknown for the longest period in human history.


The foods which most of us eat have lost a lot of their nutrients. An extensive report on how modern farming has decreased the nutrient content in food is published here:
This results in peolpe not getting enough nutrients, feeling hungry and thus overeating. The health problem of “Obesity” is very much connected to this.

Artificial sweeteners like Aspartame also have a negative health impact. It is closely related to the increase in brain tumors. They are virtually in all sweets, juices and many kinds of processed foods (organic ones the exception). For more on Aspartame see:




Another substance pushed on the public is MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) which has a direct effect on the brain function. More here:






The attempt to influence thinking and behaviour are very old. Today, the battle between “free thinking” and “manipulated thinking” has reached a unprecedented level. It is here where concepts like propaganda, spin doctors, manufactured consent and dissent, co-option thrive.

Since the advent of psychology attempts to control the mind and behaviour have become a science. The possibilities to influence our thinking and manipulate our minds today are many: radio, TV, education, religion, music, peer pressure etc.  Nazi Germany was the first attempt to control the mind of a whole nation. Since then the technique of  mind control has been perfected.

In “Operation Paperclip” the leading scientists of the Nazi regime were transferred to the US, among them the most prominent mind control specialists of that time. What has developed out of that is now known as Psy Ops (Pschychological Operations). An excellent documentary about mind control is here:




“ The Mind is like a parachute – it works best when wide open”