Police State: Part 2


Richard Moore

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 The Health Implications Of
Playing With Big Brother's
Most Cool Tool - Pt 2
By Amy Worthington
The Idaho Observer

First, a quick review...
In part one of this series, we documented how the USA of George W. Bush has 
morphed into a fascist (public-private collaborative) police state under the 
guise of "national security" and "war on terror." While our ruling serial 
killers have never been brought to justice for their 9/11 atrocities, civilian 
and military snoopers now read our mail, listen to our phone calls, sniff around
our Internet activities and monitor our financial transactions. They use 
national security letters and computer data mining to track our activities and 
assess our every motive and intention. But this is only the beginning.

Big Brother's most cool tool-wireless and radio frequency identification (RFID) 
technologies-now enable our controllers to far surpass the Orwellian vision of 
1984. Four main pillars of the totalitarian master plan are:

·       a national identification system linking all humans to electronic cards,
tags or subdermal microchips containing personal ID numbers and biometric data 
·       a central data base containing sperm-to-worm information on each 
numbered citizen

·       a wireless tracking system capable of instantly deciphering the location
of any citizen encumbered with an electronic ID device
·       a nationwide wireless (WiFi) network of surveillance cameras linked with
internet systems allowing police and intelligence command centers to watch 
everything everywhere 

The surveillance juggernaut

The Homeland Security Act of 2002 produced the Department of Homeland Security 
(DHS) by merging 22 federal agencies into a gigantic intelligence octopus with 
the primary goal of spying on the American people. DHS is the creature's center.
State and local agencies, lubricated with Homeland Security grants, are being 
absorbed through the fiscal tentacles of  a paranoid monster. This 
federal-state-local juggernaut is implementing the master plan at break-neck 
speed. Hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras-many satellite enabled-are 
being purchased with DHS money and mounted everywhere across the nation. >From 
80 conspicuous cameras in remote Dillingham, Alaska, keeping tabs on 2,400 
villagers, (1) to the massive IP and mobile camera networks stalking denizens of
Los Angeles,(2) the bizarre DHS security apparatus is constructing a 
surveillance grid capable of watching 300 million citizen "outmates" who simply 
can't be trusted to live without Big Brother's close supervision.

The Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 and the Real ID Act of 2005 establish an 
ominous national ID system, forcing all states to standardize biometric-laden 
birth certificates, drivers licenses and other ID cards. By 2008, personal data 
from these mandatory identifiers will be duly flowing into the Fuhrer's central 

While coming to power over all law enforcement agencies with its directives and 
funding hooks, DHS is also regimenting the U.S. medical establishment to collect
and forward all health data to Information Central. The medical history of every
citizen's private parts will soon be efficiently forwarded from the examination 
table directly to Big Brother's electronic health records database. Chief 
executive officer for eHealth Initiative, Janet Marchibroda, confirms that 
national standards and policies are being developed for "connectivity"(3) no 
matter where in the U.S. a citizen might receive his hemorrhoid or herpes 
diagnosis/treatment. Centralized medical surveillance will certainly leave no 
citizen un-jabbed when Homeland Needle Nazis unleash their stash of disabling, 
compulsory lipid-laced vaccines during a "national emergency."

DHS and dozens of medical facilities across the nation now encourage the use of 
RFID microchips which can be implanted under the skin. At least 68 hospitals and
medical facilities are already using Applied Digital Solution's VeriChip, 
recently approved by FDA for human implantation.(4) Each VeriChip, implanted 
under a patient's skin between the elbow and shoulder, contains a 16-digit 
identification number, readable by a chip scanner blasting kilohertz radio 
frequency.  Meantime, DHS has announced its quest for powerful new reader 
technology that could obtain information from ID microchips attached to either a
human or a vehicle, even if the human is 25 feet away; even if the vehicle is 
moving at 55 miles per hour.(5)

The Digital Angel tracking chip is an active, self-powered tracking device, also
developed for implantation under human skin. Produced by Digital Angel Corp, a 
subsidiary of Applied Digital, this wireless monstrosity is capable of sending 
and receiving data packets of information at long distances through both ground 
stations and GPS satellites. According to the U.S. Department of Health and 
Human Services, homeless and mentally ill people wandering the streets of New 
York City, San Francisco, Washington and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania have already 
been implanted with dangerous RFID tracking devices. Police and social workers 
can monitor their every move  with handheld computers that receive radio signals
from the implants.(6)  We assume that eventually other  cities and states will 
participate in this horrific experimental program, which so cruelly exploits 
those least able to endure the devastating health effects of round-the-clock RF 

Many federal workers, including DHS employees and contractors, now carry 
biometric ID cards which use radio frequencies to communicate wirelessly with 
central tracking computers.(7) Eventually, all federal and state employees will 
carry such devices. The House of Representative is seeking technology to track 
13,500 House members and staff using microwave-readable tags. These active 
badges will continuously transmit microwave signals, enabling electronic readers
to obtain information through clothing and briefcases up to 100 feet away.(8) 
Sweet justice will be the day the most corrupt legislators in history have no 
place to hide from the totalitarian police state they have so zealously created.

An Orwellian nation would definitely want to imprint its children with the 
dehumanizing mindsets of radio-tracking.   Public school children are now in the
crosshairs for tagging. A number of corporations nurtured by DHS are pushing 
RFID systems for schools. Kids wearing RFID tracking badges will become 
acclimated to having their every move contemplated by an ever-watching central 
authority.  Last March, the  New York Times Learning Network  unleashed an RFID
lesson plan for public school children grades 6-12.  The plan induces students 
to discuss  technologies  able to " identify them and monitor their activities,"
and to write essays persuading others to use such technologies.(9) 

Our world a microwave oven

As documented here, wireless devices and networks are the very bedrock of Police
State USA. The Gestapo's burgeoning wireless infrastructure consists of tens of 
thousands of gargantuan communications towers, hundreds of thousands of very 
small WiFi transmitters and an ever growing network of tiny bucket sensors being
systematically mounted in and on nearly everything in our environment. They all 
generate radio frequency/microwave radiation in kilohertz, megahertz or 
gigahertz.   With thousands of commercial and military satellites blasting 
additional microwaves at the earth, humanity now swims in an invisible but dense
sea of toxic electromagnetic, cancer-causing, brain altering frequencies that 
are nearly impossible for laymen to assess and monitor.

Both our polar ice caps are rapidly melting and our winters are growing more 
dangerously warm every year.(10) Our world is water based. Microwaves agitate 
and heat water molecules. The U.S. military  has   increased to 180 the number 
of HAARP microwave transmitters used to actually boil the ionosphere-the 
electrically charged layer just above the Earth's atmosphere.(11) Tons of 
metallic salt particles, including barium, have been dumped into the atmosphere 
by chemtrail projects for the last 8 years.(12) Barium heats and dries the 
atmosphere, inducing drought. If the military uses such chemtrail particles to 
augment over-the horizon radar technology,(13) would not these aerosols also be 
useful for wireless commercial and police communications? It is surely no 
coincidence that the lunatic HAARP project, pestilential chemtrails, the 
explosion of wireless technology and runaway global warming have all burst onto 
the scene simultaneously-within the last 15 years. Our planet and its atmosphere
have become a gigantic microwave oven, while greenhouse gases keep the fire 

Experts say RF/microwave earth transmitters are increasing at a rate of 15 
percent per year. And there is no end to the dictators' plans for adding more. 
How can we calculate the additional electromagnetic smog to be added by the 
Department of Transportation's plan to have automakers install on every new car 
onboard tracking units beginning in 2010?  Radio waves blasting from 57 million 
autos by 2015 will automatically transmit tracking information to Brother's 
voracious transportation computers.(14) Just how far totalitarian planners are 
taking the tracking business is revealed by Intel's Research Laboratory in 
Seattle, which advises that both commercial and government entities will one day
pinpoint our location and movements with the help of ubiquitous, 
microwave-blasting beacons able to decipher our cell phone numbers from a 
distance. Watchers will then infer what we are doing and buying (and thinking?) 
based on our location.(15)

Kilohertz, megahertz and gigahertz are among the most dangerous radiation 
frequencies known to man. Neither medicine nor industry has ever established a 
demonstrably "safe" human exposure level for this man-made, modulated, pulsing 
radiation. There are, however, thousands of studies proving that these 
emanations are deadly to all living creatures and their biospheres.

It is the purpose of this article to document the terrible health ramifications 
of our everincreasing exposure to commercial and police state radiation. 
Medical and empirical evidence indicates that we are becoming energetically 
weak, intellectually impaired and chronically ill from insidious RF waves we can
neither see, touch, smell nor taste. Clueless Americans who allow themselves to 
be implanted with identification and tracking chips will suffer most grievously.
Millions, already physically and emotionally addicted to microwave-spewing cell 
phones, laptops, personal data gadgets and entertainment devices which they 
cuddle to their brains and bodies, will have little moral or philosophical 
aversion to being chipped. But for the more discriminating, we are reviewing 
here crucial research data, which, if taken seriously, may save lives and 
stiffen resolve to reject the fascist subdermal tracking system-no matter what 
the cost.

Our baseline study: The U.S. embassy in Moscow

We begin with the Soviet microwave attack against the U.S. embassy in Moscow, 
Russia. That tragic episode is a crucial study for understanding the effects of 
radio frequency/microwave on the human body. Beginning in 1953 and continuing 
into the 1970s, the Russian Soviets used microwave radiation to sicken and 
stupefy our embassy staff. Two consecutive U.S. ambassadors died of cancer and a
third developed a leukemia-like blood disease and bleeding eyes. At least 16 
women in the embassy group developed breast cancer. Breast, eye and testicle 
tissues are the most sensitive to radiation. Many staffers also suffered immune 
system disorders, high white blood cell counts, chromosomal breaks, chronic 
fatigue, blurred vision, cataracts and muscle aches. Such conditions are known 
collectively as Microwave Syndrome.(16)

U.S. officials knew about the Soviet assault from the beginning but they did not
warn embassy staff for 10 years because, like the Soviets, the CIA was 
interested in studying the effects of irradiation on the human body.(17) While 
monitoring the Soviet project, the CIA launched Project Pandora and nefarious 
parallel projects like TUMS, MUTS and BAZAR, some of which involved the 
military. These intrepid devil-doers documented the horrible effects of radio 
frequency/microwave radiation on both animal and human subjects.

*They learned that the worst after-effects become evident long after 
exposure-sometimes a decade or more.(18)

*They discovered that exposed people and animals and their offspring show a 
drastic decline in intelligence.(19)

*They learned that microwave creates effective weaponry, resulting in the 
grotesque RF "poppers" currently being used against the Iraqi people,(20) and 
the deadly 95-gigahertz active denial systems prepared for both the military and
domestic law enforcement.(21)

Fedgov absolutely knows from the Moscow data and from its own 50 years of 
research that microwave radiation emitted by America's wireless communications 
and surveillance networks will eventually make all of us ill, and many of us 
prematurely dead. What millions of wireless-worshiping Americans don't know is 

1       The Russians targeted the Moscow embassy staff with 2.4 gigahertz 
microwave-the same frequency blasting out of the wireless cell phones, in-house 
cordless phones, wireless computers and WLAN systems now irradiating  bodies, 
homes, work places and schools across America. Some phones are excreting 5.8 
gigahertz-which is even more powerful than 2.4 gigahertz.

2       The Russians mainly used a power density of only 5 microwatts per cubic 
centimeter (cm2) which they aimed at the west facade of the embassy building. 
Most of the people inside the building received about 1/50 of that amount or .1 
microwatts per cm2. The Federal Communications Commission has set an ambient 
microwave exposure "safety" limit of 580 microwatts per cm2, which enables 
government and industry to irradiate us with over 100 times the power density 
used against the Moscow embassy officers and staff.

3       The Russians beamed microwaves at the embassy only nine hours a day, unlike 
cell tower and roof top transmitters and WLAN systems which blast megahertz and 
gigahertz into American homes, neighborhoods and offices 24 hours a day.(22)

Our deadly exposure standards

The Russians well understand that a tiny bit of microwave can cause serious 
health problems and death. Russian microwave standards for public exposure are 
100 times more stringent than those in the U.S. The Chinese standards are even 
more stringent. Austria allows public exposure of only .1 microwatt per cm.2 
Contrast that to Great Britain's genocidal standards which permit a whopping 
5,800 microwatts per cm2. This is most convenient for Tony Blair's rabid 
surveillance police state, outpacing even our own in repression and scope with 
its deadly TETRA police communications radiation.(23)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which permits such lenient 
radiation exposure from most U.S. transmitting sources, is purely a cheering 
squad for the telecommunications and broadcasting industries it is supposed to 
regulate. The Center for Public Integrity found that FCC officials are bribed by
the industry with such perks as expensive trips to Las Vegas.(24) FCC standards 
are based on the obsolete theory that the only risk from RF/microwave exposure 
is excessive heating of tissues (thermal effects). Yet there are so many 
documented and dangerous non-thermal effects that even the EPA has said it is 
time to consider nonthermal effects in updated standards. The FCC admits that 
its standards are based upon recommendations of organizations loaded with 
industry and military lobbyists-most of whom would obviously prefer NO 
restrictions whatever on the use of RF/microwave radiation.(25) The FCC's 
exposure limits are so high that no matter how much Fedgov and industry adds to 
our radiation burden, it will always be "within standards."

Ditto for the FCC's cell phone SAR guidelines. SAR quantifies radiation absorbed
by the brain. SAR standards were calculated by using dummies with sugar water in
their fake heads.(26) A news segment on the TV news magazine 20/20 demonstrated 
that cell phones often exceed the grossly dangerous SAR ratings listed on their 
labels anyway. (27) Swedish studies show rat brain damage at SAR levels 800 
times lower than those allowable under FCC standards.(28)

The FCC has neither money nor manpower to monitor wireless installations across 
the nation for compliance with its obsolete standards. It admits that "physical 
testing to verify compliance" is relatively rare.(29) Nor does the FCC do an 
adequate job of requiring industry to monitor itself. The FCC says that many 
wireless facilities are UNLIKELY to cause human exposures in excess of RF 
exposure guidelines, so operators of those facilities are exempt from routine 
compliance testing. FCC is so unconcerned about public RF/microwave exposure 
that if  applicants desire to emit radiation in excess of FCC standards, they 
just file environmental assessment paperwork.(30)

Transmitter emissions levels are based merely on computer models done by 
industry at the time of application. What the actual emissions really are from 
America's microwave towers and roof top antennas-no one knows. But we have 
important clues from radiation expert Dr. Bill Curry, a brilliant and published 
scientist who gained his expertise as an engineer for Argonne and Livermore 
labs. Working as a private consultant, Dr. Curry has traveled the nation to 
monitor homes and neighborhoods where people are now very sick from microwave 
transmitters. In 2000, Dr. Curry reported finding homes near cell towers with 
ambient radiation measuring as high as 65 to 70 microwatts per cubic 
centimeter.(31) People living in them were very ill and some left their homes to
sleep  in their cars to obtain some relief.  The situation across the nation 
must be considerably worse today.

The wireless buildout
In the 1990s, industry and government began constructing a national wireless 
communications infrastructure capable of supporting a surveillance police state.
But citizens, with the help of their local governments, were effectively foiling
Big Brother's long-range plans by opposing cell towers in their neighborhoods on
grounds that microwave emissions  are harmful. So the telecom lobby and its 
mascot, Senator John McCain, railroaded the Telecommunications Act of 1996 
through Congress. Section 704(II)(B)(iv) of the act states, "No State or local 
government....may regulate the placement, construction, and modification of 
personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects 
of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the 
Commission's regulations concerning such emissions." This law  gives government 
and industry unchallenged power to erect its wireless surveillance state in 
blatant disregard for known health and environmental consequences.  

Intelligent people are concerned. For example, the International Association of 
Fire Fighters (IAFF) does not want wireless transmitters placed on fire 
department facilities. The IAFF says that wireless transmitters blasting away 24
hours a day could endanger the lives of firefighters.(32)  A large group of 
scientists and engineers, including the Communications Workers of America, filed
suit in 1990s. They were hoping to have the Supreme Court review both the FCC's 
outdated exposure guidelines and the legality of preventing state/local 
governments from considering health/environmental hazards of wireless 
transmitters. In 2001, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case.(33) So the 
group petitioned the FCC to employ the newest scientific studies and bring its 
exposure guidelines into the 21st century.(34) The FCC naturally thumbed its 
nose at the suggestion.(35) Three congressional bills have been introduced in 
Congress since 2001, proposing to update exposure guidelines. These bills have 
gone nowhere with the most corrupt congress in history. So Police State USA 
presses on into a wireless radiation free-for-all, with zero accountability.

Microwave syndrome

Ambient radiation levels and the frenetic use of personal wireless devices are 
steadily increasing. As a result, millions of Americans now suffer from 
"Microwave Syndrome." The parameters of this sickness are described in the 
Freiburger Appeal, a document signed by over 2000 German medical doctors.(36) 
The document describes microwave sickness  incurred by the German people from  
wireless transmitters, mobile phones and digital cordless household phones. The 
doctors said they are observing a "dramatic rise in severe and chronic 
diseases," especially:

*Cancerous conditions, including leukemia and brain tumors

*Learning, concentration and behavioral disorders (including ADD)

*Extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, not controllable by medication

*Heart rhythm disorders

*Heart attacks and strokes among very young people

*Degenerative brain disorders and epilepsy

*Ear nerve damage and tinnitus

*Immune system inadequacy and susceptibility to infection

*Nervous and connective tissue pain for which there is no explanation

*Chronic exhaustion, severe headaches, nervousness and sleep disorders

When French scientists recently conducted a survey study of hundreds of French 
people living near microwave transmitters, they documented the same symptoms, 
including nausea, fatigue, memory problems and cardiovascular symptoms.(37)  Two
thirds of Americans are declared overweight. Obesity and low metabolism, 
epidemic across the nation, are hallmark signs of thyroid malfunction. Microwave
radiation to the brain is proven to slow or halt the pineal gland's production 
of the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), thereby drastically reducing 
production of the vital T4 and T3 thyroid hormones.(38) Meters show that 
wireless phones often "leak" radiation from the mouthpiece, which flows directly
into radiation-sensitive tissues in the neck and thyroid gland.

The cancer issue

The most tragic manifestation of  radiation sickness is cancers and leukemia. We
now have a glimpse of what the wireless revolution means in terms of future U.S.
cancer rates. Last year, there were 30,000 cases of brain and eye tumors-as a 
direct result of cell phone use-reported to the Mobile Telephone Health Concerns
Registry, which tracks and counts information volunteered from citizens across 
the country.(39)  This registry is currently directed by Dr. George Carlo, who 
was chief scientist for the telecom industry when it conducted its six-year 
wireless radiation studies in the 1990s in order to prove the "safety" of cell 
phones. After the industry's own studies revealed cell phone use was the 
opposite of safe, it went into "spin" mode, apparently determined to lie and 
deny as long as possible. The industry's disingenuous but lucrative stance is 
found in the words of Joe Farren, director of public affairs for the CTIA-The 
Wireless Association, who stated, "The science to date shows there is not a 
health risk associated with the use of any wireless device."(40)

Dr. Carlo wrote an expose documenting both the shocking data and the political 
hanky panky that still keeps consumers in the dark on the life-threatening 
hazards of wireless phones.(41) He estimated that, in 2006, there will be 
50-75,000 new cell phone tumors reported and by 2010, an estimated 
300,000-500,000 cases, as a new crop of microwave victims comes into full 
bloom.(42) The latency period for developing cancer from cell phone microwave 
exposure is thought to be about 10 years.(43) It is this  latency period which 
allows corporate killers-those who profit handsomely from exposing humanity  to 
depleted uranium, asbestos, tobacco and wireless technologies-to lay their eggs 
of death before victims understand what has happened to them.

Microwave radiation produces at least two mechanisms for the promotion of 
cancer: Micronuclei and heat shock proteins. The telecom industry's own studies 
confirmed that cell phone radiation--at levels far below the U.S. government's 
exposure guidelines--produces micronuclei in human blood cells.(44) Micronuclei 
are broken fragments of DNA, indicating that cells can no longer properly repair
themselves. All cancers are the result of genetic damage and the presence of 
micronuclei in living cells is a premier diagnostic marker for cancer. Doctors 
treating victims of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster used micronuclei testing
to determine the extent of radiation damage.

University of Washington researchers funded by the U.S. military demonstrated 
that 2.4 gigahertz radiation increases the frequency of single-strand DNA breaks
in the brain cells of live rats after only two hours of exposure at only 1/5th 
of the FCC's so-called "safety" limits.(45) In 2000, Dr. Joseph Roti Roti, a 
highly-credentialed scientist who received sizeable grants from Motorola, also 
confirmed formation of micronuclei at radiation levels  lower than those emitted
by cell phones.(46) By 2004, studies commissioned by the European Union 
confirmed that mobile phone microwaves damage DNA and such damage passes onto 
the next generation of cells.(47) In late 2005, Chinese scientists found that 
low-level cell phone microwaves provoke significant increases in cell DNA 

Because wireless phones cause hotspots in human tissue, the body produces heat 
shock proteins in an effort to protect and repair overheated cells.(49) These 
proteins also protect cancer cells, making them resistant to treatment.(50) Many
tumors are found to be over-abundant in heat shock proteins. In 2002, Italian 
cancer researchers demonstrated that microwaves from mobile phones made leukemia
cells in vitro replicate rapidly.(51) British researcher Alisdair Phillips found
that a few minutes exposure to cell phone-type radiation can transform a 5 
percent active cancer into a 95 percent active cancer for the duration of the 
exposure and for a short time afterwards.(52) British molecular toxicologist 
David de Pomerai confirmed that cells with unrepaired DNA damage are likely to 
be far more aggressively cancerous.(53) In the U.S., where nearly half of us are
expected to develop cancer in our lifetime, the last thing we need is microwave 
-spewing (and receiving) ID implants in our flesh.

In 2005, three separate European research groups showed a significant increased 
risk of brain tumors-both malignant and benign-in people who have used cell 
phones for 10 years or more.(54) One of these studies suggests that the risk is 
greatest in people who begin using phones before they are 20 years old, since 
children absorb more radiation than adults.(55) In March, 2006, the Swedish 
National Institute for Working Life turned even U.S. Food and Drug 
Administration (FDA) heads when it confirmed that people who use mobile phones 
for 2,000 hours in their lifetimes have a 240 percent increased risk for 
malignant tumors on the side of the head where the phone is positioned.(56) 
Workers across America, compelled to use cordless phones, extremely hot 
radios/walkie-talkies or wireless blue tooth headsets throughout the work day, 
can achieve their 2,000 hours in roughly one year.

In 2005, the National Academy of Sciences confirmed that even very low doses of 
ionizing radiation from X-rays and gamma rays over a lifetime cause cancer.(57) 
The above-referenced RF/microwave studies confirm that non-ionizing 
radiation-flowing from wireless transmitters and wireless devices-inflict the 
SAME KIND of damage upon human cells as ionizing radiation, with the same 
cancerous results.


All people living in a radiation-intensive police state are at high risk for 
developing cancers that will make rapid and lethal advancement. And that goes 
for Big Brother's super-wired enforcement agents and bureaucratic heel-clickers.

Brain and central nervous system damage
Cell phone radiation causes profound damage to the entire nervous system. By 
1977, researchers knew that very low levels of microwaves to the brain can 
quickly initiate a breaching of the blood-brain barrier.(58) This happens when 
radiation causes albumin to leak from capillaries into surrounding brain tissue,
causing neuron damage. Harmful molecules in the blood, including pathogens, then
enter the central nervous system with tragic results. In 1988, Swedish 
scientists began a series of animal studies to confirm that cell phone radiation
opens the blood-brain barrier. They found that such leakage can occur after only
TWO MINUTES of microwave exposure and at density levels of only 1/10,000 of a 
watt, thousands of times less than the radiation absorbed by a cell phone user's
brain.(59) Scientists in Finland have found that mobile phone radiation can 
actually shrink brain cells, making them more permeable to leaking toxins.(60)

In 2003, British researchers demonstrated that cell phone radiation changes the 
shape of brain proteins, causing them to clump together and form pathological 
protein fibrils like those found in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease 
patients.(61) That same year, Swedish scientists published a study on rat brains
exposed to cell phone microwaves. They found that damage to nerve cells in the 
cortex, hippocampus (memory center) and basal ganglia was severe. Exposed rats 
had an astonishing number of dead neuron cells, actually suffering holes in 
their brains from the damage. The scientists concluded that, after some decades 
of daily use, cell phone users will likely suffer drastic, dementive brain 
effects, even in middle age.(62)

In February, 2006, Chinese researchers announced that chronic exposure to GSM 
cell phone radiation reduces the synaptic activity in hippocampus neurons(63) 
while French researchers found that abnormal proteins found in Alzheimer's cases
always deposit in the hippocampus first.(64) This is why memory loss is one of 
the first indications of dementia and  a common  effect of wireless phone 
use.(65) University of Washington studies showed that rats exposed to pulsed 
microwaves suffered damage to their long-term learning and memory centers.(66) 
These rats became slow learners and handicapped at finding their way around 
their environment. The acetylcholine neurotransmitter necessary for numerous 
brain functions was reduced in exposed rat brains after only 45 minutes.(67)

Irradiated brain neurons die rapidly because nerve cells have a low capacity for
DNA repair.(68) University of Kentucky researchers were amazed to find that the 
autopsied brains of 89 cognitively normal elders had the same pathology found in
Alzheimer's victims' brains, including necrotic decay, amyloidal deposits and 
senile plaques. They surmised that these people functioned normally anyway 
because they had a large nervous system reserve that allowed them to function 
well despite their pathological burdens.(69) Cellphonites who rapidly kill their
neurons with radiation will obviously not have that reserve in old age. The 
British medical journal The Lancet announced in December, 2005, that global 
Alzheimer's rates are exploding.(70)

The Japanese are among the more "wired" people on earth. Ninety million Japanese
cell-phone users play video games, download songs, read news and even watch TV 
on their cell phones.  In 2001, Japanese doctors reported that a growing number 
of people in their 20s and 30s are suffering from severe memory loss and 
impaired judgment. "Young people today are becoming stupid," said a Japanese 
professor of neurobiology.(71)

They are not alone. A literacy study conducted in 2005 on 19,000 young Americans
is sobering. Only one in three recent American college grads can read a complex 
book and extrapolate from it. An overwhelming majority of college students are 
unable to understand arguments in a newspaper editorial or to comprehend a 
simple comparison table.  Researchers, nevertheless, pronounced these 
pathetically impaired students to be more "intelligent" than the average 
American adult.(72)  While commentators attribute this shocking state of 
functional decay to a literacy problem, it is more likely the sad fate of a 
generation that has recklessly irradiated itself for a decade. Have these young 
adults simply erased their intellectual hard drives?

Cell phone radiation causes deficiency in the motor function, memory and 
attention required to drive safely, according to insurance studies in 
England.(73) An average driver talking on a cell phone is actually more impaired
in function and reaction time than a drunk. Studies show radiation-impaired 
reaction time is actually 30 percent slower than alcohol impaired reactions.(74)
Drivers on phones are less able to maintain a constant speed and find it more 
difficult to keep a safe distance from the car in front.(75) BBC news reported 
in 2005 that drivers are four times more likely to crash when on a mobile phone,
even if they are using a hands free kit.(76) Also in 2005, federal researchers 
reported that using a cell phone while driving is a major cause of traffic 
accidents and that hands free devices have little safety benefit.(77) The 
University of Utah study showed teenagers on cell phones drive like elderly 
people. Put a 20 year old behind the wheel with a cell phone-even hands free-and
his reaction times are the same as a 70 year old driver, say authors of the 
study.(78) Older drivers on cell phones would likely be at very high risk.


All of us living in a radiation intensive police state are at risk for 
diminishing mental function and premature dementia, which means that we may end 
up just like the maniacs who got us into this mess.

Heart and circulatory damage
Microwave radiation is cardiogenic, i.e., heart damaging. A medical consultant 
for Hughes Aircraft Corporation, who completed a report for the U.S. military on
radar-exposed personnel, listed heart conditions as among the most serious 
ill-effects.(79) Russian researchers noted that cell phone radiation causes 
"significant changes" in cardiovascular systems. They observed that microwave 
sickness often begins with very low blood pressure and slow pulse, then 
progresses to high blood pressure, culminating in blockage of coronary arteries 
and heart attack.(80) In 1998, German scientists found that 35 minutes of cell 
phone radiation caused blood pressure in human test subjects to rise between 
5-10 mm Hg, an increase reportedly high enough to cause a stroke in those at 
risk.(81) Other researchers noted that blood pressure can also be dangerously 
reduced when cell/cordless phones irradiate certain brain areas. (82) Are you 
ready now to get that big old gigahertz cordless away from Gram and Gramps?

Medical specialists in London warned that cell phone radiation causes blood 
cells to leak hemoglobin, damaging both heart and kidney tissues.(83) German 
scientists found that cell phone microwaves cause lymphocytes to clump together 
(hemaglutination).(84) High school students in Germany recently blood tested 51 
of their classmates before and after cell phone use. They showed that 
immediately after cell exposure, red blood cells clump together, a pathological 
condition causing blood to take up less oxygen while jamming  capillaries and  
increasing the risk of blood clots.(85)

People in England are now so radiation-damaged from their wireless 
infrastructure that many are sending their blood to be tested by German 
laboratories to find out how sick they  are. German doctors reported that the 
blood of a woman living by a cell tower looked like the blood of someone who had
undergone chemotherapy.(86) A British female doctor recently reported that she 
and her entire family became very ill when they connected a 2.4 gigahertz 
wireless router in their home to service computers and peripherals. Because the 
system irradiated the entire house, she and her children quickly developed 
headaches, chronic fatigue and flu-like symptoms. Her severe heart palpitations 
ended when the wireless router was turned off. (87)


All of us living in a radiation-intensive police state are at high risk for 
heart, blood and circulatory problems, especially high blood pressure and stoke.
Hey, you cops out there with your in-vehicle laptops and radar guns and wireless
cameras-hope you're having fun in your stroke-mobiles!

Genetic damage and birth defects

In the late 1990s, scientists confirmed that chick embryos exposed to cell phone
radiation during their 21-day incubation period were five times less likely to 
survive than unexposed chicks.(88) In 2000, Dr. Ross Adey researching at UC 
Riverside reported studies showing that pregnant rats exposed to Iridium cell 
phone radiation produced fetuses with significantly decreased brain activity 
compared to non-exposed fetuses.(89)

In 2002, the Associated Press reported that DNA and chromosomal damage caused by
ionizing radiation and other radiation has profound ramifications for the 
offspring of people thus damaged.(90) According to researchers at the University
of Leicester,  radiation damage suffered by parents can be passed on to children
and grandchildren.(91) Researchers have long warned that mothers using a cell 
phone headset, causing her to place the phone near her abdomen during pregnancy,
could expose the fetus to dangerous levels of microwave radiation which the 
fetus can readily absorb.(92) In 2002, the French government warned teenagers to
keep cell phones away from their developing reproductive organs.(93)

By 2004, researchers in Hungary found that men who carried a cell phone on their
bodies-even on standby-had significantly lower sperm concentration. The motility
of the sperm they did produce was reduced and sperm movements were abnormal. 
(94) Other researchers found that the use of laptop computers can impair male 
fertility when they heat men's testicles.(95)  In 2005, German researchers found
significant alterations in gonad function of mice exposed to GSM cell phone 

University of Washington researchers documented reproductive changes in lab 
animals occurred at exposures  many times less than the FCC's SAR exposure 
guidelines.(97) Thousands of young women working in retail companies and offices
across the U.S. are now wearing on their bodies a variety of microwave-driven 
communications devices throughout their shifts. Many of these devices are worn 
in pockets or on waist bands, exposing their ovaries to microwave radiation. 
Many of these woman at any given time are unknowingly pregnant and exposing 
their fetuses to DNA damage. The crime is that neither industry nor regulating 
agencies are warning Americans about these dangers nor are they doing follow-up 
studies on women who have exposed their fetuses. When their children are born 
with defects and illness, parents have no way to prove that wireless radiation 
was the cause.

Scientists now suspect that there may be a correlation between autism and fetal 
or neonatal exposure to radio frequency radiation.(98) One in six  U.S. children
suffers some neurological disability and the rate of autism has skyrocketed in 
the last decade.(99) Dr. Ross Adey of the University of California Riverside 
showed that a pregnant rat's exposure to cell phone radiation alters the 
activity of an enzyme in fetus brains, indicating stress.(100)

In 2005, researchers with the Environmental Working Group reported that unborn 
U.S babies are soaking in a uterine chemical stew, including mercury, gasoline 
by-products and pesticides. The group found an average of 287 contaminants, many
of them carcinogenic, in each of 10 samples of umbilical cord blood.101 
Chemically contaminated humans are far more likely to succumb to the deadly 
effects of radiation exposure. When scientists wish to induce cancer in lab 
animals exposed to experimental radiation, they often prime them first with a 


In a radiation-intensive police state, the already polluted unborn conceived by 
radiation-damaged parents are at ever-increasing risks for genetic deformities, 
brain damage and death. Perhaps we now have clues as to why approximately one 
half of all pregnancies in the United States result in death of the baby-either 
before or after birth-or in a less than healthy baby.(102)

Learning disabilities in school children

For the cell phone industry-it's open season on kids. Children as young as six 
years old are targeted by companies which tempt them with kiddie phones that 
double as music and game players. Toddlers  damage their vulnerable brains with 
household cordless phones, leaving them hyperactive and unable to focus when 
they enter school.   University of Utah researchers found that the brain of a 
5-year-old child absorbs four times more radiation than an adult brain and the 
eye fluid of a 5-year-old child absorbs over 10 times more radiation than an 
adult eye.(103) Spanish scientists using a special scanner found that pre-teen 
children exposed to microwave radiation for only two minutes suffered abnormal 
brain pattern activity for hours afterwards. It is known that such disturbed 
brain activity can lead to psychiatric/behavioral problems and impaired learning

British scientists warned in 2001 that cell phone signals can disrupt a child's 
alpha and delta brain wave activity, damage his genetic components and disable 
his immune system.(105) The British Health Protection Agency advises parents to 
discourage the use of mobile phones by children under 8. (106) The German 
Academy of Pediatrics has warned German parents to strictly limit cell phone use
by children.(107) In 2002, an Austrian radiation expert explained that cell 
phone radiation is especially dangerous to children, not only because their 
skulls are thinner than those of adults, but because the earlier in life a 
malign (pre-cancerous) transformation occurs, the more likely it will one day 
result in a clinical malignancy.(108) By 1995, British researchers confirmed 
that microwave phone radiation can radically change mood, and produce aggressive
behavior in children.(109)

In 2000, an EPA scientist stated that wireless communication devices in schools 
exposing children to long-term, pulse-modulated radio frequency radiation could 
produce subtle effects on brain function and memory, endangering their ability 
to learn.(110) Nevertheless, digital classrooms by the thousands are now 
contaminated with wireless laptop computers and gadgets which engulf  children 
in a cloud of powerful, pulsed gigahertz microwaves.  Wall or ceiling WLAN 
antennas damage children just  like the  ionizing radiation of  X-rays. These 
irradiated children are susceptible to blinding headaches, eye damage, attention
deficit, slow learning response, impaired memory function, poor immune function 
and fatigue.  Cutting-edge child abuse is personified by powerful radio tracking
tags now being offered to 12,000 grade school kids in Tucson, Arizona.   
Cancer-causing microwaves will continuously blast through the tissues of  these 
very young children so that school personnel and parents can track their exact 
location, represented as dots on a computerized map.(111) Conducting a $5 
million study at the University of Washington in the early 90s, Dr. William Guy 
demonstrated that nearly every test animal exposed to five years of low-level, 
pulsed electromagnetic fields, died from cancer or immune system breakdown.(112)
Exposing kids to thirteen years of  intense radiation in public school cancer 
zones is sheer lunacy.   


The future looks grim for children in a radiation-intensive police state 
dedicated to further irradiating their school zones with radio frequency ID tags
and wireless surveillance cameras. If Americans really loved their children, all
schools would be radiation-free safe areas, period. If there was ever a good 
reason to home school children, the advent of the digital surveillance classroom
is it.

Microwave addiction

One of the most tragic realities of our time is the fact that microwave 
radiation, like nicotine, stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. In the 
1980s, University of Washington researchers found that radio frequency radiation
activates endogenous opioids, compounds generated by the brain which behave like
morphine.(113) In 1996, researchers found that pulsed telephone microwaves have 
a hypnotic effect on the brain.(114) In 1999, the Observer newspaper in London 
cited a study which found that cell phone radiation stimulates production of 
morphine-like chemicals in the brain and that the "high" is triggered by 
endorphin release when radiation from the phone enters through the ear.(115) It 
is also relevant that an increase in endogenous opioid activity in the brain 
caused by microwave radiation is known to increase alcohol-drinking 

Observations confirm our suspicion that a sizeable percentage of our population,
especially teenagers and young women of child-bearing age, seem literally 
"stoned" on microwaves, much to the economic advantage of those who conspired to
hook them.  Cell phone dependency is  known as  "compulsive communicating." 
Chain dialers connect continually to get another "fix." A striking example of 
possible psycho-emotional addiction was the young female bank robber who calmly 
robbed four Northern Virginia banks in late 2005 while she was immersed in cell 
phone chats.(117) An article in the British Medical Journal noted that mobile 
phones are replacing nicotine as the foremost addictive obsession in Great 
Britain.(118)   Seventy-five  percent of Brit teenagers said they literally 
could not bear to be without their phone.(119)  Recent studies in the U.S. and 
South Korea reveal that teens who are heavily cell-phone obsessed are often 
depressed or anxious, not surprising since microwave radiation has a proven 
impact on mood and emotion.(120) Apparently few care if American children are 
hopelessly habituated to giga-juice.

Some final thoughts

Much of the above data addresses the long term exposure of microwaves emitted by
active transmitters such as cell towers, cell/cordless phones and embedded 
communications chips like Digital Angel, now tragically being implanted in the 
most undeserving of cancer and premature death-search and rescue dogs.(121) God 
help those precious babies! No animal should be tagged with cancer-causing 
frequencies 24/7. Radio collars should be used only for short times when 
absolutely necessary and removed as soon as possible, because animals suffer the
very same radiation effects as humans.   

We must add some perspective on the passive ID chips, like those now being 
implanted in hospitals across the nation. The VeriChip is similar to AVID chips 
embedded in domesticated pets. A radio frequency blast from an AVID chip reader 
used to find pet ID numbers causes both gauss and microwave meters to jump "off 
the scale." This kind of kilohertz blast is obviously a significant 
electromagnetic shock to the body. Passive human chip implants will expose chip 
bearers to continual zapping from 134 kilohertz identification readers as 
embedded chips become universally accepted for locational, financial and 
identification purposes.

Where are the health studies on how human cells respond to the continual assault
from 134 kilohertz radio frequency, hot enough to oscillate at 134,000 cycles 
per second? Long term exposure to electro-magnetic fields of a mere 60 
hertz-over 2,000 times less energy active than 134 KHz-can cause leukemia, brain
cancer, Lou Gehrig's disease, miscarriage, severe depression and suicide.(122) 
These low frequency fields have been classified by both the National Institutes 
of Health and the California Department of Health Services as probable human 
carcinogens.(123) If 60 hertz magnetic exposure can damage genetic material in 
our cells and cause human cancers to increase growth rate as much as 1600%,(124)
what can 134 kilohertz accomplish? The FDA has approved implantation of VeriChip
with no long term health studies performed whatsoever.

Police State USA will never tell us the truth about the radiation they are using
against us with such a vengeance. Deliberately kept dumb as dirt about the 
issue, Americans are cornered rats who have never had the privilege of giving 
informed consent for this abuse and brutality. We all now stand between a 
ruthless political machine that would snuff our lives without a blink and the 
equally serious repercussions of  political resistance. Can we educate enough 
people in time to mount effective resistance? Can we hold the line until this 
fascist administration--and the murderous corporate horse it rode in on--finally
destroy themselves with their own excesses?


Here are constructive suggestions for those who want to help restore the world 
to sanity:

1. First establish your own priorities regarding personal wireless devices. Make
the choice for robust health and normal mental function with a trade-off of less
convenience. Explain to others that you are rejecting wireless devices because 
you choose to prevent premature aging, memory/vision loss, genetic damage and 
cancer. They may appreciate knowing the facts too. And cheer up! There is life 
far less stressful--after wireless.

2.  Become creative on how to function successfully in this world without having
a microwave transmitter directly on your body. If you absolutely must use cell 
or cordless phones, keep them off your body and in speaker mode only for very 
short, essential calls. Some cordless phones with two antennas irradiate a whole
room, even when not in use. It is best to get them out of your house and use 
land line speaker phones that allow you to "yak" while wandering around. You can
still buy corded phones, even though they may be hidden under the retail counter
in a brown bag, like old-time porno magazines, ha! The more corded phones we 
buy, the more available they will be.

3.  Obtain a good radio frequency/microwave meter and see the world around you 
in its energy form. Use the meter to show others the death rays pulsing wildly 
from wireless devices. Use it to help create a safe space where your body can 
rest from RF radiation, spending as much time as possible in radiation-free 
zones. If your work place is high in microwaves, ask your boss to help you 
reduce your exposure-such as installing a land line phone for your desk. Your 
boss might even be interested in reducing his own exposure once you educate him.

4.  Help us build mass awareness about the many lethal RF/microwave hazards to 
humans, animals and all life on earth. Use the  resources we provide here to 
become an "expert" on the difference between life energies vs. death energies.

5.  Refuse to allow any identification or communication device to be implanted 
in your body, no matter what the cost socially or financially. The documentation
presented here makes it clear that people who allow themselves to be tagged or 
chipped will ultimately be very sick. They will have "a noisome and grievous 
sore"-to quote a very reliable source.(125)

6.  Get this information into the hands of anyone who has a heart with which to 
hear the truth. There are innocent lives to be saved. Those of us who refuse to 
be chipped and tracked by Police State USA absolutely must stick together, 
helping one another through this dark night, until the morning breaks.

Radiation meters:
Alpha Lab Inc.
1280 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
(800) 658-7030
Alpha Lab carries the excellent Trifield Meter ($130) used mainly to measure the
milligauss of electromagnetic fields coming from 60 hertz sources. Use this 
meter to make sure your living and working spaces are under 2 milligauss. 
Although this meter has a radio/microwave dial, you need a more sensitive 
digital microwave meter that will help you assess the kilohertz, megahertz and 
gigahertz radiation in our wireless  environment. Alpha Lab sells the Microwave 
Power Density Meter ($320) which performs nicely. This easy-read meter measures 
microwave radiation in microwatts per cm2, allowing comparison of your readings 
to the 5 microwatts per cm2 used by the Russians to make our embassy staff sick.
Remember, people inside the embassy reportedly received only about .1 microwatts
per cm2.  For a list of more expensive professional meters available, go to: 
www.microwavenews.com. On the left side of the home page find a link called 
Radiation Meters.

Alan Broadband
93 Arch St.
Redwood City, California 94062
(888) 369-9627
This company produces radiation detection devices with models ranging in price 
from $159 to $2,800. The $159 ZC 185 is what Don and Ingri of the Idaho Observer
have been using for the last three years. While not giving detailed 
measurements, it is an extremely sensitive and sturdy instrument that gives an 
accurate read on whether or not radiation is present and its relative intensity.
It lets you know when you are being irradiated and serves as an excellent tool 
to illustrate exposure levels to others.

Must-Read Books
Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age, Dr. George Carlo and Martin 
Schram, Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2001.

Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette, Robert C. Kane, Vantage Press, 2001.

Cell Towers: Wireless Convenience or Environmental Hazard? The 
Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council, Edited by B. Blake Levitt, 2000. 
Order from Barnes and Noble.

These websites provide excellent information on all aspects of health and other 
issues relating to electromagnetic fields and radio frequency/microwave 

This excellent German (but in English) site features RF/microwave radiation news
from all over the world. The science keeps pouring in and this is where to find 
it, along with lots of human interest.

This is an excellent source of up-to-date news on wireless issues.          

This site has superb resources organized by professionals with expertise in all 
facets of our RF/microwave radiation problem.

This site features Dr. Carlo's Mobil Telephone Health Concerns Registry where 
people can report ill health effects from living near microwave transmitters or 
from the use of wireless devices. It also features great news reports.

This  is home to Microwave News, an excellent monthly publication. It offers 
cutting edge science reports, plus a great archive.

This site provides valuable information on how to make homes and offices safer 
in the wireless age.


There are many devices on the market claiming to protect wireless users from 
radiation. These include: air tube headsets, ferrite bead clip-ons and an array 
of paste-ons advertised to cut down on thermal effects or deflect negative 
energy.  Energy  testing, kinesiology and meter readings indicate that these 
mitigation devices DO NOT adequately protect against the brutal force of near 
field microwave radiation.  You can investigate the effectiveness of these 
devices by metering  radiation levels while using them.  If  radiation pours 
from your "safe" headset,  don't bank your life on it.  If practiced in the art 
of kinesiology, you can also "muscle test" the effectiveness of the radiation 
mitigation device.  The human body becomes very weak when irradiated with any 
man-made frequency, especially microwaves.  If a protective device is really 
working, you will not detect muscle weakness when using a  wireless phone or 
gadget.  We are still waiting to find a mitigation device that passes this test!

Note from Don and Ingri:  Traveling in the wireless age
For three years now Ingri and I have been traveling with  our zapchecker  which 
measures ambient levels of electromagnetic radiation. During dozens of road 
trips throughout the western U.S. since 2003, we would be driving along and 
notice that the zapchecker would suddenly "spike." We would then see a cell 
tower, a hospital or government building with a satellite communications array, 
a radio station or, sometimes, high tension lines within a half mile or so. 
After a few minutes, the zapchecker would calm down again until the next 
wireless monument came within range. Sometimes, however, it would spike for a 
moment for no apparent reason. We figured that we had just encountered a 
microwave transmission superhighway-evidence we had crossed paths with 
microwaves being transmitted between repeaters.

On March 30, 2006, Ingri and I traveled from Spirit Lake to Seattle to attend 
what turned out to be an excellent 9/11 truth event on the University of 
Washington campus. What we experienced with regard to measurable amounts of 
ambient electromagnetic radiation was shocking to us and occupied much of our 
conversation throughout our journey. Wherein previous years there would be miles
between measurable amounts of radiation being detected by our zapchecker, the 
opposite was suddenly true.

We noticed that our zapchecker was spiking about 90 percent of the time during 
our 800-mile round trip. When we were in urban areas, the zapchecker was solidly
spiked-even when the sensitivity of the device was turned down. We are amazed at
how quickly our world came from being irradiated only in spots to being 
saturated with this odorless, tasteless and invisible danger. Like it or not, 
except in isolated areas, we are bathed in ambient radiation.  ~Don Harkins, 
Editor, The Idaho Observer

The Idaho Observer
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
Phone: 208-255-2307
Email: •••@••.•••
Web: http://idaho-observer.com

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