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Richard Moore

Interesting excerpt below from a very interesting, and
credible-looking news source. Unfortunately, I only have a
brief excerpt, as the source is very commercial and only
allows brief excerpts to be shared.


OCTOBER 2005 (#4) Vol. 9 No. 10-4
P. O. Box 510518, Punta Gorda, FL 33951-0518

An international financial, economic, political and social

Published and Edited by: Bob Chapman
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AOL has been since its inception an operating entity of
the US intelligence apparatus. Their latest admission is
that they have formed a partnership with Fatherland
Security to permit unlimited surveillance on AOL
subscribers, as reported by the US Department of Commerce.
They for years have supplied intelligence on subscribers
and have allowed government agencies free access. We have
told you this time after time for the past ten years.

What AOL did illegally for years was legalized under the
Patriot Act, which permits warrantless searches of persons
and property. If you use AOL all your personal emails and
information is distributed to law enforcement all over the
country. American and European business communities are
fearful trade secrets may end up in the hands of the Bush
crime family and their associates worldwide, never mind
the dossiers that are being build upon average American
citizens. We have had extensive problems with sending to
AOL subscribers for years. AOL has blocked any messages
that contain links to sites that AOL forbids you to see.
Using software AOL is able to kick back any email that
even mentions a forbidden site. AOL members can white-list
senders, but it has no effect at all on the pre-filtering
that AOL does before the email ever gets delivered. One
journalist said AOL bounced 88% of the newsletters that
had been sent to subscribers who use AOL, including cs.com
and netscape.net. AOL deletes huge quantities of mail
prior to delivery.

In August, AOL paid $1.25 million in penalties and costs
and has to reform some of its customer services practices
to settle an investigation by AG Eliot Spitzer's office.
Three hundred customers said AOL ignored demands to cancel
service and stop billing. That has been going on for six
years. In similar complaints in April they paid $75,000 to
the AG in Ohio. The complaints are legion. A site just
dropped all of its AOL subscribers because AOL wouldn't
deliver to their subscribers. We warn you now it is only a
matter of time before we have to drop AOL. If you are an
email subscriber we advise you to find another ISP. Every
week we have problems that you can avoid by changing


"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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