Pilotless drone deployed against UK citizens


Richard Moore

How long before these drones have weapons on board?


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Look! Up in the sky! It's . . .

By Mark Yannone -- yannone.blogspot.com

       "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we.
        They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country
        and our people, and neither do we." -George W. Bush, August
        5, 2004 [Watch]

Apparently taking a leaf out of this Bush, England has found yet another way to 
offend its own country. Not satisfied with pole-mounted cameras and microphones 
planted all over creation, England's masters of their new police state have 
launched the Spy Drone, a remote-controlled or GPS-controlled, pilotless 
helicopter armed with a closed-circuit TV camera. Described as one meter wide 
and weighing less than a bag of sugar, this silent drone can take pictures from 
as high as 500 meters, even at night.

Sporting Brits in Merseyside will love the new machine as it gives them a 
challenge other than doves and clay pigeons. When the three-month trial of the 
drones gets under way in June, the country air will be redolent with spent 
gunpowder. Pull!

Another job well done.
source BBC report [follows]


       "For us this is a cost effective way of catching criminals."
        Ass Ch Con Simon Byrne
        Merseyside Police


Pilotless police drone takes off
The UK's first police remote control helicopter has taken off.

Merseyside police are using the "spy drone", fitted with CCTV cameras, mainly 
for tackling anti-social behaviour and public disorder.

The machine is 1m wide, weighs less than a bag of sugar, and can record images 
from a height of 500m.

Originally used by the military, it is due to be operational by June for a full 
three-month trial, which is the "first of its kind" in the UK.

The drone will also be used for monitoring traffic congestion and investigations
are to be made into its possible role in firearms operations.

The machines, which are flown by remote control or using pre-programmed GPS 
navigation systems, are silent and can be fitted with night-vision cameras.

For us this is a cost effective way of catching criminals
Ass Ch Con Simon Byrne
Merseyside Police

The images they record are sent back to a police support vehicle or control 

Merseyside's assistant chief constable Simon Byrne said: "We're always looking 
at ways of putting more officers on the streets, and maximising technology is a 
powerful way of achieving this.

"Our drone will be used primarily to support our anti-social behaviour taskforce
AXIS, in gathering all important evidence to put offenders before the courts.

"For us, this is a cost-effective way of helping to catch criminals and supports
similar technology we're already using in our vans and helicopter."

The force has been assisted by the Police, Crime and Standards Directorate.

Deputy director, Stephen Cahill, said: "We are pleased to support Merseyside 
Police in their efforts to reduce crime through the use of new technology.

"This trial is the first of its kind in the country and we're excited about its 

Story from BBC NEWS:


Published: 2007/05/21 12:45:48 GMT


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