Pilger: Genocide by Israel


Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 10:24:54 -0500
Subject: Genocide: From Belsen to Gaza
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January 27, 2007

Genocide: From Belsen to Gaza
John Pilger

[John Pilger is a renowned author, journalist and documentary film-maker. A war 
correspondent, his writings have appeared in numerous magazines, and 

A genocide is engulfing the people of Gaza while a silence engulfs its 
bystanders. Some 1.4 million people, mostly children, are piled up in one of the
most densely populated regions of the world, with no freedom of movement, no 
place to run and no space to hide, wrote senior UN relief official Jan Egeland 
and Jan Eliasson, then Swedish foreign minister, in Le Figaro. They described 
people living in a cage, cut off by land, sea and air, with no reliable power 
and little water, and tortured by hunger and disease and incessant attacks by 
Israeli troops and planes.

Egeland and Eliasson wrote this four months ago as an attempt to break the 
silence in Europe, whose obedient alliance with the United States and Israel has
sought to reverse the democratic result that brought Hamas to power in last 
years Palestinian elections. The horror in Gaza has since been compounded; a 
family of 18 has died beneath a 500-pound US/Israeli bomb; unarmed women have 
been mown down at point-blank range.

Dr David Halpin, one of the few Britons to break what he calls this medieval 
siege, reported the killing of 57 children by artillery, rockets and small arms 
and was shown evidence that civilians are Israels true targets, as in Lebanon 
last summer. A friend in Gaza, Dr Mona El-Farra, emailed: I see the effects of 
the relentless sonic booms [a collective punishment by the Israeli air force] 
and artillery on my 13-year-old daughter. At night, she shivers with fear. Then 
both of us end up crouching on the floor. I try to make her feel safe, but when 
the bombs sound I flinch and scream

When I was last in Gaza, Dr Khalid Dahlan, a psychiatrist, showed me the results
of a remarkable survey. The statistic I personally find unbearable, he said, is 
that 99.4 per cent of the children we studied suffer trauma. Once you look at 
the rates of exposure to trauma you see why: 99.2 per cent of their homes were 
bombarded; 97.5 per cent were exposed to tear gas; 96.6 per cent witnessed 
shootings; 95.8 per cent witnessed bombardment and funerals; almost a quarter 
saw family members injured or killed. Dr Dahlan invited me to sit in on one of 
his clinics. There were 30 children, all of them traumatised. He gave each 
pencils and paper and asked them to draw. They drew pictures of grotesque acts 
of terror and of women streaming tears.

The excuse for the latest Israeli terror was the capture last June of an Israeli
soldier, a member of an illegal occupation, by the Palestinian resistance. This 
was news. The kidnapping a few days earlier by Israel of two Palestinians two of
thousands taken over the years was not news. An historian and two foreign 
journalists have reported the truth about Gaza. All three are Israelis. They are
frequently called traitors. The historian Ilan Pappe has documented that the 
genocidal policy [in Gaza] is not formulated in a vacuum, but part of Zionisms 
deliberate, historic ethnic cleansing.

Gideon Levy and Amira Hass are reporters on the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. In 
November, Levy described how the people of Gaza were beginning to starve to 
death there are thousands of wounded, disabled and shell-shocked people unable 
to receive any treatment the shadows of human beings roam the ruin they only 
know the [Israeli army] will return and what this will mean for them: more 
imprisonment in their homes for weeks, more death and destruction in monstrous 

Hass, who has lived in Gaza, describes it as a prison that shames her people. 
She recalls how her mother, Hannah, was being marched from a cattle-train to the
Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen on a summers day in 1944. [She] saw 
these German women looking at the prisoners, just looking, she wrote. This image
became very formative in my upbringing, this despicable looking from the side.

Looking from the side is what those of us do who are cowed into silence by the 
threat of being called anti-Semitic. Looking from the side is what too many 
Western Jews do, while those Jews who honour the humane traditions of Judaism 
and say, Not in our name! are abused as self-despising. Looking from the side is
what almost the entire US Congress does, in thrall to or intimidated by a 
vicious Zionist lobby. Looking from the side is what even-handed journalists do 
as they excuse the lawlessness that is the source of Israeli atrocities and 
suppress the historic shifts in the Palestinian resistance, such as the implicit
recognition of Israel by Hamas. The people of Gaza cry out for better.

MORE at <http://www.twf.org/News/Y2006/0629-Gaza.html>

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