Phony Show Trials in Blair’s Corrupt Britannia


Richard Moore

       "Today, on evidence that a decade ago would have been thrown
        out as circumstantial, the latest in Blair's show trials
        ended with five Muslims being convicted of a bomb plot

I saw the announcements of the convictions yesterday on BBC TV.

They had film footage of the 'terrorists in action', with the words, "the 
terrorists did not realize  they were being secretly filmed by MI5". How 
convenient. This has all the earmarks of a sting, a setup, where some group of 
Muslims is infiltrated by an MI5 agent, who tries to talk them into planning 
bombings. Whether they listen or not, the words and deeds of the MI5 agent are 
recorded and used as evidence against the dupes. The agent might be one of those
arrested, and if so he'll be quitely released from prison after the publicity 
dies down (or perhaps, he'll die mysteriously, knowing too much and having 
served his purpose).

Le Carre explained how these kinds of operations are carried out in his novel, 
"Absolute Friends".


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More Show Trials in Blair's Corrupt Britannia

MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2007

Blair's grey old, Ahrimanic Britain is becoming a place of regular show trials, 
the kind which befits the totalitarian state it has become, particularly in the 
last ten years of his neocon rule.

Today, on evidence that a decade ago would have been thrown out as 
circumstantial, the latest in Blair's show trials ended with five Muslims being 
convicted of a bomb plot conspiracy. These days the judges know better than to 
challenge politicians. The politicization of the judiciary has grown as quickly 
in Blair's Britain as it has in the USA. That is no accident. What Bush does to 
destroy civil freedoms in the US, Blair soon mimics. The two hit jobs are a 
joint operation. It was no accident that the UK (Blair really) so 
enthusiastically backed the rogue Bush in two illegal wars. So we can now talk 
about the USUK's Anglo-Saxon alliance.

Bush's entirely spurious 'war on terrorism' was, of course, his justification to
con the people of the USA into his murderous enterprise in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Since the faking of 911, those of us who have followed these ghastly events know
how both the CIA and MI6 were used to provide false evidence to justify the Iraq
war. A recent book on the subject of how the intelligence services were used to 
fake evidence that Bush and Blair instructed them to come up with is Neil 

The shoddy way this latest show trial has been conducted has all the signs of a 
fait accompli about it. Flimsy, sometimes laughable, evidence was produced for 
the unfortunate five's convictions. The convictions themselves were draconian 
and meant to be exemplary, from 35 years to life meaning life.

It is early days yet to find too much evidence on the Net challenging the 
authenticity of these trials. That will come. Meantime, I'm making two links 
here to recent articles on Postman Patel's blog which has been quick to denounce
the fakery of what has been a show-trial carefully manufactured for the needs of
the mainstream media (MSM).

Islamophobia never really existed in its present full-blown form until Bush and 
Blair created it as a Goebbellian propaganda tool. Just as Hitler scapegoated 
the Jews as Germany's enemies so the diabolic twins nominated Muslims to be the 
twenty-first century's Jews. Islamophobia is nothing more than a convenient 
vehicle by which racism and imperialism is promoted while the fear of the 
(coloured) Other is used to project the aggressor's own violence onto his 

So Islam must lose twice. On the one hand its people are bombed to pieces in a 
Made in USUK hell on earth. Then they are blamed for daring to resist or 
retaliate, labelled terrorists and banged-up for life. So what are they supposed
to do? Commit mass suicide like the Essene Jews at Masada? They don't need to. 
Their lives, held so cheap compared with every USUK soldier's, are being taken 
in liberal quantities every day. Much of the blood-letting is then blamed on 
'sectarian terrorists' but there's never an investigation into the use of these 
terrorists by the USUK to destabilize populations and justify the building of 
walls and heavy 'security' policing. Or the regular use of torture that has been
deliberately promoted by the USUK.

Any sensible person would be alarmed by the way in which Bush and Blair are 
staging show trials. For they are a thing of totalitarian systems, the very 
thing that the capitalist west used to get so self-righteous about when it was 
Stalin who was holding them. Unlike Stalin and Hitler, Bush and Blair have a 
very sophisticated corporate media apparatus which can be relied upon to give 
the proles their daily dose of lies, propaganda and brainwashing.

And in the present mind-bending epidemic of terror plots and show trials how 
many non-Muslims in Britain and the USA are able to understand that the real 
enemy we, the people, now face are not Islamic terrorists but criminal leaders 
who, with a pretence of the love of freedom 'n' democracy, are gleefully pushing
us all in a handcart to hell? What does it take to wake up these sleepwalkers, 
these sheeple?

Lawyer Imran Khan's statement on behalf of the 5 now incarcerated at Her 
Majesty's pleasure:

"In the name of Allah the merciful, the compassionate, we bear witness there is 
nothing worthy of worship except Allah, and Mohammed as his messenger.

This was a prosecution driven by the security services, able to hide behind a 
cloak of secrecy, and eager to obtain ever greater resources and power to 
encroach on individual rights.

There was no limit to the money, resources and underhand strategies that were 
used to secure convictions in this case.

This case was brought in an atmosphere of hostility against Muslims, at home, 
and abroad. One stoked by this government throughout the course of this case.

This prosecution involved extensive intrusion upon personal lives, not only 
ours, but our families and friends.

Coached witnesses were brought forward. Forced confessions were gained through 
illegal detention, and torture abroad. Threats and intimidation was used to 
hamper the truth. All with the trial judge seemingly intent to assist the 
prosecution almost every step of the way.

These were just some of the means used in the desperate effort to convict. 
Anyone looking impartially at the evidence would realise that there was no 
conspiracy to cause explosions in the UK, and that we did not pose any threat to
the security of this country.

It is not an offence to be young, Muslim and angry at the global injustices 
against Muslims. Allah says in the Qur'an, "Oh mankind, worship your Lord who 
created you, and those before you, that you may become righteous."

(Imran Khan's Statement has, so far, been studiously ignored by the 
'freedom-loving' MSM)

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islamophobia, manufactured intelligence, muslims, postman patel, show trials, 
stalin, the war on truth


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