Petro-Wars: more moves by China


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China raises oil stakes: China National Petroleum bids for

By  Larry  Chin 
August 23, 2005 

In another round of the mushrooming geostrategic and economic
Cold War over oil , and shifting regional alliances aimed at
countering a belligerent United States, China National
Petroleum Corporation has placed a bid to acquire
Petrokazakhstan , just weeks after China National Offshore
(CNOOC) lost (or, more accurately, was refused) its bid for

According to the AP report: 

"Beijing is especially interested in Kazakhstan, which is
expected to become one of the world's leading oil producers.
The discovery of the huge Kashagan oil field on its Caspian
Sea coast in 2000 prompted some in the industry to call it the
'Kuwait of Central Asia'.

"Chinese President Hu Jintao visited Kazakhstan in July and
signed an agreement with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev
to develop a 'strategic partnership.'

"The two governments already are partners in the Shanghai
Cooperation Organization - a six-nation security group led by
Beijing and Moscow that is meant to combat Islamic extremism
in Central Asia."

There are several interesting aspects to this development.
Clearly, China knows, as does the Anglo-American axis, that
oil is the key to national security, and are willing to resort
to dramatic (and some say desperate) measures for every drop.
This apparently includes paying a high price for Central
Asian/Caspian riches that have turned out, so far, to be a
disappointing non-bonanza , including Tengiz/Kashagan, It
remains to be seen if China and Petrokazakhstan know something
Western majors have missed, or Nazarbayev and Petrokazakhstan
is selling the Chinese a dry hole.

The other fascinating aspect is the irony. The lure of the
energy riches of Kazakhstan, and the vision of Central Asian
pipelines were the focus of many years of corruption and
set-up leading up to 9/11, and in many ways, 9/11 itself.

This corruption involved as much as $1 billion in bribes to
Nazarbayev, Dick Cheney (then-member of the Kazakh state oil
advisory board), former Attorney General John Ashcroft,
ExxonMobil and BP-Amoco. Details on this case can be found in
the following stories, and the case remains the subject of a
Justice Department probe:

"The Elephant in the Living Room" (Mike Ruppert)

"Cheney's Energy Policy Task Force, and ExxonMobil" (Peter
Dale Scott)

"Will ExxonMobil be indicted for payments in Kazakhstan?"
(Peter Dale Scott)

"Big oil, the United States, and corruption in Kazakhstan"
(Larry Chin)

"Chevron quizzed in bribery probe"

Now the United States is forced to watch, as its most feared
major geopolitical and economic rival gets a stake in the
Caspian, over which the US has bribed, bombed, invaded and

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